3rd Annual Fall Fling Sponsored by Dynamic Discs (CEP Charity - Rated)

PDGA logoSaturday, December 16, 2023 at Morningside Church in Tallahassee, Florida
XC-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

3rd Annual Fall Fling Sponsored by Dynamic Discs (CEP Charity - Rated) graphic

About this tournament

The baskets for 7A,10, 11, and 12A. Will be put out tonight. The basket for 12 will be out for Friday morning.
Please know that the course will be closed Thursday evening at 5pm for a church activity.

RAH & RAD Will play the long pad on 9, 10, & 12

This will be a 1-day 2-round C-Tier event. The 1st round will be 28 holes and the 2nd round will be 14 holes. We'll play our typical 12 holes and add holes 7A and 12A as we've done in the past. Hole 12 will be split into 2 holes.

As an XC Tier you will receive a rating for each round.

Trophy Only Event

Player's Pack: Value $60
1 Lucid DD
1 Classic DD
Lunch is provided
$5 to Play It Again Sports

Sandwich's, chips, fruit, and dessert

More about the course: https://www.bucklakedgc.com/

All funds raised will be donated to the Morningside Youth group.

There will be at least 3 Free CTP's

Minimum of 3 players to make a division.

Hole Sponsorship - We are looking for hole sponsorships and donations to make this a rewarding experience for our players. Contact us to find out how to sponsor the tournament.

There will be a $10 fee charged to all players requesting a refund for this event. There will be no refunds given after 12/13/23 unless the spot is filled by someone on the waitlist.

Refund policy

Buck Lake DGC is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/74052
1Haleigh J Morgan7939118
2Mallory Starkey9647143
1Peggy Attaway9347140
1Olivia Patillo10850158
2Michasia Dowdy10554159
3Raven Finch11549164
1Forrest Yoder7137108
2Greyson Schneider7441115
3Aaron Patillo7938117
4Finn Henderson7841119
1Brice Haskin9451145
1Cadence Dow11662178
1Shawn Haskin6535100
2Nolan Malone6834102
3David Muntean Jr.7136107
4Michael Paulette6743110
5Kyle Reed7536111
6Chris Wooland7737114
6Justin Curry7737114
8Orion Price8336119
9Dustin Garner8438122
10Noah Christmas79-79
1James Coste7235107
1Jason Walker7334107
3Tommy Cowart7437111
4Shane Hrpka7736113
5Casey Tucker7739116
6Mac Musselwhite7641117
6Micah Decker7740117
8Lee Henderson7942121
1Caleb Matthews7837115
1Marty Hollingshead7936115
3Andrew Fanning7937116
3FRitZ FiNch7640116
5Aaron Dean7839117
6Gavin Wilson8137118
7Brent Gann8535120
7Lee Carter7842120
9Talen Gilbert8041121
9Weston Yoder7843121
11James Koepnick8537122
11Mark Shipes7943122
11Ross Decker8240122
14Jacob Davis7850128
15Lance Rainey8643129
16Lincoln Gray9246138
17Noah Lovell85-85
1Richard Behrmann7338111
2Bob Rice8342125
3Judah Yoder8839127
4Noah Hobbs8742129
5Jacob Asbell8942131
6Ted Funk9145136
7Javier Lopez9846144
1Dalton Groves8942131
2Matt Byrd8448132
2Wilfredo Febres Jr9042132
4Bruce Pittma9541136
4J. Brian Dow9343136
6Glendon Harris8950139
7Eliek Hernandez9351144
8Ryan Brinson10247149
9Winfred Dowdy9655151
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