2nd Annual Cherryland Disc Golf Festival and Tournament - NADGT Affiliate & GDG $5K/$10K Event

PDGA logoSat-Sun, August 1-2, 2020 at Wheatland DGC @ Willamette Mission State Park in Gervais, Oregon
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

2nd Annual Cherryland Disc Golf Festival and Tournament - NADGT Affiliate & GDG $5K/$10K Event graphic
Added cash $750


Tournament DirectorZac Teuscher
Tournament AdvisorDave Feldberg

About this tournament

Plans are in motion to have a PDGA B-Tier in the Mid-Willamette Valley in early May!
We are taking the feedback from last year and looking to make this event even better this year!

There will be two rounds of 18 holes on Saturday and o e round of 20+ holes on Sunday.

Pros will be playing for cash with $750 added to the pot!
All Amateurs Players Pack will include:
Voucher to Independence Disc Golf
50% Off Keen Card
Shady Ray Sunglasses Discount Code
Pro-Pull Disc Golf Discount Codes
NADGT Points
Event Stamped GroundBound Knee Pad
Over $80 in value and more to come!

Refund policy

Cherryland Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations
PDGA Guidelines will be used https://www.pdga.com/rules/competition-manual/103

Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/45631


Andy Boyle$315.00 for Hole 17 @ Camp Taloali on Jerry Miller DGC, 5 &11 IN LONG par 4's
1Scott Withers454347135$401
2Zack Baskett464852146$273
3Jarod Gogal464655147$190
4Robert Lockwood514850149$139
5Jordan Collmann524952153$112
6Cole Redalen514857156
6Erik Hayworth555051156
8Jack Peterson515060161
9Matthew Leis535753163
10Sean Roggiero554862165
11Ruben Alaniz5354-107
Pro 40+
1Justin Joers515049150$281
2Kevin Merrill505158159$178
3Andrew Boyle535057160$131
4Todd Rapacz515359163$96
5Matthew Douglas Karnes Sr I495759165
6Gregg Sutton535659168
6Jesse Tomaino555459168
8Mitchell Caldwell595962180
Pro 50+
1Tom Dooley625664182$85
Open Women
1Madison Tomaino545560169$203
2Amy Lewis555763175
1Alex Ogden464759152
2Burt Vang515454159
3Jake Whitaker534859160
4Jacob Delay535256161
5Ethan Plumb555058163
5Tim Mitchell525160163
5Zach Watson525556163
8Tyler Rohm545456164
9Brent Rayburn505462166
9Jacob Mitchell Lain525559166
11Dylan Renner565556167
11Jeremiah Johnson535559167
11Michael Babcock555359167
14Scotti Lewis575359169
15Doug Waddell595160170
16Collin Hayden585558171
16Elijah Andrus545562171
16Zachary Miller575658171
19Alex Corbell516161173
19Dylan Hansen555761173
19Nik Elliott595559173
22Jakeb Hammond535566174
23Trevor Hill565564175
24Greg Knapp615362176
24Mitchell Bivens595562176
26Adam Marsh545867179
27Lee Heustis605566181
28Michael Miller625567184
29Rodney Marohl559461210
Amateur 40+
1Michael Nonne505158159
2Buck Rich544859161
3Marques Alridge545561170
4Jason Demeter565461171
4Olin Wood585360171
6Matt Bailey585668182
7Rob Gibson606069189
8Anthony Caito616079200
9Sam Holloway81--81
Amateur 50+
1Gary Erwin585767182
2Dennis Mauroni586565188
2Kenny Kvarnstrom596366188
4Russell "Malum" Howard646366193
5Brian Pond606075195
6Dayna Reed636573201
7Peter A. FRANTZ686280210
1Josh Warner545259165
2Shane Carter475960166
3Joshua Ames515665172
4Ryan Manning565661173
5Cody Warren576058175
5Johnathan Chambers545863175
5Samuel Benson605560175
5Trevor Gill545764175
9Dennis Stoneman615759177
10Brandon Soto585667181
10Lucas Stoneman635860181
12Joseph Smith606065185
13Chris Haynes646068192
14Zac Teuscher646168193
15Tristan Holcomb616968198
16Steve Bachtel616870199
17Caleb Russell59--59
1Derek Puhlmann605368181
2Josh Wallace566071187
3Brandt Bruxvoort666169196
Intermediate Women
1Shawna Pond677081218
2Mercedes Miller707276218
3Shannon Rayles707282224