8th Annual Brent Anderson Memorial presented by Flying Ace Farm

PDGA logoSunday, June 9, 2024 at Clark's Run Disc Golf Course in Leesburg, Virginia
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

8th Annual Brent Anderson Memorial presented by Flying Ace Farm graphic


Tournament DirectorSteve Ganz
Assistant Tournament DirectorStephan Evers

About this tournament

Welcome to the 8th Annual Brent Anderson Memorial presented by Flying Ace Farm. The LoCo Disc Golf Club couldn’t be more excited to have you join us to celebrate and remember our good friend Brent Anderson, whose spirit is woven into the very fabric of Clark’s Run.

To help us capture what is sure to be an unforgettable day, when you get to hole 13, please take a photo with your group in front of the bench and either post on the LoCo Disc Golf Club Facebook page or email it to us at [email redacted].

Tee times have been published at https://www.pdga.com/bam24. These are subject to change, so please be sure to check them before you go to bed on Saturday and again when you wake up on Sunday morning.

The latest version of the caddie guide and other important info is available on the 'About' page under 'Documents'. The caddie guide includes course rules, hole notes, layout details, and an overview map of the property so you can find your way around.

There’s a lot of critical information below. Please take a few minutes to read through all of it before you leave for the course.


Player parking will be available in both the South and North lots only. Parking is NOT allowed on or across Taylorstown Rd in the neighboring community. When you arrive, please pay attention to the signs at the South entrance before you pull in. If you see a Lot Full sign, keep going and proceed to the North lot. In the morning, we will have someone helping us make the most of the available space, but we need your help. Please follow instructions and pull as close as you possibly can to the car next to you.

Do not use Freedom Center Lane to drive between parking lots. Do not use hole 1 fairway as a shortcut to get to Tournament Central or hole 2.


A bathroom with running water is available as noted on the Overview Map.

Porta-potties are located adjacent to hole 5 tee and on the path between hole 1 tee and hole 10 tee.

Warm-up and Practice

Please take advantage of the Scattersville course adjacent to the South lot for warming up. You may not practice on Clark’s Run at any time after 8:30 AM. This includes last-minute putts on hole 1’s basket before you tee off.

Do not use hole 1 fairway as a shortcut to get to Tournament Central or hole 2.

Player Check-In

Tournament Central is located on the lawn above the lake adjacent to the tee for hole two. You must check in no later than 15 minutes before your tee time and be at the tee for hole two, ready to play, at least 5 minutes before your tee time.

Do not use hole 1 fairway as a shortcut to get to Tournament Central or hole 2.

Player Packs

Our presenting sponsor Flying Ace Farm Distillery & Brewery is providing two $5 coupons to all players for food & beverages. Amateurs will receive a Justin Lago event stamp disc by Dynamic Discs, a LoCo Disc Golf logo mini, and a custom-printed Clark’s Run course map towel. We’ll have a little something extra for LoCo Disc Golf Club members.

Course Notes

The layout for this event will be White tees to Yellow baskets with exceptions noted below:

- Hole 2 - B pin
- Hole 4 - Blue tee
- Hole 8 - Red tee

Please read and understand the course rules and hole notes in the Caddie Guide and the PDGA Digital Scorecard. They should match up, but in case you downloaded an older version of the Caddie Guide, defer to the hole notes in the Digital Scorecard.

Portions of holes 2, 10, and 16 have white rope that marks OB. If white rope is not present, clearly and completely surrounded by water is OB, and you may take up to two meters of relief from the water line. Otherwise, normal OB rules apply.

We’ll be starting on hole 2 this year, and as noted, it will be in the short B pin position. This is closer to the water and surrounded by OB as marked by white rope on all sides.

Event Scoring

All players are required to keep score. We will be using the PDGA Digital Scorecard as the official scoring method. Go to pdga.com/score or download the PDGA Live app from the App Store or Google Play.

You’ll receive the PDGA Digital Scorecard access code at player check-in.

Drinking Water

Drinking water will be available near the tees of holes 5, 9, and 15. There is also potable well water between hole 3 fairway and hole 7 fairway marked with an orange cone near the climbing structure.

Bluechip Bounty

Rob Stark is sponsoring the $1,000 Bluechip Bounty, which will reward those who ace hole 2 but ONLY if you choose the $5 Bluechip Bounty Ace Pot. If you didn’t sign up at registration, you can do so at any time before you tee off, but please bring cash. All aces on hole 2 share the spoils.


There will be trophies for all division champions provided by Rugged & Rustic Creations. After your round, check PDGA Live to see how you finished. Trophies will be presented to the winners at Tournament Central.


This event is a LoCo Disc Golf Club fundraiser for the ongoing maintenance and development of Clark's Run Disc Golf Course. We’ll have LoCo Disc Golf Club stamped discs and Team LoCo shirts available for sale. All proceeds go directly to the LoCo Disc Golf Course Development fund.

Freedom Center is changing their name to Furnace Mountain Camp and has plans to open up a pro shop at the building nearest the South parking lot. Please poke your head in and say hello and pick up a commemorative Clark’s Run Disc Golf at Furnace Mountain Camp disc or mini.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Your Tournament Directors,
Steve Ganz & Stephan Evers

Refund policy

LoCo Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.



Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/78853
1Steven Wartinbee58$220
2Kevin Gilbert59$120
2Ryan Laur59$120
2Nicolas Marr59$120
5Kevin Mosteller60$55
5Zach Peterson60$55
5Thomas Rush60$55
8Todd Mazzie61$30
9Austin Jackson63
9Paul Russell63
11Chad Baker64
11Travis Foreman64
11Nathan Hughes64
14Jonathan Celio65
14Dusty Walker65
16Logan Clark66
17Jacob Bradshaw70
18Alexander Hinton71
19Michael Sevachko72
20Dan Merold999
1Konrad Pawlosky58$95
2Michael Tomlin63$60
3Doug Marinovich64
4Justin Laughlin73
1Robert Marr59$135
2Barry Pearson64$80
3Sam Gibson65$55
4Craig Gangloff66
5Matt Laur70
6Dave Wiltsey73
7Brian Junkins78
1Debbie Yoo68$35
1Jeremy Taylor59
2Christopher Drost61
3Tommy Sheridan63
4Andy Endicott64
4Sam Goetsch64
6Timothy Harris65
7Sean Chi66
7Mark Gibson66
7Jackson Taylor66
10Nathan Ellgren67
10Devin Gray67
12Phillip Mills68
13Thomas Adams71
14Juan Ramirez72
15Kris Kozosky74
16Tim Winkler80
17Luke Coddington86
1Jesse Yingling63
2Brad Pearson64
3Scott Croshier67
4Christopher Washburn69
5Pete Thomas70
6Chris Bellefeuille73
6Chris Bleiler73
6Robert Romich73
9Charles Sudduth75
10Mike Althouse76
11Nathan Shapiro79
12Jeffrey Sharrard88
13Chris Watkins999
1Rick Wilcox66
2Paul Armentano67
3Dean Grasso68
4Daniel Hatfield69
5Rick Leith71
6John Abruzzo74
7Keith Bohnenberger76
8Dennis Cavallaro79
1Mark Sherwood74
2Chet Butler79
3Edward Buskirk81
4Patrick Showalter89
5Mark Smiley91
1Ben Adinolfi64
2Bob Stahl67
3Dustin Allen68
3Marc LaRochelle68
3Mike Thorpe68
6Wes Bennett69
6Chase Fernandez69
6Tyler Markowitz69
9Lane Burk70
9Frederick Hefer70
9Brad Hoke70
9Stephen Mondschein70
9James Steenson70
9Nick Wells70
15Christian Kingett71
16Ryan Bailey72
16Dorian Schraner72
18Ryan Potter73
18Jacob Windle73
20Dan Baltimore74
20Andrew Jorgenson74
22Jesse Kellogg78
1Patrick Taylor66
2Brenden Leavitt67
2Patrick ORourke67
4Tim Lawson69
4Carter Pearson69
4Giovanny Prada69
7Robert Kimble71
7Spencer Nightingale71
7Moises Rivero71
7Matt Rupert71
11Josh Messinger72
12Drew Duvall73
12Chris Enty73
12Ferdinand Sityar73
12Michael Wirtz73
16Matthew DiNuzzo74
17Will Debesis75
17Andrew Kucinich75
17Matt VanBenschoten75
20Brian Duffy77
20Kin Ling77
22Jeff Bousquet78
22Kenneth Durgin78
22Jack JT Norton78
25Alex Gibson79
25Eric Goodman79
27Maison Ingco80
28Christopher Caldwell83
29Robert Mellinger84
1Nathan Kast75
1Sean Graphman75
1Mike Hollstein75
4Kevin Choo80
5Anthony Mangus82
6Zach Shields84
7Alex Punzi87
8Bryce Anderson90
9Connor Hallahan91
10Brandon Kelley96
1Ashley Malcolm87
2Lindsay Sullivan93
1Deborah Rice106
2Laura Vaughn110
1Emily LaRochelle84
1Susan Koolthong83
1Melissa Gibson83
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