4th Annual Guns vs Hoses Charity Disc Golf Tournament

Thu-Sat, June 23-25, 2016 at Redeemer Park in Charleston, West Virginia
Disc golf teams tournament

4th Annual Guns vs Hoses Charity Disc Golf Tournament graphic

About this tournament

This year this is a teams tournament. Players must have some type of organizational tie to participate as a team. Teams of four with the option of carrying one alternate. All members of top team will receive a backpack. This tournament will consist of skills competition during the week (Thursday and Friday) and team play on Saturday. Thursday (June 23rd) will be the putting,mid range, driving and skills competition at Redeemer. Friday will be the alternate day. The team play competition will be held at multiple courses during the Festival weekend. The Police and Firefighters will play for the plaque. If you are playing in the 2nd Annual Kanawha Valley Open this tournament is a bonus and free of charge. All out of town teams will be able to complete all of there skills competition on Saturday.

Refund policy

Kanawha Valley Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Redeemer Park
Charleston, WV   Get Directions

Final Results

Team Play
1Bob Frontz21.00
2Joey Blaylock20.00
3Taylor Crammer20.00
4Al Beane20.00
5William Bailey20.00
6Jesse Blair19.00
7Gidean Casto19.00
8Biff Addington19.00
9Colin Crowder18.00
10Jason Frame18.00
11Deborah Chun18.00
12Tyler Wetzell17.00
13Chris McGraw17.00
13Clay Dunlap17.00
15Brook Johnson17.00
16Isaiah Barney17.00
17Aaron Kirwan17.00
17Seth Neily17.00
19Bill Judy17.00
20Sam Crowder16.00
21Tyler Moss16.00
22Carter Patton16.00
22Conner Hey16.00
24Matt Bailey16.00
25Brain Bane15.00
25Devin Alberts15.00
25Tank Scarbro15.00
28Jimmy Burdette15.00
29Rob Milam15.00
30Jeremy Hatcher15.00
31Brandon Adkins14.00
32Tim Schwarzie14.00
33Tim Grigsby14.00
34Aaron Burns13.00
34Wes Muncy13.00
36Brian Jeffers13.00
37Jonah Kidder13.00
38Joel Duffield13.00
39Jason Dinkler13.00
40Steve Bircheht12.00
41Chris McNurlen12.00
42Jacob Fredeking11.00
43Jeremy Tomblin11.00
44Mike Cajohn10.00
45Kris Plona10.00
46Jamie Fultz10.00
47Susie Byrd10.00
48Arron Moore10.00
49Andrew Baker9.00
50Corey Corbin8.00
51Dustin Pratt7.00
52T.J. Knox7.00
53Chris Steadman6.00
54Brandon Hudnall4.00
55Vic Herbert3.00
56Zane Stafford1.00
57Whitney Knox
57Zach Marcum