8th Annual GOOD NEIGHBOR OPEN, Driven by Innova

Sunday, October 20, 2019 at DeLaveaga Park in Santa Cruz, California
Disc golf singles tournament

8th Annual GOOD NEIGHBOR OPEN, Driven by Innova graphic

About this tournament

GOOD NEIGHBOR OPEN - Driven by Innova

- Sunday, October 20th @ Delaveaga Golf Course

- 3 DIVISIONS: Pro / Amateur / Women
- 2 ROUNDS of 18 on the "Muni" layout
- COST: $85

- ENTRY FEE INCLUDES: 2 rounds + custom disc + mini + event t-shirt + cart (plus a minimum of $15 per player toward payout).

- CHECK IN: 8:00 AM
- LUNCH BREAK: 1 hour (approx.)

LUNCH BREAK: 1-1.5 hour break between rounds for lunch. Optional hot lunch via $13 ad-on at registration (Mission Street BBQ pork or chicken + chips and drink). If you choose to leave for lunch immediately after your 1st round, make sure you are back for the 1:45 players meeting. Keep your scorecard and golf cart until after the 2nd round. No shuffle. Same groups with same starting hole for both rounds. Scoring to be done after final round.

GOLF CARTS are included in entry fee (mandatory) and are for players only. Each person must sign a waiver to assume liability for damage to the carts, so please drive responsibly.

BEVERAGES: Beer + cocktails will be available in numerous locations during the event. It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED to bring your own alcohol on-site, per ABC regulations (being enforced). Please purchase your beers + cocktails on-site.

PARKING: You may park in any available spot along the lake or at the golf course.

Refund policy

REFUNDS: Last day for refunds is THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17TH for anyone dropping out. If you drop out after this date, we thank you for your donation to the event!


DeLaveaga Park
Santa Cruz, CA   Get Directions

Final Results

Round 1: DeLaveaga Park - Golf Course Muni Layout, 18 holes, par 60
Round 2: DeLaveaga Park - Golf Course Muni Layout, 18 holes, par 60
1Jonathan Baldwin5249101
2Shasta Criss5155106
2Tony Tran5551106
4Ernesto Z5554109
4Jack Trageser5356109
6Emmanuel Torres5753110
7Jakob Walz5754111
8Daniel Scalcini5953112
8Patrick Mcnett5755112
10Anthony O'Malley5756113
10Braden Coolidge5954113
10Chris Basuino6152113
10Stanley Pratt5360113
14Jeremiah Borjeson6252114
15Dylan Evans5659115
15Patrick Humphreys5956115
15Wes Morrison5659115
18Cedar Morgan5759116
18Shaun Long6056116
20Cameron Brown5958117
21Brent Williams6159120
21Myles Harding6159120
23Gordon Keller5863121
23Marshall Lambert5566121
25Ethan Enos6360123
26Connor Whiting6460124
27Edge Dostal6363126
28David Sunoo6266128
29David Braillier6268130
30Philip Brown6864132
31Marty Hapner6472136
32Ezra Hapner7563138
32Joseph T Spencer7266138
34CJ Jahr6970139
34Jeff Munsch6772139
36Ron Klein7472146
Open Women
Round 1: DeLaveaga Park - Golf Course Muni Layout, 18 holes, par 60
Round 2: DeLaveaga Park - Golf Course Muni Layout, 18 holes, par 60
1Lorena Dostal6767134
2Jenny Umstead7074144
3MC Israel7570145
4Alyssa Santana8882170
Round 1: DeLaveaga Park - Golf Course Muni Layout, 18 holes, par 60
Round 2: DeLaveaga Park - Golf Course Muni Layout, 18 holes, par 60
1Robbie Visel5562117
2Bob McGarity6356119
3David MacDonald6061121
4Mike Doherty5964123
4Nolan Tighe6261123
6Sean Brookman6163124
7Brad Wirtz6660126
7Shawn Adams6561126
9Matt Stalcup6463127
9Michael Scalcini6463127
11Anthony Quinones6563128
11Jef Wind6365128
13Nick Pantages6762129
13Ron Hill6663129
13Scott Dimig6762129
16Christian Anderson6664130
17Joe Nama6863131
17Lars Gilbert6269131
19JC Quiambao6666132
20Mike Castillo6668134
21Andrei Anderson7164135
21Jeff Milburn6174135
21Matt Christenson7065135
21Rob Hapner6669135
25Derek Kirmil6769136
26Mark Chandler6869137
27John Eastaugh6870138
28Bodi Tunheim6970139
29Andrew Etringer7269141
29Christopher Rodriguez7269141
31Matt Beatty7370143
32Daniel Clinton7371144
33Sean O'Neil7768145
34Jesse Bisignano7571146
35Dolan McElmurry7974153
36Anthony Nicolay8485169
37Russ Jacobson9189180