Festiebands Presents the 2020 Matchplay championships

Mon-Wed, June 29-July 1, 2020 at Haine's Wayside Park in New Lenox, Illinois
Disc golf singles tournament

Festiebands Presents the 2020 Matchplay championships graphic

About this tournament


ALL AMATEURS and Pros rated below 969 can play!

Plans change, worlds change, and games change. This spring and Summer have been a test on us all!

At this point I am changing the match play event I announced early this year.

As of right now:

-Single elimination bracket

-All matches take place Monday nights between 5:00pm-8pm (SCHEDULE WITH YOUR OPPONENT) on the 9-hole private course I built at my home in Burr ridge. All matches will be 2 loops for 18 holes.

-Address and first round matchups will be sent out once the bracket fills.

-All competitors get 2 DD discs (Opto Pioneer (FAF Firebird equivalent) & Fuzion Raider (Echostar destroyer equivalent)+Home course festieband!

-Cash+2 more DD discs for the top 4 finishers. First place gets a bid in the state matchplay finals.

-Signup at DGScene

-Interest in the event will decide the final format.


6/29 Pre-Pre-Quarters

7/6 Pre Quarters

7/13 Quarter Finals

7/20 Semi-finals and finals

Rules, OB, and tee pads will be written on the scorecard. All scores will be posted in a Publicly available bracket. I will try and do weekly updates of the matches as the happen and are relayed to me.

All registration will be done through disc golf scene.

All players will receive a Festieband and two DD matchplay discs in their players pack.


Cash to the top 4 finishers (OVER $1500 PURSE FOR TOP 8) (More players more money)

Refund policy

Festiebands is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.