8th Annual All Hyzer's Eve- BRDGT- Presented by Trivium Packaging

PDGA logoSat-Sun, October 23-24, 2021 at Greenfield Disc Golf Course in Troutville, Virginia
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament
Part of ODDS 2021

8th Annual All Hyzer's Eve- BRDGT- Presented by Trivium Packaging graphic


Tournament DirectorAndrew Joseph
Assistant Tournament DirectorMark Gill

About this tournament

Huge thanks to everyone registered to play the 8th Annual All Hyzer's Eve.

Early Registration will be held on Friday 10/22 from 6 PM to 8 PM at Parkway Brewery.

This year's event will be played on two courses, Greenfield Disc Golf Course and Mayflower Hills Disc Golf Course. Two rounds will be played on Saturday. One at Greenfield and One at Mayflower. One round of Tee times at Greenfield will be played on Sunday by all divisions. Exact schedule and layouts by divisions will be sent out several weeks before the event.

Division Tee/Course Assignments

Pool A - MPO, MP40, MP50, FPO, MA1, MA40, FA1, FA3:

• Round 1 (Sat AM): Greenfield – White Tees
• Round 2 (Sat PM): Mayflower Hills - MPO- Blue Tees and Blue baskets, FA1 and FA3 play white tees to yellow basket. All other Divisions Blue tees to Yellow Baskets.
• Round 3 (Sun AM): Greenfield –FPO and FA1 and FA3 play White Tees, All others Blue Tees.

Pool B - MA2, MA3, MA50, MJ18, MJ15

• Round 1 (Sat AM): Mayflower Hills - White Tees to Yellow Baskets
• Round 2 (Sat PM): Greenfield – White Tees
• Round 3 (Sun AM): Greenfield - White Tees


Refund policy

Roanoke Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/52694
1Justin Rosak556059174$705
2Matt Hammersten546258174$460
3Lance Brown516660177$350
4D.W. Moore566563184$280
5Eric Dobmeier586462184$220
5Nicholas Carl557059184$220
7Teagan Blatt606265187$155
8Neil Bishop576666189$135
9Andrew Lamont636463190$125
10Rob Zisette616862191$95
10Triston Lambert566768191$95
12Trevor Dominy586767192$45
12Zach Stover586470192$45
14Rodney Pressley616963193
14Ryan Shumate636664193
16Ben Long606768195
17Andrew Turner647260196
17Jake Clem606670196
19Ben Brown597267198
20Matthew Alexander577371201
21Timothy Lutz657463202
22Tim Schmidt657564204
23Hunter Dawson627867207
24Dylan Brendle728477233
1Kevin Peterson615863182$235
2Greg Clemons606765192$130
3Jim Conrad607068198
1Taylor Crammer676972208$235
2Brook Johnson738468225
3Alicia Knox828583250
1Trevor Darragh546465183
2Kyle Wilson626165188
3Luke Pegram616568194
4Stephen Lutz606872200
5Landon Ward636972204
5Noah Guthrie627171204
5William Quirk656772204
8Brandon Lison616876205
8Brendan Kinne627172205
8Daniel Waid607273205
11Joseph Little587672206
12Adam Hernandez656977211
13Tyler McKinnon696974212
14Travis Carter628071213
15Thomas Adams666484214
16Kyle Kreyling678073220
17Travis Butts7369-142
18Aaron Ronaldson7583-158
1Dan Smith627378213
2David Reynolds647577216
3Chris Faunce667180217
4Brian Whited647878220
4Scott Lavering687478220
6Dustin Olin707677223
6Scott Ellingson707974223
8Jeff Peters757879232
9Randall Stevens748182237
1Chris Cook666465195
2Steve Beery696772208
3Daniel Yinger697071210
4Stephen Knox697171211
5Jan Jackson766967212
6William Hunter746976219
7Mike Smith707478222
8Philip Brinkley687581224
9Chris McGrath797670225
1Jacob Zimmerman646159184
2Derek Jones626364189
3Vincent Mascitelli656363191
4Michael Campbell666265193
5Aaron Reynolds686858194
5Daniel Caccavelli656762194
7Ben Rudisill656667198
7Cody Scott646866198
7Teagan O'Brien656667198
10Gregory Reynard626770199
11Everett Isreal636473200
11Matt Manning696764200
13Charles Dalton666768201
14Tyler Graham677263202
15Chris Rowland696966204
15Jordan Porterfield716271204
15Joseph Norby656871204
18Josh Wyatt706471205
19Mike Lawrence706969208
20Isaiah John Griffith666974209
20Jack Hunter657470209
22Trevor Okonski776970216
23Dylan Surface747771222
23Tim Dushaw747177222
25Gregory Tew6867-135
26Daniel Ralph7376-149
27Ward Haynes7679-155
1Leo Stevens-Lubin676466197
2Micah McLeod666567198
3Justin McKinney716865204
4Max Clair697363205
5Phil Norman716971211
6Seth Crouch757265212
7Jon Quesenberry697471214
8Garrett Hopkins756971215
9Weill Casey727471217
10Dale Fillpot737570218
11Nathan Hunsley777574226
11Nathan Sanford678376226
11Thomas Hayes806779226
14Matt Hendrick767675227
15Daniel Lee717782230
15Drew Wagoner757679230
17Howie Fagelman848077241
18Greg Slominski807983242
19Brook Hamilton857881244
20Henry Utermark838584252
21Tim Gardner7269-141
22James Becker6976-145
23Chip Hanks8284-166
24Hank Hanks8587-172
1Rebecca Minnick797774230
2Stacy Glasgow807877235
1Selena Darragh838987259
2Taylor Hanks959791283
1Davis Norman717070211
1Fintan McGrath798483246
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