6th Annual PHX Fund Sponsored by Abba Mini Storage

PDGA logoSunday, June 19, 2022 at Alum Creek State Park in Galena, Ohio
XC-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament


Tournament DirectorKristy Moore
Assistant Tournament DirectorDenise Woda
Assistant Tournament DirectorErin Holland

About this tournament

Please join us for the 6th Annual PHX Fund charity tournament benefiting the PHX Fund For Adapted Technology.

The PHX Fund for Adapted Technology is a 501(c)3 recognized non-profit organization with the mission to help provide adapted tools to youth with physical disabilities to participate in all aspects of life. A portion of each entry fee and all proceeds from the event will benefit the non-profit directly.

This year we will be expanding to two courses. Each division will play one round at Alum Creek State Park DGC and one round at Kinslow DGC.

Pools will be assigned based on registration and will be updated with course assignments soon.

Tee Assignments:

Alum Creek
MPO, MP40, MA1 - Gold Tees (Longest Tees)
FPO, MA40, MA2 - Blue Tees (Middle/Short Tees)
All Other Divisions - Red Tees (Short Tees)

MPO, MP40, MA1, FPO, MA40, MA2 - Long Tees
All Other Divisions - Short Tees

Please follow the event by clicking the comments tab, then click on follow, you can also find up-to-date information by following the event page on Facebook:


Professional payouts will be sent via PayPal.

Amateur payouts will be provided by the Columbus Flyers Disc Golf Club.

Refund policy

Columbus Flyers Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


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Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/55683
1Tyler Horne5154105$94
2Ben Creger5255107$56
3Eric Norris5158109
4Austin Sagle5361114
5Joel Sheeley5563118
1Steven Heckathorne5062112$86
2Steve Duros5161112$54
3Manuel Spicer5360113$20
3Roger Hayslip5063113$20
5George Scott6272134
6Tony Massara59-59
1Johnny Hall5160111$93
2Jake Phillips5361114$65
3Alexander Hoelle4867115$43
3David Link5065115$43
5Thomas Neel5364117$26
6Dustin Mills5564119
7Ryan Almassy5468122
8Luke Stoll5668124
9Brad Prinkey5973132
1Will Link5560115$105
2Rick Jasper5957116$72
3Greg Russell6057117$41
3Joe D Campbell5661117$41
3Robert Corby5760117$41
6Jacob Kocher5959118
7Christopher Henry5861119
8Matt Lorz5961120
9Bryon West6061121
9Robert Moore6061121
1Frank Garcia4657103$60
2Gary Guerrero5972131
1Ryan Molka5454108$97
2Travis V Hunt5851109$87
2Wyatt Wagner5950109$87
4Ralvyn John Bihag5753110$76
5Shawn Wright Jr6150111$66
5Wyatt Hundley5457111$66
7Andrew Adkins5854112$48
7John Bumpus5260112$48
7John Haignere5557112$48
10Noah Treangen5756113$35
11Jacob Walker6153114$16
11Vincent Pardi6054114$16
13Daniel Atwater5857115
14Eric Morgan5660116
14Jamie Kern5660116
16Joshua Caldwell6159120
17Shawn Smith6457121
18Joshua A Kuhn5965124
19Nicholas Halliday6560125
20Alex Lawrence6562127
21Maxwell Olsen6465129
22Nicholas Strabley6666132
23David Keller--0
1David Hayman4753100$104
2Eddie Meyer4952101$94
3Travis B Bowerman5351104$89
4Austin Stewart5255107$81
4Levi Shenk4760107$81
4Luke Brenning5354107$81
7Charlie Inkrott5553108$66
7Dave Mazza Jr.5058108$66
7Eddy Obbish5355108$66
7Eli Bowman5058108$66
7Matt Kapusta4959108$66
12Luke Jasper5456110$53
12Quenton McKinniss4862110$53
14Andrew Destocki5259111$44
15Dylan Ryther5260112$20
15Keun Hur5260112$20
15Michael Migitz5755112$20
15Nick Groh5260112$20
15TJ Erb5359112$20
20Adam Myers4965114
20Jordan Holmberg5559114
20Michael Carpenter5163114
20Nathaniel Miklas5460114
24Dave Russell5362115
24Erick Starkey5362115
26Devon Prevost5363116
26Kevin Slane5660116
26Michael Knapp5561116
29AJ Kapusta5760117
29Kevin Kruse5760117
29Steve Bayless5463117
32Kris Holden5762119
33Ben Yoder5170121
33Brian Thomas5764121
35Matthew Seeds6062122
35Nic Rehl5765122
37Jessi Guerra5972131
1Stuart Fanko5547102$98
2Boyd S. Wright5552107$87
3Eric Newell5756113$78
3Ken Candela5954113$78
3Scott Candela5954113$78
6Dan Monnin6154115$68
6Travis A HANNUM6154115$68
8Eric L Stepp6155116$54
8Forrest Eisenschmidt6254116$54
8Kevin Billeg6254116$54
8Thomas Wimbish6254116$54
12Phil Hart6552117$39
13Brock Melick6157118$20
13Micah Kuhn6256118$20
13Nicholas Lorenzi6256118$20
16Alex Palopoli6554119
17James Ramsey6159120
18PJ Moe6457121
18Phil Bullock6655121
20Jason M Davis6557122
21Tyler Hollinger6360123
22Aaron Carr6460124
22Jeffrey Conley6757124
22Jesse Day6757124
22Sam Fisher6460124
26Joshua Hipsher6462126
27Austin Butler6661127
27Silas Ortiz6859127
29Joseph Kaul8064144
1Maureen Miller6359122
2Roxanne Sargent6964133
1Lacie Buckner6764131$30
1Diane Jehn7470144$60
2Paige Wimbish7669145
1Silas Backus504999$82
2Andrew Beun5454108$49
2Henry Schlabach5751108$49
4Eaton Fedako6051111
5Henry Wise6553118
6Jack Wise6851119
1Becker Fedako5651107$60
2Marcus Beun6959128
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