7th Annual Punderson Ice Bowl

Saturday, January 30, 2016 at Punderson State Park in Newbury, Ohio
Disc golf singles tournament


7th Annual Punderson Ice Bowl graphic

About this tournament

We will use the same format as in the past. Tee off will be 10am. One round of reds to longs. 3 divisions, Advanced, Intermediate and Recreational. Optional Mulligans (6 for $5). 50% of entry fees and Mulligan proceeds go to Geauga County Jobs and Family Services charity food program. One food item required with entry fee.
Advanced will pay out in cash, Intermediate and Recreational will pay out in merch.
WE WILL HEADQUARTER AT THE DISC GOLF COURSE THIS YEAR, NOT THE SPORTS CHALET. We will have a fire going and some form of temporary shelter, but please dress accordingly. Hopefully the mild weather will continue, but we will play regardless. No Whimps, No Whiners! Hope to see you out there.

Refund policy

We'll honor refunds up until online registration closes on January 28th at 5pm.


Final Results

Round 1: Punderson State Park - Reds to Long Pins - Concrete, 18 holes, par 59
1Brendan Beeney4646
2Larry Bright Jr5252
3Rob Yaddi5252
4Chris Warfield5353
5Joseph Cruz5353
6Brian Parsons5454
7PK Deaner5454
8Brian Cox5454
9Rob Panelley5555
10T Bart Bata5656
11Pat Govang5757
12Evan Adams5757
12Ryan Tuni5757
12Tim Jamison5757
16Paul Czap5858
19Derrick Gorenflo5959
19Kevin Daney5959
22Trevor Murphy6060
23Paul Keller6060
23Steve Spilman6060
25Jason Parsons6262
26Frank Lyons6363
27Brian Shega6464
27Mel Martin6464
27Nick Sims6464
30Jordan Santiago6565
31Mike Thomas6666
32Mark Festi7070
Round 1: Punderson State Park - Reds to Long Pins - Concrete, 18 holes, par 59
1Jim Patrick5858
2Steve Fairman5858
3Lu Kreps5959
4Justin Pecek5959
5Tanner Cuffman6060
6Jon Gensel6060
7Buddy Barman6060
8Canyon Pratt6161
8Ryan Wilkinson6161
10Brian Hutchison6262
11Joel Garn6363
12Kevin Sinko6464
13Ben Lattea6666
13Dustin Brummit6666
15Carl Hokes6767
16Mike Carletta6868
16Zachary J Thomas6868
18Clayton Pratt6969
19Anthony Alvarez7373
Round 1: Punderson State Park - Reds to Long Pins - Concrete, 18 holes, par 59
1Jeff Stanek5959
2Mike Brown6161
3Justin Knotts6161
6DJ Depew6464
7Aiden Gensel6565
7Devin Miller6565
9Travis Bailey6565
10Jim Simon6666
11Rick Wilkinson6868
12Dan Jaras7272
13Mickey Anderson7474
14Stan Perko7777
16Michael "Sean" Barnes8080