3rd Annual Long Island Doubles Championship

Saturday, September 21, 2019 at Calverton DGC at Long Island Sports Park in Calverton, New York
Disc golf doubles tournament

3rd Annual Long Island Doubles Championship graphic


Tournament DirectorJillian Walsh
Co-Tournament DirectorAdam Walsh

About this tournament

We are very excited to bring you LIDG's 3rd Annual Long Island Disc Golf Championships! We are modifying the format for this tournament to really test the abilities of both players on each Doubles team. This format was used in this year's PDGA Am Worlds Mixed Doubles and it was a lot of fun trying to strategize each hole.

FIRST - The entries fees are per team!
PRO: $70 per team aka $35 per person
AM : $60 per team aka $30 per person

1st Round – Modified Best Throw - Layout TBD

o Both players may throw from the tee, but at no time may a single partner’s tee throw be used for three consecutive holes. If one partner’s tee throw has been used for two consecutive holes, the other partner’s tee shot MUST be used on the next hole.

 -Using the same partner’s tee throw on a third consecutive hole is considered a misplay on that hole and a 2-throw penalty will be assessed.

o After the tee-off, both partners make the next throw and the rest of the hole is completed using regular Best Throw format where the team determines which partner’s lie to throw from.

o The scorecard contains an area to easily keep track of which partner’s tee throw was used on each hole.

2nd Round – Modified Alternate Throw – Layout TBD

o The tee throw alternates between the two team members.

o After the tee off, the partners alternate throws just as in normal Alternate Throw.

o Which partner tees off on each hole is designated on the scorecard

o Using the wrong partner’s throw on any hole is considered a misplay on that hole and a 2 throw penalty will be assessed.

We will also have contests for:
• Best Team Name
• Best Team Costume
• 1st Round CTP
• Ace Pot – Will throw off if not hit

DriFit Polos are available for purchase with this year's logo

Player Packs for AMs:
• 1 Premium Disc from the LIDG Stock Store
• $15 Calverton Gift Card to Spend in Pro Shop
Lunch will be an extra cost with a form sent at later date to complete (~$10 for Sandwich/Chips). We recommend you plan ahead for lunch as time in between rounds will be limited for you to leave the course and return in time for Round 2 Tee Time.

• Trophies for each division winner
• Cash Payouts for Open

Refund policy

Long Island Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.