6th Annual Arnold Classic

PDGA logoSunday, March 8, 2020 at Walnut Hill DGC in Columbus, Ohio
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

6th Annual Arnold Classic graphic

About this tournament

The Columbus Flyers Disc Golf Club is excited to invite you to be a part of the 6th Annual Arnold Classic disc golf tournament, a Professional Disc Golf Association and Arnold Fitness Festival event. The Arnold Fitness Festival is one of the largest sporting events in the world bringing in over 1800 competitors, from 80 countries, participating in more than 80 different events. The must see attraction of the Arnold Fitness Festival is the Fitness Expo. With over 200,000 attendees each year it is a perfect platform to spread the sport of disc golf into the athletic world.

The 6th Annual Arnold Classic disc golf event will run similar to last year with our doubles round and field events taking place on Saturday, March 7th, followed by our two round, PDGA singles event, on Sunday, March 8th, 2020. This allows for contestants to participate in both the disc golf events, as well as have time to visit other Arnold Fitness Festival events and the Fitness Expo at the convention center.

Doubles and Field Event Registration

You do not have to participate in the doubles, or singles to participate in the field events, everyone is welcome to sign up. You may also play the doubles round without participating in any other events.

MPO, MP40, MA1 - Long Tees Both Rounds
All Other Divisions - Short Tees Both Rounds

Refund policy

Columbus Flyers Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Simsbury Park
Pickerington, OH   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/44251
1Ben Creger5258$175
2Tyler Horne5556$110
3Nick Snyder5360$80
4Adam Ginn5661$30
4Evan Hughes5859
6Tyler Mourn6058
7Alex Evers6262
8Randall Gabriel6165
Pro 40+
1Ozgur Mert5458$145
2Steven Heckathorne5762$80
2Jason Ninnemann5960$80
4Manuel Spicer6555
5Mike Butcher6262
5Dan Cuson6460
7Paul Franey6565
1Philip Penrod5660$130
2Patrick Gray5660$100
3Tyler Barchek5860$80
4Dan Jones5663$62
4Zeke King5663$62
4Eric Norris5960$62
7Nicholas Domitio6160$45
7Eli McKee5962$45
7Joe Miller6358$45
10Zane Ross6458$30
10Joshua Wells5963$30
12Andrew Greenslade5865$25
12Nick Robison5865$25
14Graham Ervin6262$10
14Phil Ulry6262$10
16Marcus Now6263
17Cameron Beck6264
18Phil Barbone6463
18Brent Rosen6067
20Alex Cameron6563
20Joe Campbell6563
20Thomas Neel6662
23BJ Burke6267
23Toby Price6366
23Chris Shirring6267
26Jon Lanning6565
27Aaron Falter6566
28Joe Parker6376
29Dakota Kinnes7370
29Joseph M O'Brien6974
Amateur 40+
1Chris LaDue5955$80
2Scott Jenkins5659$50
3Patrick Bornheim5759$40
4Jason Stewart6255$30
5Will Link6259
6Jacob A Kocher6756
7Tyler Palmisano6264
8Greg Turner6967
Amateur 50+
1Bob Harris6358$70
2Victor Theado6359$45
3Nick Taulbee6360$35
4Bill Byrnes6461
5Mike Now7059
6Brian Monfort7364
1Coby Stacy4958$85
2Christopher M Hansford5453$75
3Christopher Lytle5455$68
3Michael Neel5356$68
5Marty Ertel5555$49
5Anthony Gee5357$49
5Scott Stauffer5654$49
5Jacob Walker5258$49
9David R Link5556$35
10Paul Harris5755$25
11Sam Link5162
11Tony Ross5261
13Jason Clemons5460
14Aaron Banks5857
14Dana Hill5659
16Scott Wickemeier5959
17Chadd Kramer5960
18Chad Klodowski5664
19Robert Shepherd5863
20David Keller5963
21Austin Jordan5866
22Patrick Balling6267
1Nick Emerine5454$75
2David Gibson5954$60
3Neil Leonard5955$50
4Richard Scott6254$45
5Chris Acquista6453$35
5Cory Hill6057$35
5Greg Yahle5958$35
8David Hayman6058$25
9Andy Adkins6158$25
10Scott Roberts5961$20
10Jesse Zedaker6159$20
12Jamie Kern6557$15
13Kameron Carpenter6459$12
13Jeremy Davis5964$12
13Dallas Hunt6162$12
13Tim Moore6261$12
13Roy Skidmore6558$12
18Neil Campbell6361
19Eric Summers6065
20Joshua Caldwell6462
21Chad Longwell6860
21Ben Yoder6860
23Travis Cline6663
23C.J. Stace6168
23Jason Stritenberger6663
26Aaron Brown6763
26Josh Kirchner6763
26Nicholas Ungar6763
29TJ Frazier6665
30Matthew Obrien6864
31Alexander Kent7064
32Kevin Riemenschneider7065
1Oscar Ball6159$55
2Paul Baldwin6558$45
2Brad Frost6558$45
4Kris Holden6460$42
5Peter Tomlin6362$35
6Stefan Gustovich6363$30
7Chris Hartley6760$22
7James Howell6562$22
7TJ Keaton5968$22
10Kyle Roberts6861$8
10Eric Swint6960$8
12Heath A. Dawson6862
13Kyler Hodson6665
14Bram Binsky6767
14Ben Hermetz6965
16Mario Segovia7364
17Gary Dziubek7068
18David Intha7267
19Timothy Planck7566
20Justin Foster7972
21Carter Mcmanaway8375
22Austin Corey8682
Intermediate Women
1Linea Webb7364$30
Recreational Women
1Jadine Hill7160$30
2Amanda ONeal7572