A Day at the Rez - Peninsula

PDGA logoSunday, June 28, 2020 at Peninsula Park in Iowa City, Iowa
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

A Day at the Rez - Peninsula

Registration: 8 to 9:00 am
Pro Divisions $40
Am Divisions $35
(add $10 if you are a non PDGA member)
Optional $5 Ace Fund.

Format: Singles 2 rounds of 18 holes.

We just spoke with the Iowa City Parks and Rec and we are good to go with running this event! That being said we are still going to take several precautions. We will be doing a virtual payout and will not have any plastic on site. If you are from out of town, feel free to message us with what your looking for and we would be happy to send you pictures of what we have and mail it to you. We are also strongly encouraging everyone to pre-register for the event to minimize the handling of cash.

By pre-registering you have agreed to sign the below waiver!

"I understand that participation in this event carries with it risk of injury or death and I, on behalf of myself, my heirs, administrators, executors, and assigns expressly release, forever discharge, and hold harmless Weekend at the Rez - Peninsula, Matt Schlabach, Joe French, Titan Disc Golf, and the PDGA (the "Releasees") for all personal injury, loss, damage to property, or death in connection with my participation in this event. Further, I understand and acknowledge that there currently exists a global pandemic associated with the disease COVID-19, that I am participating in this event at my own risk, that any safety precautions designed to protect against the spread of COVID-19 undertaken by the Releasees does not guarantee I will not contract COVID-19, and that, the foregoing notwithstanding, it is my specific intent to affirm my foregoing release of the Releasees with respect to any personal injury, loss, damage to property, or death I may experience from COVID-19 in connection with my participation in this event."

Refund policy

There is a $10 processing fee for all refunds. Titan Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/44534
1Josiah O'Polka5356109$215
2Quintin Becker5857115$128
2Shawn Galloway5659115$128
4Carter Smith6155116$77
4Derrik Helling6254116$77
6Adam Olsen6455119$50
6Joe Luloff6158119$50
8Aidan Brock6159120$12
8Jeremy Farnsworth5961120$12
8Paul Koebke Barsic6159120$12
11Jonah Saranglao6259121
12Alex Shepard6262124
13Nathan Ciha6466130
14Jareth Schmuecker6764131
14Victor Baccam6863131
16Marcus Wooo Syler-White7062132
16Miguel Sierra6864132
16Quincy Starcruiser6666132
19Dawson Snelling7063133
20Joey Dwyer7361134
Pro 50+
1Jason Steffen6565130$100
2Scott Innis6964133$52
3Dev Nelson7065135
3Rick Liston6768135
1Matt Karstens6159120$125
2Ryan Wegner6457121$85
3Wendell Zeimet6658124$65
4Curtis Cordrey6560125$50
5Alex J Springman6565130$35
5Matt Schlabach6268130$35
7Ben Rowley6863131
8Calvin Song7161132
8Cody Dutton6468132
10Benjamin Schoepfer7068138
11Timmy Byrnes7272144
12Chris Pilarski71-71
Amateur 40+
1Clint Evans6566131$100
2Anthony Ebsen6869137$60
3Jason Summers7567142$45
4Todd Pollock8066146$25
5Travis Almond8878166
6Dustin N Nohr9378171
7Joseph Robledo II9583178
1Kurt Junge6261123$115
2Isaac Elias6562127$100
3Jeff Yanda7059129$95
4Sam Hoffman6763130$85
5Conor Schley6566131$70
5Norbert Sarsfield6962131$70
5Sage Sutter7061131$70
8Gabe Etzel7163134$50
9Andrew Holladay6867135$45
10Justin McDowell7264136$30
11Richard Roberts7166137
12Patrick Page7566141
13Max Gregerson7963142
14Russell Firth7172143
14Tyler Brockney7370143
16Cole Wheeldon7767144
17Caleb Cummings7669145
17Collin Kraft7768145
19John Mason Kraft IX7670146
20Gavin Williams7572147
21Sean Roberts7970149
22Mitch Peterson7388161
1Cole Grothusen6465129$110
2Michael Malmberg6763130$99
3Dustins Schulz6864132$94
4Marcus Hahn6964133$89
5Pedro Perales6966135$82
5Trevor Johnston7164135$82
7Don Parrish7661137$74
8Ben Mineck7464138$64
8Dillon Boenish6969138$64
8Jason Smith7167138$64
11Alec Welborn7168139$50
12Joseph Brewer7367140$45
13Nathan Emory7071141$40
14Dan Hanson7666142$11
14Isaac Dunlap6874142$11
14Thomas Concepcion7468142$11
17Rolando A Perales7770147
18Aaron Loso7771148
18Evan Fitzgerald7771148
20Nathan Zakes7574149
21Jay Peers7773150
22Eric Pace7774151
23Erik E. Ambrozic7676152
24Chase Wheeldon7974153
24Reid Leidigh7974153
26Alex Habel7778155
27Patrick Sarsfield8472156
28Chuck Needham7879157
29Lindsey Conway8676162
30Butch Carney8085165