23rd Annual Colonial Fall Colors

PDGA logoSat-Sun, November 7-8, 2020 at Waller Mill Park in Williamsburg, Virginia
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

23rd Annual Colonial Fall Colors graphic
Added cash $750


Tournament Director, Course TDTim Dempsey
Course TDJohn Roy
Course TDKat Douglas

About this tournament


Welcome to the 23rd Annual Colonial Fall Colors

This will be our third pdga sanctioned tournament since the Virginia guidelines has allowed us to return to running events again. Both previous tournaments went off really well and I would like to continue that with this one. I am sure most of you know the guidelines set forth by the PDGA and the state of Virginia. But, if you do not, please review them here at: https://www.pdga.com/pdga-documents/tour-documents/requirements-and-best-practices-pdga-sanctioned-play-during-covid-19 . Players, staff, and volunteers are expected to follow these guidelines. If, for some reason you cannot, please do not register for this event. If you are found in violation of these guidelines during the event, you may be disqualified from the tournament. You will be electronically signing your waiver during the registration process.

I will be using Discgolfscene for all the information you will need for the weekend as well as the PDGA website. Please check the photos tab and the comment section for the most recent information. I plan on putting all the tee sign artwork for every hole you will be playing for the weekend. It will include the distances, pars, and any special conditions like out of bounds.

Now for the fun stuff!!

Historically, it has always been a challenge to get the longest layout in by sunset because of the time change in November. To get the longest layout in this year, we will only play one round on Sunday. Also, this year will be a two day tournament for all divisions. Everyone will play at two different local courses. (Newport News Park, New Quarter Park, and/or Waller Mill Park) Course assignments are listed below. Because of the short days, both days will be a shotgun start.


Day 1

New Quarter Park -- MPO, FPO, MP40, MP50, MA1

Waller Mill Park -- MP60, MA2, MA40, MA50

Newport News Park -- FA2, MA3, FA3

Day 2

Waller Mill Park -- MPO, FPO, MP40, MP50, MA1

New Quarter Park (9am) - MP60, MA2, MA40, MA50

New Quarter Park (1pm) - FA2, MA3, FA3


MPO, FPO, MP40, MP50, MA1

Round 1 – Short tees
Round 2 – Long tees
Round 3 - Long to Long

MP60, MA2, MA40, MA50

Round 1 – Short to Short
Round 2 – Long to Short
Round 3 - Long tees

FA2, MA3, FA3

Round 1 -- Short tees
Round 2 -- Long tees
Round 3 --Short tees

The basket positions at New Quarter Park will be in mixed layout of Red, White, and Blue pin locations.


Registration will be online only and walk ups will not be taken at the park.


Check in will begin at 8am each day at both parks. All players will need to check in with their course TD at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the round each day. Player's pack will be available but please maintain social distancing. Player's packs can be picked up anytime throughout the weekend.


Pro divisions will be paid out through Paypal. Alternate contactless methods may be available if needed. Cash will not be exchanged at the park.

Amateur divisions will be trophy only and will be presented to the winners before they leave the park.


All amateur players will receive a player’s pack with a retail value of $30-$35. Your player’s pack can be picked up anytime throughout the weekend.


The player’s meeting will not take place like pre-covid. I will email everyone a player’s meeting document and I will see most of you at the park before we start. Please contact me with any questions you may have. Currently, there will not be an awards ceremony on Sunday. All trophies will be given out before the winners leave the park.


We will be using PDGA live scoring for the weekend. The scoring process is easy but please remember to charge up your devices. It is highly recommended to have a backup like Udisc or a paper scorecard. Scorecards will be available if needed. We will need at least one person in each group that can keep score digitally. If you cannot, or anyone in your group cannot, please let me know.


Sponsorship has been tougher to come by and I wanted to keep this a B tier tournament knowing that comes at cost to the club. Your sponsorship would greatly be appreciated and acknowledged. There will be a sponsorship option during registration.

Thank you!!

Refund policy

Colonial Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.
Only partial refunds will be issued after Nov 1, 2020 and refunds will not be issued after November 4, 2020.


Waller Mill Park
Williamsburg, VA   Get Directions
New Quarter Park
Williamsburg, VA   Get Directions
Newport News DGC
Newport News, VA   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/44103
1Paul McBeth515463168$700
2Brian Schweberger505570175$300
2Stephen Miller506164175$300
4Charles Behrhorst545669179$200
5Cody Bradshaw555968182$140
5Logan Jackson545870182$140
7Justin Rosak546069183$110
8Owen W Hileman546072186$90
8Taylor Brooks565971186$90
10Ricky Snapp555973187$70
11Triston Lambert546173188
12Walt Winnington585873189
13Jonathan Propalis535978190
14Jonathan Burns586370191
15Carl Jones575877192
15Tyler Hamilton586272192
17Kit Guncheon556177193
18Austin Kelleher576574196
19Doug Ferrio626374199
20Matthew P Waller606575200
21Jeff Carmel606879207
22Jake Ritchey616978208
23Keith Eberle617379213
24Sean Wilkins818092253
Pro 50+
1Jonathan Baldwin565870184$350
2Bob Cannon626176199$250
3Drew Smith586380201$125
3Mark Barber586578201$125
5John Biscoe626674202$70
6Michael Bonday626681209
7Chuck Aiken597379211
8Chris Hysell637081214
8James Mayehem Mayes596788214
10James Vivirito687580223
10Jimmy Stanley677185223
Pro 60+
1Robert Harris536072185$250
2Will Lewis545974187$150
3Stone Wahl546174189$85
4Mark Sherwood566474194
5John Yunkun606077197
Open Women
1Natalie Ryan566577198$225
2Hannah McBeth616783211$130
3Erin Snapp657782224$80
4Danielle Clements707688234
5Devon Harris6919995363
6Wendy Boettcher6785-152
1Beckett Crossman586370191
2Devin Geraghty576769193
2Sheldon McGhee556474193
4Bradley Chamberlain596273194
5Dustin Phipps616571197
6Brian Miller606277199
7Jarrette Shoemaker606575200
8Owen McCall567077203
9Ross Oliveira626478204
10Nate Mallory586879205
11Cody Luper636876207
11John Edel576684207
13Benjamin Jacoby567082208
13Christophe Odden587080208
15Clayton Scarborough686378209
15Stephen Barton606683209
17Jacob Singleton626882212
18Cameron Boswell656882215
18Michael Clements626984215
20Jacob Houck597683218
20Kris Garin656588218
22Matthew Graves637482219
22Michael A647283219
24Jason Lloyd697283224
24Leslie Peed677285224
26Mike Cummings667487227
27Dale Caudle707988237
27Noah Fields697890237
29Alex Lacedit6070-130
Amateur 40+
1Brandon Kilby505467171
2Greg Lambert545674184
2Paul Pollard546169184
4John McKee546270186
5Aaron Hackett556370188
6Chris Catlett596674199
7Chris Collins607072202
8Jeff Braun547277203
Amateur 50+
1Philip Brinkley546373190
2Stephen Knox576370190
3Mike Hicks597078207
1James Higgins525667175
2Tyson Rippey485968175
3Andrew Mottley495871178
3Nathan Bradley516265178
5Kyle Tyson506469183
6Greg “Liger Woods” Placides565870184
7Derek Bunting526271185
8Cory Cross526371186
8Cory Schick546270186
8Tyler Eby565971186
11Ben Tyler546766187
11Joshua Nicholson616462187
13Jon Green586565188
13Roland Felipe585773188
13Thomas Faller596168188
16Lloyd Seely586270190
17James Maverick605873191
17Julius Felipe566471191
17Michael Dempsey546671191
20Christopher Walton576372192
21Jared Souder576472193
21RJ Bunting557068193
21Yannick Albert576373193
24Glenn Woodard576572194
24Matt Meier586175194
24Ray Varner576275194
24Raymond Brown576770194
24Robbie Maclay636665194
29Chong Mounce536479196
29Jarrad Wisherd566674196
31Nicolas Sweeney576279198
31Ryan Felipe586773198
33Edward Merry557074199
33Jacob Leach547372199
33James M596773199
36Charles Henderson616673200
36Kevin Michel576776200
38Tanner Woodard586479201
39Lucas McKay576778202
40Todd Loritsch606381204
40Tommy Douglas586779204
42Aaron Steiner646774205
43Logan McHale627173206
44James Godwin616977207
45Alicia Knox607377210
45Justin Allen627177210
45Kyle Moyer577479210
45Trevor Frazier587280210
49Logan Hayes647374211
50Riley Felipe637179213
51Ryan Lawson617586222
52Bill Craig727787236
53Michael Marshalsea6071-131
54Timothy Clements II6173-134
55Keegan Williams6670-136
56Thaddeus Broxton67--67
57Joe Rowe---0
1Miles McCall465157154
2Greg Marble445363160
3Graham Jennings465362161
4Robert Runnels485164163
5Timothy Eck505163164
6John R Joeckel465664166
7Jose Rodriguez505463167
7Keys Pattie495365167
9Ben Knerr505466170
9Burt Grimsley465470170
11Brian Whaley465471171
11Chris Joyce525663171
11Gints Mucenieks535662171
14Bruce Bell495568172
15Austin Gerber525665173
15Joshua Caughran535763173
15Kyle Tayon515468173
15Patrick Martin446168173
19Marshall Minor495867174
20Matt Laughon535864175
20Stuart Krall486067175
22Chad Westfall515570176
22Jeffrey Matthews516263176
24Jason Thompson575565177
25Billy Briskey566161178
25Tim Whaley525670178
27Dave Hanvey555866179
27Dylan Padgett555173179
27Paul Hubert535967179
30Christian Mount535968180
31Allen Poe555571181
31Jimmy Drespling535870181
31Travis Rosales515575181
34Andrew Kipps526169182
35Seth Konopasek546070184
36Jared Arkin526271185
36Jose Pineda506273185
38Mark Matthews545973186
39Brandon Viera546470188
39Jacob Wescott545777188
41Zach McErlean585873189
42Nace Jarman536671190
43Stephen Sook556373191
44Victor Koerick545882194
45Ric Lowman586574197
46Travis Camden556579199
47Corey Chambless586577200
47Joshua Strick586676200
49Thomas West576381201
50Ian Winslow636772202
51Joshua Campbell566483203
52Chris Yates566880204
53Adam Vick616876205
54Aaron Lyons576981207
55Jon Heintz597281212
56Douglas Coutts597488221
57Terrence Riggins579869224
58Hugh Winslow647499237
59Michael Munday7079103252
60Carlin Field5453-107
Advanced Women
1Jaye McGuire555064169
2Becky Trojan515671178
3Jessica Geraci5765-122
Intermediate Women
1Brooke Ayres596171191
2Katie McErlean546474192
3Shannon Hons566482202
4Margaret Moyer616979209
Recreational Women
1Brittany Harris626982213
2Lindsey Grimsley617295228