3 headed monster goes Swedish

Sunday, October 2, 2022 at Wheatland DGC @ Willamette Mission State Park in Gervais, Oregon
Disc golf teams tournament

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About this tournament

Once again it is time for a 3 Headed Monster Tournament. The usual rules apply. You can only use 6 drives from each team member. All other play is typical scramble rules. i e you play best shot. Each team will receive 3 Kastaplast discs that you can decide who gets what. At this point I am hoping a Berg, a mid and a Grym. With Kastaplast hard to get I am excited about offering this There will be no prizes or awards. I know that most of you are playing this for fun and bragging rites!!..Divisions will be based on PDGA ratings. One division will be under 900 and one division will be 900 and over. If you don't have a rating you will be given a 900 rating. The rating will be based on individual players not a average of the team. So in other words everyone must be under 899 to play in the under 900 division! When you register put your PDGA ratings in the note box. Thanks. I am changing the format of the 3 Headed Tourney. We will take your average PDGA rating scores and set the divisions by that. Lowest 8 are one division and highest 8 is the other one. Non rated players will still be given a 900 rating. Sorry about the confusion. This should be more fair when determining divisions.

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