AbominaBUHL Snowdown 5

Saturday, February 8, 2020 at Buhl Park in Hermitage, Pennsylvania
Disc golf teams tournament

AbominaBUHL Snowdown 5 graphic

About this tournament

The 5th Annual AbominaBUHL Snowdown presented by the Shenango Valley Disc Golf Alliance.

"The Rise of the Bumbles"
The Bumbles are back for a 5th year in a row! Bringing back their friend the WAMPA!

Join us for this super fun round at Buhl Park Disc Golf Course as we Throwdown inna Snowdown!

1 Round of 19 Holes
(Yep we are using the Putting Grove Hole #19 from the SVDGOpen)
from the Red Tees for ALL DIVISIONS!

Best Shot Double Scramble - Bring Your Own Partner Event!

Team Prices:
Advanced - $40 ($20 Per Player)
Intermediate - $30 ($15 Per Player)
Beginner - $20 ($10 Per Player)

This year ALL Divisions will receive Ca$h Payouts

Mulligans Per Player:
6 for $5 (No more than 12 Mulligans Per Team - Mulligans will break ties - These can be purchased in Registration or Day of Event - Proceeds benefit the charity)

Refund policy

Shenango Valley Disc Golf Alliance is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Buhl Park
Hermitage, PA   Get Directions

Final Results


Zach Guiciardi$63.00 for Hole 17 on Main course, Red Tee
Round 1: Buhl Park - Red Tee 19 Hole EBO, 19 holes, par 68
1Greg Garrett4747$62
1Josh Miletta4747$62
3Colby Howe4848$46
3John Buss4848$46
5B. J. Reiher4848$32
5Shawn Cochran4848$32
7Bill Scully5050$20
7Sean Ruggles5050$20
9Brian Campbell5151
9Trevor Murphy5151
11Devon Lindberg5353
11Josh Menteer5353
13Eric Pagley5353
13Luke Weber5353
15Tim Romecki5656
15Wes Anslinger5656
Round 1: Buhl Park - Red Tee 19 Hole EBO, 19 holes, par 68
1Jim Howe5757$31
1Ryan “Dick” Birchard5757$31
3Fobes Mark5757$23
3Mark Fobes5757$23
5Ben Adams5858$16
5Jonathan Adams5858$16
7Jonathan Olshock5858$10
7Kevin Sulia5858$10
9Hunter Hale5959
9Tim Hale5959
11John Ruggles6060
11Nanette Ruggles6060
13Joe Weser6060
13Rob Coffey6060
15Eryk Burgermyer6767
15Kyle Marino6767
Round 1: Buhl Park - Red Tee 19 Hole EBO, 19 holes, par 68
1Pat Durkin4949$50
1Scott Summers4949$50
3Cameron Weber4949$45
3Liam Russell4949$45
5Ken McGuire5050$42
5Kevin Dale5050$42
7Luke Smith5050$36
7Zach Dahm5050$36
9Joseph Zachary Guiciardi5050$33
9Susan L Guiciardi5050$33
11Steve Weyandt5151$30
11Taven Hinish5151$30
13Matt Box5151$24
13Mike Mehalko5151$24
15Lou Knox5151$21
15Matt Peel5151$21
17David Sileo5252$18
17Jane Sileo5252$18
19Andrew Rohr5252
19Derek Fostyk5252
21Anson Reppermund5252
21Evan Kovacs5252
23Joe Johnson5353
23Rock Xia5353
25Andrew Burk5353
25Greg Hamilton5353
27Chris Switzer5454
27Ryan Protzman5454
29Kevin Mueller5454
29Michael Williams5454
31Salim Khalife5454
31Tim Kramer5454
33Joel Linton5656
33Megan Linton5656
35Beast Sirianni5757
35Beautiful Thornburg5757
37Howie Kocher5858
37Nick Reyes5858
39Leonard Mancinelli5959
39Matthew Morrissey5959