27th annual Wild Turkey Shootout BYOP Doubles

Saturday, December 5, 2020 at George Washington Park in Indianapolis, Indiana
Disc golf doubles tournament

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27th annual Wild Turkey Shootout BYOP Doubles graphic


Tournament DirectorDave kemp
Assistant Tournament DirectorChad Chubb

About this tournament

Covid update, currently Marion County is under group restrictions limiting to groups of 50. We will be splitting this up into 2 pools and be playing 18 holes at Washington and Brookside. The Challenges will remain intact.

2 pools 2 courses, switch courses after first 18

2 rounds of 18 holes = a Gobbling Good time. This is a bring
your own partner doubles event.

Tee off is 9 am est

Tourney Challenges are below.

The amount of holes is subject to change based on tourney registration. This is the kickoff to the IDGC fundraising season. 10$ from each teams entry will go toward Charity.

27th Annual Wild Turkey Shoot Rules

Start the day off with a group selfie on Tee pad #1. The best Selfie posted to the Turkey Shoot Selfie Post will be rewarded with a prize at the end of the event. Please keep them family friendly.
“Shoot the Moon” (REQUIRED challenge for EVERY player, available Rd 1 only, Limited to 1 attempt per player)
Each player on a team must choose one hole where the player will “go alone.” That player’s partner will not play the hole chosen. In order to Shoot the Moon, a team must announce its intention prior to either team member throwing a shot off the tee for the chosen hole.
1. If the participating player aces or birdies the chosen hole, two advantages are unlocked:
(1) One mulligan for use in Round 2 will be earned for the participating team; and
(2) During the remainder of Round 1 or at any time during Round 2, the player’s team may count one shot that hits any portion of the basket (air shot or skip shot, shot by either player) as a completed hole.
A team using this advantage must announce its intention to "cash in" the advantage prior to teeing off on the next hole. An ace that results from use of this advantage (i.e., the team scores a drive that hits the basket as a 1, but the shot wouldn't normally be counted as an ace) does not count to win the ace fund.
2. If the participating player fails to ace or birdie in his attempt to Shoot the Moon, the score for the hole is counted as the number of strokes used to complete the hole PLUS ONE. (e.g., a player who took a 3 on the hole would have his/her team’s score counted as a 4).

“Dinner Rolls” (REQUIRED challenge Rd 1 Only)
Exactly how it sounds, you must throw a roller on a hole designated by your team(both players). Forehand or Backhand doesn’t matter. Cannot be used with In-Round challenge #1.

“Turkey Leftovers” (OPTIONAL challenge available Rd 2 Only)
Did you and your partner throw two terrible drives? Take your opponents’ leftover drive. For one hole in the second round, you may “steal” a drive of your opponents that they have elected not to use as their own best shot and complete the hole as normal from your opponent’s “leftover” shot.

Refund policy

Indianapolis Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Brookside Park
Indianapolis, IN   Get Directions


Saturday, December 5, 2020
- 5:05pm
Shotgun start at 9 am
9:00amShotgun start at 9 am

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

$30.00 / teamMIXMIXED
$40.00 / teamMPOOpen
$40.00 / teamMP40Pro 40+
$30.00 / teamMA1Advanced
$30.00 / teamFA1Advanced Women
$30.00 / teamMA50Amateur 50+
$30.00 / teamMA2Intermediate
$30.00 / teamMA3Recreational