Toyo Concrete presents the 26th Annual Colonial Fall Colors - All Am sponsored by Dynamic Discs

PDGA logoSat-Sun, November 11-12, 2023 at Newport News DGC in Newport News, Virginia
Amateur A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament
Part of ODDS 2023

Toyo Concrete presents the 26th Annual Colonial Fall Colors - All Am sponsored by Dynamic Discs graphic


Tournament Director, NNP TDTim Dempsey
Assistant TD and WMP course TDBridgette Dempsey
New Quarter Park course TDTodd Coxe
Assistant TDJohn Roy
Assistant TDTommy Douglas
Assistant TDKat Douglas

About this tournament

Toyo Concrete presents the 26th Annual Fall Colors sponsored by Dynamic Discs

We are pleased to have Toyo Concrete as our title sponsor this year. If you are looking for a new driveway or maybe some new tee pads, check them out at

Fall Colors has grown so much that we expect registration to fill quickly. All three local disc golf courses will be used for the weekend to host up to 216 players. This is easily our biggest tournament of the year. With a title sponsor and sponsorship from Dynamic Discs we plan on making this year even bigger for you. We plan to add an additional $1,000 in merchandise for payout and ctp prizes. 

Newport News Park was highlighted last year after new baskets were installed on the original disc golf course. A new tournament layout was also introduced for the final round of Fall Colors last year. The temporary baskets used last year now have permanent collars installed. The new tournament layout will be used for all rounds at Newport News Park this year.


The tournament is open to all Amateur players with a current PDGA membership.


Three round PDGA sanctioned A-tier tournament
also part of the Old Dominion Disc Series (ODDS)


November 11, 2023, through November 12, 2023


New Quarter Park
Waller Mill Park
Newport News Park


Player check in starts at 8:00am at each park.

Player's meeting - 8:45am

First Round start - 9:00am


New Quarter Park - The baskets will be put in a tournament layout using a mix of basket positions. The baskets will remain in place all weekend.

Baskets will be in all red flag positions with hole 1 in the blue flag location

Waller Mill Park - see division pools for course layout.

Newport News Park - The disc golf course will be in the alternate tournament layout for both days. Holes 3,4,5,9,12,14,15,17,18 have new permanent collars installed. Hole 13 and 15 will use an alternate long tee. The orange Mach V baskets will be moved to the tournament layout by Friday Nov, 10.


Pool A - MA1, FA1, MA40, MA50

Pool B - MA2, MA3

Pool C - MA60, MA70-75, FA2, FA3, MA4, FA4, MJ18, FJ18

Pool A -
Round 1 - New Quarter - Long tees
Round 2 - Waller Mill Park - Long to Short

Round 3 - (9am) - Newport News Park - Long tees

Pool B-
Round 1 - Waller Mill Park - Short to Short
Round 2 - New Quarter Park - Short tees

Round 3 - (1:30pm) Newport News Park - Long tees

Pool C-
Round 1 - Newport News Park - White tees
Round 2 - Newport News Park - White tees

Round 3 - New Quarter Park - Short tees


Prizes will be awarded in the form of Colonial Bucks. Colonial Bucks can be used to select your own prizes from the club Dynamic Disc flymart and need to be redeemed the day of the event. Club members are welcome to bank their winnings.


Park fees - $6
Club fee - $2

Refund policy

Colonial Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Newport News DGC
Newport News, VA   Get Directions
New Quarter Park
Williamsburg, VA   Get Directions
Waller Mill Park
Williamsburg, VA   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Dennis McAlister595255
2Douglas Gregory585356
3Mike Petrarca565458
4Cory Cross555757
4Dustin Wayne Phipps535561
6Stephen Trainor595556
7Michael Campbell576153
8Ryan Leake605260
9Scott Wallace575957
10Paul Bailey615757
11Dylan Evans605661
12Paul Bodensick625957
12Cody Luper605959
14Joshua Harrell595664
15James Trader655758
16Christian Murphy636059
17Clayton Scarborough616359
18Seth Dunn596461
18Roland Felipe686155
18Lyon Tyler606262
21Glenn Woodard646259
22Garrett C675960
22Andrew Coxe636162
24Andrew Kipps636164
24Thomas Laney646064
26Logan Hayes636561
27Riley Felipe636563
27Alexander Richard626168
29Jarrette Shoemaker616467
30Jacob Dell666760
31Ryan Felipe686662
32Kurt DeMarra666567
32Trevor Frazier687060
34Jeffrey Noble666569
35Ben Adinolfi687063
36Thomas Faller6161999
37Michael Alloway7260999
1Nathan Bradley655559
2Timothy Eck626059
3Mitch Heller636062
4Chris Conley636460
5Cory Schick636859
6Justin Shiflett725863
7Scott Chandler696362
8Greg Lambert656764
8James Maverick636766
10Mikey Weeks637064
11Chris Catlett666469
12Peter Ludlam696665
13E Merry686669
14Robert Zibrowski707065
15Josh Munson707171
16Neil Adamus757068
16David Edelen707271
18John Hauptman777374
19Christopher Baines6765999
20Scott Mayo6669999
21Justin Weaver7165999
1Aaron Hackett626060
2Wes Landfear655961
3Mark Metz636162
4Paul Pollard676164
5Greg “Chain Hunter” Placides646465
6Jesse Ange676664
7Hunter Old666964
8Pat Mullins727068
8James Vivirito766965
1Thomas Smiley Williams605560
2Steve Knox595863
3Jeff Shattuck616061
4Stuart Krall666663
5Marvin Adams656469
6Jim Kueser716871
1Steven Graham555760
2Bob Savarese777171
1Lee Minehart686773
1Dylan Smith535358
2Casey Clark565258
2Kevin Ordonez555556
4Joshua Nicholson565260
5Peyton Hall515860
5Dong Shin575359
7William Miller595457
8Jeremy Ferguson555462
8James Murphy515664
10James Haynes545464
10Todd Loritsch545266
10Corey Taft545464
13Timothy Clements II585263
13Alfred Hernandez575462
13Zach McErlean605459
13Randy Moughan535961
17Terrence Riggins505965
18James Hartman595462
18Rowan Jones545863
18Bishop Tice605461
21Chris Hunckler595760
22Tre Todd555271
22David Vitt585664
24Jose Rodriguez615662
24Tyler Warnalis606059
24Andrew T Zuern595466
27Roger Gomez645561
27Burt Grimsley606060
29Kevin Ciccone555868
30Drew Holzschuh565769
30Taylor Nollinger576065
30John Rynders II595865
33Luca Jerndal625764
33Robert Runnels595866
35Justus Marks556367
36Adam Miller605571
36Jamaal Smith576366
38Julius Felipe625967
39Chris Joyce616366
1Ren Ruiz555458
2Noah Ranck515862
2Kevin Yates535761
4Wyatt Bradley585262
5Nicholas Blackwell565861
5Tom Sides545566
5Ryan Thoms595561
8Bryce Morris545864
9Jeremy Dean565962
10Dustin Slawson576460
11Daniel Nichols645860
12Scott Andrews555771
13Michael Johnson615866
13Michael Rahn545873
13Johnathan Yates625964
16Nicolas Bates645864
16Keith Collison635964
16Tyler Lang626064
16Landon Pugh596166
20Shea Roebuck616066
21Paul Scarpato596170
22Mason Ewbank626168
23Vincent Alequin606567
23Seth Haley566868
25Christopher Ott596173
26Travis Garrison676365
26T.J. West606273
28Joshua Strick656569
29Brett Helman626872
30Douglas Channell666770
31Thomas Kay646477
32Rudy Sigler696773
33Brent Durham626980
1Josh Staples555763
2Tommy Carson556263
2Adam Neal605664
4Matthew Vanalstine606358
4Forest Woxman595864
6David Caravas605865
6Blake Peterson635961
6Robert Tucker626259
9Patrick Asai606064
10Christopher Evans626261
11Trenton Valentine665962
12Dale E Baynes596168
12Jack Pocock616265
12Sean Robertson616067
12Kris Simmons626561
12Beau Whiddon626561
17Christopher Ellis606069
17Jayden Wallace646263
17Drew Woolery556272
20Jeff Kettle616663
21Kyle Garns636563
22Justin Bradshaw636465
22Jeff Carroll606567
24Jimmie Clark686662
25Aaron Fulford656567
25Dalton Jump696365
27Trent Hertzog636174
28Sean Hoster666568
28Chris Yates646966
30Ronnie Robbins686470
31Nicolas Wigdorski696569
32Jeremy Baynes656475
33Randy Bell696869
34Mitchell Adams686873
35Alex Livingston726774
35William Wager656979
37Jackson Dole7480999
1Talina Melanson706868
1Mary Maurer696671
3Alicia Knox687074
4Jennifer Carson737272
5Brooke Ayres767478
6Taylor Sumners767981
1Crystal Wallace636565$70
2Lindsey Grimsley646370$40
3Allison Janiec707172
4Mary Smith757176
1Mary Keller727273
2Cameron Woxman767177
3Aly Garver757082
4Danielle Bradshaw737388
1Ben Haslego616462
2Lucius Bell838888
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