After Sunset VII - Sponsored by Longs Peak Disc Golf Club

Saturday, September 23, 2023 at Sunset Golf Course in Longmont, Colorado
Disc golf singles tournament


Tournament DirectorKen Keene
most active volunteer in clubAdam Owens

About this tournament

Dear Players,

Welcome to AFTER SUNSET VII, a very special disc golf glow event held at Sunset Golf Course in Longmont, CO! This event is both a small fundraiser for LUNACY XV, as well as a unique experience that is only available once a year: Playing glow disc golf on a beautiful municipal golf course!

This is not a PDGA sanctioned event. This is, however, a very challenging course that requires a variety of shots and brings plenty of risk/reward. Our layout leverages a little bit of everything that Sunset Golf Course has to offer: elevation changes, well maintained fairways, and a ton of established trees. We even use the small shelter in the center of the course for one of the baskets to create a music and light show, so be prepared to bring your putting A-game. Playing After Sunset makes for a fun vibe you won't find anywhere else.

Below are some specifics for this event:
ALL Registration will be online via DiscGolfScene. Sorry, but no day-of registration will be allowed. Our window to set up and take down this course is very narrow so we have to streamline the process. Even if you need to pay cash, please contact us to get your name on the registration.
Player cards will be limited to 18 groups - 4 players per group, for a total of 72 players. We can usually honor card requests.
Each player will receive 8 LED lights for their discs when they check in.

All divisions are $50

$25 from each registration is paid back as prize money!

Payouts: This event pays out to the top 45 percent of scores in each division. We will send your payments via PayPal or Venmo within 48 hours of the event. In the event of tied scores, those payouts will be combined and then split.
Fundraising: The portion of funds retained by LPDGC will first be used to cover the rental of the golf course and LED lights. After that, the remaining amount will be used as added cash for Lunacy XV.

Scoring will be done using UDISC, 2 players on each card should keep score.
Players will be assigned starting holes for a shotgun start the day prior to the event.
This round will have an end time of 11pm. All play must be completed and off the course. Again - a HARD STOP at 11pm.

DURING PLAY: All discs thrown outside of the circle MUST have an LED light, "Glow" discs don't count. This is a key factor to our pace of play. We expect everyone to consider the overall pace of play, and lost discs can really slow things down and possibly cause us to not finish on time.

DO NOT: Climb any fences or otherwise enter into any neighboring properties/residences. Do not continue play after 11pm. Anyone not following these guidelines will be asked to leave. Our reputation as a club and group of players is on display here, please help us maintain the level that we have achieved!

Refund policy

Long's Peak Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



Current Standings

1Steve Schroeder50
2Jason Dehererra52
3Adam Owens54
3Justin Holmes54
5Dan Franklin55
5Shawn Sullivan55
7Maxwell Dahlgren59
8Jesse Gannon60
9Dominic Martinez62
10Papi Gomez63
1Kris Huber55
2Jeff Cornish56
3Abe Derksen62
4Justin Jancarik-
1Britt-marie Sawyer77
1Nathan Wood53
1Pedro Avila53
3Keegan Remsen56
3Mike Bowen56
5Justin Jancarik57
6Edward Wellman58
7Bradley Lackey59
7Ken Keene59
10Carl Wold60
10Ian Sawyer60
12Ryan Lakowocz63
12Scotty Fuegos63
14Dennis Hall65
1Chris Krueger56
2James Thompson59
2Sean David Lewis59
4Jeremy Skelton60
5Anthony Ornelas61
5Michael Oswald61
5Zachary Fawcett61
8Adam Gannon62
8Tyler Stark62
10Chris Littman63
10Dayne May63
10Jeremy Wilson63
13Joel Robinson65
13Scott Kanas65
13Teddy Risk65
16David Lowell66
16Dennis Koss66
16Shaunessy O'Brien66
19Ted Willis69
20Mikeal Scott-Coder80
21Patrick Sheehan-
21Zachary High-
1Marty Jansen-hedrick59
2Jason Oehlschlager60
3Steve Burly Burlison63
4Russ Darland64
5Rush H67
6Alex Michaelis68
7Daniel Sheckells69
8Finn Wootton70
9Ben Obarr75
10Will Wootton-
1Vicki Kanas64
1Kiki Lopuski78
2Ashley Krueger89
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