3rd Annual Friends of Punderson Ice Bowl

Saturday, January 28, 2012 at Punderson State Park in Newbury, Ohio
Disc golf singles tournament


3rd Annual Friends of Punderson Ice Bowl graphic
Director Andy Morrison

About this tournament

Hello Friends,
January 2012 is upon us and the snowy season has begun. The Friends of Punderson Disc Golf Club will be holding our 3rd annual Ice Bowl on January 28th. As in the years past, this is the weekend before the Superbowl. For your convenience, I have included a pdf version of the event flyer. Feel free to post this at your local courses, if you don't mind. While I have your attention, I would like to share a few things.
Your continued support over the past few years has made a huge difference in our ability to make progress on the course. Our progress is funded mainly in three ways: Disc sales, Event attendance, and Sponsorship. With the money raised last year, we stocked up on a bigger variety of plastic and we added 3 new baskets and opened the holes in late spring.
Recently, we had to make a difficult choice. While we did well, we did not have enough money to stock up on plastic and purchase more baskets. So after much consideration, we chose baskets! We felt that this is the fastest way to show the love back to you guys for your support.
If you have not yet heard, we have 18 baskets, plus a practice basket in the ground!! The six new holes are still in their early infancy, so please be patient with them as we continue to improve them in the future. Maps and Tee signs are also in the works to help you navigate them.
To "Up the Ante", we are currently working hard to make the new holes playable from the red tees for the upcoming Ice Bowl. Yes, you heard me right, we will (hopefully) be playing 18 holes for the upcoming Ice Bowl. Mother Nature is trying very hard to stop us, but we are making progress to spite her. If you'd like a sneak peak at your money at work, please come join us for the Ice Bowl on January 28th.
50% of the Ice Bowl entries go to our named Charity and 50% to the prize payout. Any other proceeds will go towards a small plastic order to keep the ball rolling forward.
Please accept our THANK YOU for your support, and we hope you can come join us for some Ice Bowl fun on the 28th.
Andy Morrison FOPDGC


Final Results

Round 1: Punderson State Park - Red Tees, Regular Pins, 18 holes, par 56
1PK Deaner5555 / -1
2Andy Morrison5959 / +3
3Eric Wernet6161 / +5
3Kevin Daney6161 / +5
5Tom Mote6363 / +7
6Brian Shega6565 / +9
Round 1: Punderson State Park - Red Tees, Regular Pins, 18 holes, par 56
1Mike Broda5656 / E
2Rob Panelley5959 / +3
3Larry Jennings6161 / +5
4Dave Tilson6262 / +6
5Duane Koczan6363 / +7
5Will Schweda6363 / +7
7Tom English6565 / +9
8Kevin Trebal6666 / +10
9James Humphrey6767 / +11
10Mickey Anderson6969 / +13
11Bob Becker7070 / +14
11Ken Britton7070 / +14
13Bill Savage7272 / +16
13Jim Nestor7272 / +16
13Mark Wagner7272 / +16
Round 1: Punderson State Park - Red Tees, Regular Pins, 18 holes, par 56
1Josh Gabbard6868 / +12
2Zack Kubrin7474 / +18
3Ryan Lynch7474 / +18
4Brandon Loraine7575 / +19
5Chris Robinson7878 / +22
6Mike Pavick9393 / +37
Recreational Women
Round 1: Punderson State Park - Red Tees, Regular Pins, 18 holes, par 56
1Kathy Loraine9494 / +38