4th Annual Veterans for Vets at Wells Branch

Saturday, January 14, 2023 at Wells Branch Disc Golf Course in Austin, Texas
Disc golf singles tournament

4th Annual Veterans for Vets at Wells Branch graphic

About this tournament

Following in the footsteps of the Trilogy Challenge, Veterans for Vets is a new event designed to meet three goals. First, it gives disc golfers a chance to play in an organized event during the winter months. Second, it provides an awesome environment for a disc golfer without any tournament experience to play in an organized event. Finally, it provides an opportunity for a local disc golf community to raise money that gets returned to that same community to organizations tasked with serving veterans!

Player's Packs will consist of one premium putter and one premium midrange/driver. Player's Packs will be first come first served. - Player's Packs were capped at 65, anyone registered after will only be a 15 dollar entry, no Player's Pack, and all of their entry going to local Veterans!

General Division is for non-players only trying to receive a Player's Pack, but not play in the event.

Refund policy

Ryan Hampton is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.

Current Standings

1Bryson Wolf *46
2Carris Florie47
3Nathan Tucker48
4Mike Chesnut50
5Kaden Sanders52
6Derek Phillips *53
7David Meredith *54
7Ethan Allen *54
9Anthony Sian *55
10Brant Robinson63
11Bobby Waldron *-
1Deanna Tiger61
2Aletha Laterza *62
3Susan Zepeda63
4Monica Szpak63
1Jonathan Zygarlenski50
2Clint Walker50
3Jake Hobby50
4Danny Zepeda50
5Justin Anderson *51
5Martin Ridgeway51
7Ethan Moses *52
8Jeremy Miller54
8Jorge Canada54
10Ben Nida *55
10Raymond Surita55
12Cade Eldridge56
12Chris Kinnaman56
12Christopher J Herrera *56
12Taylor Glover56
16BJ Winkler57
16Patrick O'Connor57
16Shawn Hanes57
19Kevin Barta *58
20Stephen D. Zepeda63
21James Jackson *63
22Lane Dady64
23Billy Jackson66
24Ryan Robinson71
25Brian Kerns-
25Carlos Valencia-
25Jason Hollis-
25Jonathan Vinson-
25Roberto Alfaro-
25Roman Maza-
1Jennifer Watson62
2Nicole LaPeters63
1Rich Harpel43
2Clint Blaylock47
3Yilsun Chong48
4Chris Greene50
4Jeff Bradham50
6Jason Robinson52
7corey hickman53
8Joseph Wells *54
8Mike Fulk *54
10Michael Fox55
10Mike Kagan55
12Chris Roosa56
12Raul Herrera *56
14Brandon Mulkey57
14Matt Valadez57
14Michael Mckee57
14Omar Idams57
18Ryan WIlliams *58
19William Jackson59
20Clifford Valls60
21Mychal E Guzman63
22Juan Longoria65
23Michael Tucker68
24Brent Johnson-
24David Martinez *-
24Jacob Wigdorski-
24John Wilson-
24Ryan Crump-
1Don Turk-
1Dustin Hall-
1Lucy Hampton-
1Matthew Vesci-
1Patrice Cappy Cavalier-
1Ryan Hampton-
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