35th Annual Bigfoot

Sat-Sun, February 19-20, 2022 at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California
Disc golf singles tournament

35th Annual Bigfoot graphic

About this tournament

Welcome to the 35th Annual Bigfoot! This year, we get to play our event at several of our beautiful local courses: Redwood Curtain, Beau Pre, and Mad River Pump Stations #1 and #4. Parking can be a challenge, so please plan to carpool. Scoring will be kept digitally with paper backups—PLEASE download the Udisc app before the event - It’s free. We are putting together an awesome player's pack!

2022 Bigfoot Tournament Schedule—please read carefully. Players are responsible for knowing the information listed below.

MANDATORY player’s check in: 4:30pm-8:30pm on Friday the 18th at Beau Pre. Pick up player's pack and any add ons (t-shirts, hoodies). Bribes for cards will be accepted at this time; bear in mind that the cards will be together for the first two rounds and that bribes will be accepted on a first come first served basis. Bribes are not guaranteed, and it is only possible to bribe for card mates within your flight. If you cannot make check in, please contact tournament staff or send a proxy so we can account for you when planning groups. If no arrangements are made, your spot will be forfeited and you will not receive a refund.
-2022 bag tags will be available for $10 and will be handled separately by Caleb.
-The restaurant will have happy hour food and drink specials, so please support them!

Daylight is short, so you must plan ahead for your lunch on Saturday. We do not have time for everyone to stop and order lunch between rounds. Please plan accordingly and have your lunch packed or maybe call in your order before your first round is over so you don’t have to wait on it. Round 2 will begin as scheduled, and any players who are late will incur stroke penalties for tardiness.

Schedule and flights are subject to change.

Flight A: MPO, FPO, MP40, FP40, MP50

Round 1: Pump Stations

Round 2: Redwood Curtain

Round 3: Beau Pre

Flight B: MA1, FA1, MA40

Round 1: Beau Pre

Round 2: Pump Stations

Round 3: Redwood Curtain

Flight C: MA50, MA2, FA2, MA3

Round 1: Redwood Curtain

Round 2: Beau Pre

Round 3: Pump Stations

Saturday Round 1

A Flight at Pump Stations 1 and 4 (meet first in the parking lot of Pump 1 for players meeting. Cards assigned to start at Pump 1 will then carpool over there)
B Flight at Beau Pre (No golf carts available. Push carts are welcome. Absolutely NO outside alcohol. Beer is available for purchase on-site, and failure to adhere to this rule will result in disqualification from the tournament)
C Flight at Redwood Curtain

7:30am Player’s meeting
8:00am Shotgun start
**Do not take your time with lunch. Get to round 2 asap!
Saturday Round 2

A Flight at Redwood Curtain
B Flight at Pump Stations 1 and 4 (meet first in the parking lot of Pump 1)
C Flight at Beau Pre

12:30pm Player’s meeting
1:00pm Shotgun start

Sunday Round 3

A Flight at Beau Pre (No golf carts available. Push carts are welcome. Absolutely NO outside alcohol. Beer is available for purchase on-site, and failure to adhere to this rule will result in disqualification from the tournament).
Tee times TBD
B Flight at Redwood Curtain
C Flight at Pump Stations 1 and 4 (meet first in the parking lot of Pump 1)
9:30am Player’s meeting
10:00am Shotgun Start

Raffle and Awards
Humboldt Bay Social Club immediately following the completion of the MPO lead card’s final round. Los Giles food truck and HBSC will both have food for sale. Dress warmly and bring camping chairs! The venue is covered, but open to air circulation from the outdoors. Raffle will start at 6, but food will be available starting at 5:30.

TD: Allen Wheless (318) 572-0736

Refund policy

Par Infinity - Humboldt County Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

No refunds after registration closes at 5 pm on February 11th. Consideration will be given to extenuating circumstances.

Current Standings

1Reuben Davis2
2Finn Sullivan3
2Juan Bernal3
2Nathan Vincent3
2Ryland Sullivan3
6John Parker3
7Dylan Cantu4
7Joe Cox4
7Travis James4
10Alejandro Salinas5
11Evan Kelly5
12Sean Murphy6
13Quinn Gerard7
14James Jefferson7
14Phillip M Nichols7
16Alex Duncan9
16Dalton Rice9
18Robert Bennett9
19Kyle Davis10
19Michael Macy10
19Ryan Briggs10
22Michael Swift11
23William Penprase12
24Surya Sardonicus13
25Luke Rea13
26Aaron Kurowski14
27Ben Jesson15
28Miguel Vargas18
29Danny Brennan19
30AaronMcKenna YO20
31Andrew Frescoln42
32Cam Sanchez54
33Cory McGill-
33Tyler Yeo-
1Andrew Herbert-
1Brandon Langston-
1Bryan Banta-
1Casey Olson-
1David Gough-
1Greg Chapp (Chappie)-
1Jason Orlandi-
1Jef Hatch-
1Jeremy Center-
1Nathan La Chance-
1Nathan Weatherall-
1Ryan Holland-
1Ryan Seng-
1Wilson Linker-
1Jim Tobish1
2Roger Cansler1
3Thomas Yang5
4Mike Belchik8
5Ron Cole10
6Alex Arevalo12
7Michael Nichols27
8Joe Moran32
8Nick Kloeppel32
10Rick Q32
11Gabriel Coke38
12JT Taloff39
1Camille Skweir-
1Chelsea Belden-
1Kendra Higgins-
1Rhi Langlois-
1Gwen Holloway-
1Jaimie Kloeppel-
1Jessica Shields-
1Katie Pixley-
1Michelle Lopez-
1Randy Brown-
1Andrew Frey-
1Austin Theroux-
1Boone Bates-
1Connor Evans-
1Cory Dick-
1Curtis Beaudry-
1Daniel Smith-
1David Russel-
1Deric Moen-
1Dominic Ratto-
1Drew Brown-
1Dylan Haumeder-
1Ian French-
1Jacob Cheek-
1Jacob Masslich-
1Jeff Hitchcock-
1Jeremy Bursich-
1Jerm Dog-
1Josiah Andrews-
1Kyle Garrett-
1Kyle Powell-
1Levi Landeros-
1Lucas Sawyer-
1Luis Gonzalez-
1Max Garcia-
1Michael Hackett-
1Miles Thompson-
1Neil Kemper-
1Nick Umana-
1Noah Hergenrader-
1Patrick Hergenrader-
1Robert Sears-
1Ryan McLaughlin-
1Steven Kendrick-
1T Stank-
1Tom Browne-
1Toryn Robinson-
1Tylor Clark-
1Warren Moak-
1Willie Stone-
1Zach Caldwell-
1Zach Golden-
1Zachary Davis-
1Alvin R Cunningham III-
1Brandon Jones-
1Brian Cole-
1Carson Laroche-
1Conan Clark-
1Gary Horan-
1George Wright-
1Greg Camphuis-
1Jon Sutter-
1Matt Garcia-
1Mike Johnson-
1Patrick Killmer-
1Rafe Carmona-
1Randy Turner-
1Sean Harper-
1Shederick Atteberry-
1Steven Sparapani-
1Tim Herrmann-
1Travis Decker-
1Boyd Smith-
1Bruce Spidle-
1David Almar Millman-
1Harold Fugate-
1Jamey Eichert-
1Josh Boyce-
1Mark McKey-
1Marty Beaudry-
1Michael Cowan-
1Phil Rouse-
1Richard Self-
1Tom Allen-
1Tommy Kitchen1
2Jett Bronson2
3Harrison Stevens3
4Carl Pavich5
5Shane Tostie7
6Vincent Guevara9
7Carlos Espinosa10
7Casey DeHaven10
7Lewis Salceda10
7Tyson Punch10
11Alex Bruner15
11Joshua Luiz15
11Justin Lusk15
14Jacob Taulbee16
15Raphael Warnon17
16Sean Bliven18
17Ryan Miller19
18Robert Sataua20
19Leandro De Lange25
20Giancarlo Anro26
21Erik DeMichiei30
22Ahmed Carroll33
23Dan Meadows37
24Jake Spryn38
25Brandon Moss-
1Andrew Chambliss-
1Archie Nichols-
1Christopher Martin-
1Cory Grabow-
1Dillon Earle-Rouse-
1Ian L-
1Isaac Bortman-
1Jeremy Gabriel-
1Jorge King-
1Jose Lara-
1Orion Molaro-
1Teresa Tenis-
1Todd Critser-
1Jeniffer Huie-
1Katelyn Warbritton-
1Kristi Lewis-
1Chantell Steele-
1Cheyenne Schorlig-
1Heema S-
1Karly Alfirevic-
1Kathleen Johnston-
1Kelly Knight-
1Latisse Devlin-
1Paris Savannah Isom-
1Tara Avila-
1Teresa Hannigan-
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