ADGA Skill Shot Competition

Saturday, December 1, 2012 at Westchester Lagoon Park in Anchorage, Alaska
Disc golf singles tournament


ADGA Skill Shot Competition graphic
Added cash $200

About this tournament

How this will work: This tournament will be played similarly to an Ace Race. Think Ace Race with a Bull’s-eye.

Scoring: Each player will tee off from the designated tee area using a disc of their choice. The player will score points according to where their disc lands.

7 points for an Ace (5 points + 1 point for being CTP and + 1 point for not having to putt)
3 points for landing within the 10 meter circle (32’ 8” from the basket or closer)
1 point for being the Closest To the Pin (must be within the circle; only 1 person/disc may be CTP)
1 bonus point to anyone that lands in the circle AND makes their putt
0 points for landing outside the circle even if no one else made the circle and your disc landed the closest to the circle/basket.

Once all the players on the card have tee’d off and those who landed within the circle have attempted their bonus putt, scores shall be tallied by putting the total number of points on the scorecard. Those who did not make the circle MUST pick up and move to the next tee.

This tournament is intended for all skill levels. This is more about FUN and getting outside than it is competition. Three of the 9 tees will be pulled in a little closer to make this fair for all skill levels. The full cash payout will not affect your amateur status so if you cash, please accept it.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. My name is Louie and I can be reached at: 907-227-3323 (call or text). for everything DG in AK!

*** Our very own Greg Roberts has offered to match $10 per person up to $200 into the pot!!! How’s that for an even sweeter deal?!?