2nd Annual John Evans Memorial Championship powered by Discmania

PDGA logoSaturday, April 20, 2024 at Lake Walcott State Park in Rupert, Idaho
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

2nd Annual John Evans Memorial Championship powered by Discmania graphic
Added cash $1,500


Asst. Tournament DirectorLuke Alexander
Tournament DirectorCarson Skaggs

About this tournament

Welcome to the 2nd Annual John Evans Memorial Championship! We're excited to bring you a one-day, two-round event at Lake Walcott State Park.

This event is a sanctioned B-Tier event. We would like to thank all of our current and future sponsors for this event in recognizing the support and impact that John Evans has brought to this community. As an avid disc golf enthusiast, John would be happy to play a round with each of us. We're very excited to bring a tournament together to celebrate him!

The Annual John Evans Memorial Championship is a community culmination project designed to bring businesses together in benefit to the community! It's our hope to put JEMC discs in the hands of over 150 kids in the Mini-Cassia Community!

This event promises never before seen AM players packs with over 125% value, custom stamped premium and active discs, and Added Cash growing daily!

Ace Pot monies will be split between aces (if any are hit) and if not a CTP will take place after the second round.

In 2024, all players must keep their own official score in all sanctioned rounds, and all players must submit their own official scorecard. This is a significant change from previous years. It's a good idea to have a small notebook and pencil or pen in your bag, just in case something goes wrong with your primary scoring method. If all else fails, you can write scores and ruling notes in there.



Refund policy

Carson Skaggs is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

Any refund requests after April 17th will not be permitted.

Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/76145
1Joseph Kozlowski5647103
2Colby Andersen5353106
3Kade Filimoehala5354107
4Jake LaPutka5355108
5Kye Martin5653109
6Robert Carlson5654110
7Braxton Maul5754111
7Cole Rogers5952111
9Josh Flynn5756113
10Aaron Scheuffele5956115
10Adam Leathers5857115
10Justin Radecki5758115
13Kai Kim6156117
14Brighton Hood6058118
14Chase Killen6157118
16Casey Axelson6258120
17Allex Scheuffele6064124
1Joshua Newton5453107
2Corey Hood5455109
3Jordan Mardis5655111
4Dave Roper5856114
4Kevin Dyslin6450114
6Adam Carlson5957116
7Cody Flynn5959118
8John Talbot6160121
9Jerry Wilson6560125
10Adam Casel6564129
1Andrea Cammack5762119
1Wendy Magee7471145
1Caleb Campbell5653109
1Peter Smith5455109
3Jacob Manke5557112
4Isaac McGonigal6152113
5Juel Hughes6352115
6Samuel Coles5957116
7Josh Mansfield6057117
7Seth Montgomery5859117
9Marshall Cherry6258120
10Brad Merzlock6457121
10Isaac Colby6061121
12Colton Bruns6460124
13Simon Alexander6362125
14Hunter Von Axelson6561126
14Kevin Vanderbeek6759126
14Tanner Smith6462126
17Michael Martinez6958127
18Christian Torres6763130
19Chris Tallon7161132
19Eli Spooner7161132
21Joshua Waynetska7072142
1Ben Woody5857115
2Brian McMichael6456120
3Saul Manrique6558123
4Rick Menard6565130
5Robert Squire7278150
1Charley Quinn6257119
2Michael Larsen6456120
3Jason Smith6661127
4Tracey McAuley6464128
5Rick Orme6866134
6Mitchel Kahalioumi7168139
1Reagan Thurgood5360113
2Nicholas Hietter5956115
3Robbie Jensen5959118
4Anthony Hernandez Martinez6358121
5Cody Decker6062122
6Joseph Manke6261123
6Ryan Swalling6162123
8Adam Orme6560125
9Airin Wyatt6562127
9Hunter Jones6562127
11Matt Cook6864132
12Gabriel Krautheim7667143
1Connor Weber5855113
2Steven Aragon6556121
3Galen Wilder6360123
4Jamie Paul6559124
4Mason Skaggs6361124
6Andrew Kirchmeier6659125
7Jon Lewis6365128
8Ricky Benavides6863131
9Cody Millward6865133
10Reggie K Northrup7268140
11Mycahya Eggleston7475149
12Dawson Finger7774151
13Kyle Willes8083163
14Wil Cook8892180
1Amanda Andersen7469143
1Shaelynn Dockstader7973152
2Tessa Will7990169
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