A Very Pirate Ace Race Presented by Discraft

Saturday, August 5, 2017 at Water Works Park in Ypsilanti, Michigan
Ace Race


A Very Pirate Ace Race  Presented by Discraft graphic


Tournament DirectorRobert Shaffer

About this tournament

Registration is now open!

For those of you who have played before, you all know this is an Ace Race not to be missed.

Please note There is no cashless pre-registration.

First off - PLAYER PACKS HAVE BEEN ORDERED!!! We have 150 Packs on order, which guarantees our winner a new Chainstar Basket!! Second place will receive the small bag with several new discs.

Details have been released!! This year's disc is described as a "control distance driver" that is "beginner friendly." You'll get TWO of these prototype discs in ESP plastic! For those of you that throw Discraft, you know that this is ALREADY worth more than $30 for just two ESP Plastic discs!! For those players that aren't familiar, it is more like Star Plastic at Innova. You will also receive a T-Shirt (or a voucher if we run out of your size), a Mini Buzzz, a SNAP CAP Micro Mini, an Erasable Scorecard and a vinyl Discraft Sticker. This is probably a value of well over $60, for only $30!!!! This is the best Ace Race player pack value to date!

Tournament schedule has been updated, so know when you need to be there and have your rounds done by 4pm!

As always, an optional $5 Ace Pool will be taken. The total pool will be divided by the total number of Aces made, and each Ace will pay out accordingly. Therefore, if you hit multiple Aces, you will get multiple shares of the total pool. Get that money!!!

One new wrinkle that we're going to try this year is purchasing "Mulligans." We will be allowing people to purchase mulligans for $1 each for an extra chance at that ace. In true 24 Chains fashion, these will be (let me put this delicately...) "Pirate" Mulligans. You can use these on holes where you miss the target on your first throw and want to take another shot with your second disc. This also means that if you Hit Metal or Ace on your first throw, and you take a Mulligan on the hole, you will LOSE the result of your first throw!! (Sound familiar??) Just use a bit of caution when purchasing the Mulligans. Make sure you don't purchase more than you can use. PLEASE READ THIS - NO UNUSED MULLIGANS WILL BE REFUNDED!!! We will go over this with all players on the day of the event. Mulligans purchased will be marked on your score sheet and the score keeper will make tally of all Mulligans used.

Any questions yet?!?!? Feel free to post them in the comments and we'll get an answer as quickly as possible. See you all on the course!! CHAAAAA!!!!