24th Annual Colonial Fall Colors

PDGA logoSat-Sun, November 6-7, 2021 at New Quarter Park in Williamsburg, Virginia
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament
Part of ODDS 2021

24th Annual Colonial Fall Colors graphic
Added cash $1,000

About this tournament

Welcome to the 24th Annual Colonial Fall Colors disc golf tournament. This is a PDGA B tier tournament and part of the Old Dominion Disc Golf Series (ODDS). This is our last PDGA event of the year, and I am anticipating registration to fill quickly. You don’t want to miss out on our biggest tournament of the year! Over $1,000 will be added to the pro payout and over $1,000 in merchandise will be added to the amateur payout. We are planning on hosting over 200 players for the weekend and using all three of our local disc courses: Newport News Park, New Quarter Park, and Waller Mill Park. The field will be split into three pools by divisions and all divisions will play two rounds on Saturday and one round on Sunday. All divisions will play at a different park each day.


Pool A – MPO, FPO, MP40, FP40, MP50, MP60, MA1
Pool B – MA40, MA50, MA2
Pool C – MA3, FA1, FA2, FA3, MA4, MJ18

Course Assignments:

Pool A – New Quarter Park – Waller Mill Park
Pool B – Waller Mill Park – New Quarter Park*
Pool C – Newport News Park – New Quarter Park

Pool B third round start time is 9am and Pool C start time is at 1pm


Pool A – NQP Round 1: short tees - round 2: long tees -- WMP – round 3 long to long
Pool B – WMP Round 1: short to short - round 2: long to short -- NQP – round 3 short tees
Pool C – NNP Round 1: short tees - round 2: long tees -- NQP – round 3: short tees

New Quarter Park baskets will be in the long positions on Saturday and in the short positions on Sunday.

Check in:

Check in will begin at 8am at each park on Saturday. Please verify hole assignments at that time. The first round will start a 9am. After players check in each morning, the course will be open for practice until the two-minute call. All players will need to be at their assigned tee pad and ready to play by the time start is called. The second-round start will be approx. one hour after that last group of scores are posted for each course.
Sunday check in time will begin at 8am except for Pool C. Check in time for Pool C will begin at 12pm.

Hole Assignments:

Hole assignments will be posted on the PDGA event page the evening before the first round and before each round begins. Hole assignments are subject to change each morning.


All pro divisions will be paid out through Paypal. If an alternate method is needed, please contact me.

All amateur divisions will be paid out in Colonial Bucks and can be redeemed at the club fly-mart at New Quarter Park on Sunday.


Lunch is not provided

Player’s Pack:

All amateur division players will receive a player’s pack. More information to come.

Player’s meeting/Awards ceremony:

There will not be a traditional player’s meeting before the start of the first round. All the information needed for the weekend will be emailed the evening before the tournament. Additional information can be found under pictures tab here on this page.


PDGA live scoring will be used. Paper scorecards will be available as needed. A back up scorecard is highly recommended. Udisc or a paper scorecard can be used for this. Please verify your scores before submitting them.

Scoring access code – Fallcolors24


We are always looking to make every event better. Sponsorship options will be available during registration. For more sponsorship opportunities please contact us [email redacted]

Refund policy

Colonial Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. No refunds after registration closes on Nov 4, 2021.


New Quarter Park
Williamsburg, VA   Get Directions
Waller Mill Park
Williamsburg, VA   Get Directions
Newport News DGC
Newport News, VA   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/49541
1Andrew Fish546060174
2Charles Behrhorst606370193
2Owen McCall596569193
4Austin Kelleher616172194
5Walt Winnington616173195
6Matthew Brown566674196
7Jonathan J Burns646469197
8Sheldon McGhee616770198
8Troy Ukrop576774198
10Mike Hover596872199
11Logan Jackson646373200
11Paul Koebke Barsic586676200
13David Koch567275203
14Sam St. John656674205
15Lucas Mendez636875206
16Michael Cole636681210
17Shane Boyer617377211
18Daniel Hollinger657490229
1Ricky Snapp606670196
2Brandon Kilby606972201
3Dave Stowell646877209
4Carl Jones657176212
5Aaron Hellman677084221
1Drew Smith616174196
2Bob Cannon626976207
3Chuck Aiken III646777208
4James Mayehem Mayes647175210
5Harry Adorno646682212
6John Biscoe607182213
7Mark Barber617777215
8Chris Hysell697781227
1Stone Wahl657282219
2Will Lewis667684226
3John Yunkun737588236
Round 1: New Quarter Park - Short tees to true long (all blue, 1 white, 6,7,14 red), 1 holes, par 58
Round 2: New Quarter Park - Long tees to true long (all blue, 1 white, 6,7,14 red), 3 holes, par 62
1Mary Beth Moody697584228
2Kat Douglas657888231
3Erin Snapp688187236
4Danielle Clements737892243
5Grace A7679-155
1Dustin Phipps576475196
2Jake Ritchey606869197
3Brian Miller646771202
4Sebastian Bush626679207
5Graham Garcia686774209
5Ross Oliveira627176209
7Dennis McAlister627575212
8Brian K Adams637080213
8James Trader636585213
10Zach Milligan666485215
11Cody Luper656982216
11Jarrette Shoemaker618174216
13Casey Clark657281218
13Cory Cross687278218
15Jake Mullins726880220
15Michael Clements647185220
17Carlin Field737079222
17Christopher Walton667185222
19Henry Morest707089229
20Joshua Harrell697787233
21David Caravas6676103245
22Michael Alloway7168-139
1Nathan Bradley526052164
2Scott Mayo565857171
3Christopher Baines566255173
4Wes Landfear526557174
5Clayton Scarborough536755175
6Cory Schick536360176
6Greg Lambert516461176
8James Maverick586456178
9Leslie Peed576361181
10Jon Greene606360183
10Michael Buckley576957183
12Edward Merry616558184
13Tommy Douglas616658185
14Philip W. Brown717565211
1Shawn Petersen536157171
2Stephen Knox546061175
3Paul Pollard576158176
4Mark Kilburn566358177
5Rob Stark616755183
6James Vivirito596463186
7Tom Sides626565192
8Hunter Old597465198
9Dale E Baynes648470218
1Lee Minehart576571193
1Timothy Eck485559162
2Michael Campbell575650163
3Roland Felipe555755167
3Stefan McFayden565952167
5James Haynes506454168
5Miles McCall556053168
7Andrew Coxe486655169
7Skyler Johnson575854169
9Christian Murphy585755170
10Aaron Reynolds555957171
11Greg “Liger Woods” Placides576253172
12Ray Varner536456173
13Mike Dempsey595956174
13Trevor Frazier556356174
15Cj Dube576553175
15Jonathan Rothfus556555175
15Kaiden Seifert556357175
18Taylor Lysenko626351176
19Charles Henderson536757177
19Glenn Woodard566061177
19Matt Meier575961177
19Vance Plevyak526560177
23Austin Stowers545866178
24Nick Sweeney596357179
25Logan Hayes596457180
25Thomas Faller576360180
27Andrew Holzschuh556464183
27Patrick Martin576759183
27Riley Felipe596361183
30Tyler Eby577058185
31Chris Joyce646558187
32James Godwin597059188
33Joe Clifton576964190
34CJ Howell627060192
34Jeffrey Walker557463192
36Matt Laughon567661193
37Chris Catlett616766194
37Julius Felipe626864194
39Alicia Knox616965195
40Bill Craig617265198
41Ryan Felipe717158200
42Andrew T Zuern687769214
43Jaime Benites5570-125
Round 1: Newport News DGC - Short t ees - PDGA Par, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Newport News DGC - Long tees - PDGA Par, 18 holes, par 54
Round 3: New Quarter Park - Short tees to red flags, 18 holes, par 55
1Colin Shay445661161
2Bruce Bell505557162
3David King485759164
3Terrence Riggins515756164
5Logan Francis496056165
5Tim Whaley496056165
7Kenneth Drespling505759166
8Chad Cavender485861167
8Matt Powell535658167
10Stephen Sook516057168
11Brian Whaley526156169
12Michael Bedford535959171
13David Vitt536158172
13Spencer Tack496063172
15Mark Matthews525962173
15Nicholas Hash495767173
17Keith Collison525765174
17Zach McErlean516063174
19Jeffrey Matthews536557175
19Scott Anglin516163175
19Timothy Clements II555862175
19Todd Coxe526261175
23Doug Francis506165176
24Aaron DeHart565962177
25Austin Sharlette546064178
25James Drespling526462178
27Corey Chambless536165179
27Joshua Strick546164179
27Ric Lowman556064179
27Stuart Krall546065179
31Austin Simmons496071180
31Marv Adams546066180
31Pierre Parker516366180
34Shea Roebuck526465181
35Kyle Moyer576165183
36Matt Sutton546269185
36Ronald Edgell526568185
38Nace Jarman596366188
39Aaron Lyons596269190
39Steven Short596269190
41Coty Bonesio576867192
42Paul Hubert606473197
43Jon Heintz586674198
44Michael Ragin5267-119
1Jan Tilley505965174
2Brian Shay556061176
3Tyler Lang556768190
4Joey Leach577067194
5GA Johnston III606773200
6Chris Yates587571204
7Huge Winslow637679218
8Michael Munday647685225
9Jonathan Bresee59888-947
Round 1: Newport News DGC - Short t ees - PDGA Par, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Newport News DGC - Long tees - PDGA Par, 18 holes, par 54
Round 3: New Quarter Park - Short tees to red flags, 18 holes, par 55
1Katie McErlean475860165
2Brooke Ayres536467184
3Taylor Sumners577165193
Round 1: Newport News DGC - Short t ees - PDGA Par, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Newport News DGC - Long tees - PDGA Par, 18 holes, par 54
Round 3: New Quarter Park - Short tees to red flags, 18 holes, par 55
1Talina Melanson546263179
2Jennifer Carson546366183
3Margaret Moyer556671192
4Shawna Zielstorff627069201
5Brittany Tack567179206
Round 1: Newport News DGC - Short t ees - PDGA Par, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Newport News DGC - Long tees - PDGA Par, 18 holes, par 54
Round 3: New Quarter Park - Short tees to red flags, 18 holes, par 55
1Lindsey Grimsley607173204
2Mary Smith646873205
3Vanessa Morest617275208
4Stephanie Lang658285232
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