25th Annual Tahoe Pro/Am presented by Innova

PDGA logoSat-Sun, July 20-21, 2019 at Bijou Community Park in South Lake Tahoe, California
B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

Added cash $2,000


Tournament DirectorScott Prescott
Assistant Tournament DirectorTom Witt

About this tournament

South Tahoe Disc Golf Association invites you to the 25th Annual Tahoe Pro/Am at Bijou Disc Golf Course in South Lake Tahoe California July 20th and 21st, 2019. The 25th Annual Tahoe Pro/Am is event #5 of the Sierra Tahoe Series. This is a B tier PDGA sanctioned event. This event is two rounds of 27 holes on Saturday and one round of 27 holes on Sunday. There will be a Closest to the Pin contest and Huge Raffle during the awards ceremony on Sunday. The divisions have been capped. A minimum of three players are required to make a division. If your division does not have at least 3 competitors by June 23rd you may be asked to move to a different division.

Refund policy

South Tahoe Disc Golf Association is responsible for all refunds. Any cancellation after June 22th, 2019 will only receive a $70.00 refund. There will be no refunds for cancellations after July 17th, 2019 at 6:00pm. If you are on the waitlist, but do not get in the tournament, you will receive a $85 refund.


Bijou Community Park
South Lake Tahoe, CA   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/39760
1Joseph Parker687076214$638
2Austin Hoop686780215$433
3Spencer Ling687375216$330
4Brian Costa707080220$234
4Michael Arauza677083220$234
6Gabriel Neustadt727277221$149
7Sean Tapley697478221$148
8Jason Johnson707183224$57
8Trent Somerville697679224$57
10Dale Dennett707481225
11Dustin Evanger727282226
12Maximus Meyer727384229
13Joey Garcia707684230
14Nicholas Muth767883237
15Quinn Berkovatz738087240
16Andrew Balsz758386244
16Paul Azevedo748090244
18Stephen Chibidakis807693249
19Evan Osgood7680-156
20Josh Sparlin7996-175
Pro 40+
1Jason Herm727675223$606
2Paul Piper727479225$411
3Tommy Witt727480226$314
4Joe Forrest727778227$249
5Delaney Cole728082234$173
5Robert Jerez707985234$173
7Shaun Long787681235$130
8Larry Christensen757984238$109
9Jay Gordon748184239
9Justin Ashton737987239
11Edward Poynor728187240
11Skot Meyer748284240
13Schuyler Raine-Mustain718288241
14Serjio Castaneda778184242
15Justin Scott768087243
16Cain Blackwell768190247
16Sam Pates838084247
18Rian Messerschmidt768490250
19Scott Duncan82--82
Pro 50+
1Mike Loya717382226$638
2Roger Cansler747777228$433
3Doc Little737581229$330
4Chris Carpenter727979230$262
5Thom Chacon697884231$205
6Derek Johnson717785233$160
7Jeff Fiedler757983237$137
8Ron Skull Brown788082240$114
9Edge Dostal758086241
10Arjang Mirzadegan788185244
11Brock Pitzer768585246
12Dave Sunoo768686248
13Pete Johnson788391252
14David Malolepszy838091254
15Mike Griffith788097255
16Doug Johnson788896262
17Tim Levi818897266
18Joe Hartman809896274
19Steve Hamilton8191-172
20Robert R. Bainbridge77--77
Open Women
1Amanda Zaccone798291252$214
2Jenny Umstead8891102281$128
3Ashlee Conley9195112298
Pro Women 40+
1Jennifer Morgan839195269$285
2Lorena Dostal859494273$171
3Linda Emanuelsson8696103285
4Colleen Wood95101108304
1Jakob Walz707284226
2Josh Wagoner727978229
3Ben Slakey707786233
4Cory McGill747586235
5Dylan Quintana777784238
6Roger Vartabedian808184245
7Steven Kendrick788192251
8Alan Hyde778591253
8Justin Oliver798688253
8Zach Zimlich768691253
11Curtis Beaudry808791258
11Jeremy Mirken808395258
11Zach Heitzenrader897891258
14Eric Engle818593259
15Justin Palmer878787261
15Michael Zee Zapata828495261
17James Jefferson8297100279
18Mitchell Cavin83100104287
Amateur 40+
1Arno Lopez738284239
2Chance Stephens778184242
3Mike Worrell768186243
4Jason Hamby778187245
4Mark Morton777692245
6Adam McKellips768388247
7Steve Wilson788090248
8Ron Cheshier797892249
9Dave Banish868085251
10Tullin Valdez788296256
11Shawn Shu Shu Stanley837896257
12Alvin Osborn828395260
13James Hatch819099270
14Eric Anthony829796275
15Dylan Gadd8793100280
17Wade Walters7987-166
Amateur 50+
1Rob Cole738589247
2Jeromy Williams808488252
3Devon Shaffer808489253
4Johnny Blue808693259
5Jim Ruger808793260
6Colin Hupp818793261
6Craig Pyle798696261
8Ken Griffith798698263
9Mike Medina7986102267
10Stephen Hey859095270
11Dan Thrift839198272
12Jeff Nyholm879196274
13Kevin Leach91103105299
Amateur 60+
1Ken Contryman788893259
2Richard Puente818594260
3Douglas Hall9593103291
4Ed Behl97108115320
5Steven Jones99113113325
1Wesley Haskell718087238
2Charles Ray758191247
3Jim Gilbert798287248
4Rich Fox768390249
5Casey Jensen758793255
5Keith Nezaam798492255
7Ben Caldwell788894260
8Jonathan Phillips818596262
9Ed Burns839389265
10Alex Auerbach799693268
11John Bionaz888696270
12Tyler De La Torre839296271
13Jeremy Bursich849495273
14Michael Kreisel8787110284
15Paul Freeman8396-179
Advanced Women
1Teri Warnick849698278
2Stephanie Amundson92102104298
3Veronica Jefferson100113120333