A League of Our Own

Sunday, March 15, 2020 at Blue Heron Park and Wetlands in Franklin, Indiana
Disc golf doubles tournament

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Tournament DirectorAmber Cook
Tournament directorKacie Gallagher

About this tournament


All in good fun to help support our Midwest Ladies Event this year in Huntington, IN.
We will be donating proceeds to the Ladies of the Heartland Open, on May 16th at Memorial Hills.

If you can't make the tournament, please consider sponsoring a hole for $25 to help support women's disc golf !

Grab a partner, OF ANY KIND, (a woman if you can) and have some fun!!
Thanks to our JoCo family and all other clubs/companies/individuals for supporting women's disc golf!! We couldn't do this without their help and support.

(Open) Pro-Dudes will have a cash payout similar to the W.I.F.F.S. pay scale

Round 1 - Original 18 Layout
Lunch - 1 hour after last card turned in
Round 2 - Original 18 Layout

ACE $2 /CTP $3 available - $5 per player (optional)

Extra Raffle Tickets for Prizes can be purchased day of tournament. You will get to choose your prizes and as many as you would like (buy more tickets for the drawings).
***A dollar a each

Round 1 - ALL women registered will automatically receive one free mulligan. Any dude/guy who dresses up as a woman (in any way: i.e. wig, makeup, tutu, dress etc.) will receive a free mulligan (TD Discretion)
Extra Mulligans can be purchased (for 1st round only!) for each team. Mulligans can be used once per hole per team. MUST BE ANNOUNCED
Mulligans - one for $2 or two for $5 (max purchase is 2 per player)

Round 2 - Alternating shots with your partner. You will have an option to purchase switches (two max per team). So if you drive off the tee, your partner will take the next shot and so on. You will be allowed to purchase switches and use them (for Round 2 only!) to "switch" who takes the shot off the tee. THIS MUST BE ANNOUNCED BEFORE USING IT.
Switches - one for $5 or two for $10 per Team

This information will be printed and passed out at the players meeting also. Questions will be answered before each round.

Refund policy

League of Our Own and Johnson County Disc Golf are responsible for all refunds/cancellations.