21st Annual HDGU Ice Bowl BYOP Doubles

Sunday, February 23, 2020 at Dr. James A. Dillon park in Noblesville, Indiana
Disc golf doubles tournament

21st Annual HDGU Ice Bowl BYOP Doubles graphic

About this tournament

Half of your entry will go directly to Harvest House of Hamilton County. I know that's a lot but we have a community with something to offer those in need. Join me and let's do this.

I gave up a high value disc because I believe in what we collectively are doing. A midnight Paul McBeth Buzzz. You can win this disc by raffle! Heres how. Raffle tickets are $5.00 each. We will draw live on facebook at the end of the event.

You can pay now via the option. It includes paypal fees or alternately bring cash the day of event.

On to the event! We will be playing 21 holes of doubles format with some interesting rules. We will have a complete list Friday 1/24

The other half will go to payouts. Cash payouts for all divisions. We will be paying the top 40% of the field but it will be top heavy. The breakdown will also be posted friday 1/24.

This layout may change this week to be a better 24 hole layout. We will have a chili Cook off as well. Be prepared. This is going to be the most fun you've had all winter.

Oh. Man I hate Mulligans. But, this is a charity event. We'd like to introduce the most nerve crushing mulligan you'll ever have.

You can buy up to 2 mulligans for use in round 2. Heres the catch. They're $10.00 each, per player. Not per team. To get both per player its $20.00 each. Steep right? Probably should be.

Round 1 Rules

Snake - Add your body length with outstretched hands to the opposing teams lie OR 5 foot. Opposing team must call lie prior. Can not result in OB. Must declare loudly “I’m a sthnaaaake”

Race car- hole 7 is mandatory race car sounds from the tee to your first throw. No exceptions. You can be any kind of race car. Best race car team wins a disc from Chubb Disc Golf. You must record and upload your race car video to the main thread in the Hamilton Disc Golf union to win a disc. Votes will be finalized the evening of the event and we will mail you something nice. You will want to enter though entry is optional. Race car sounds are mandatory regardless.

I Long for short pad - For one hole you and your partner will pick a hole to play from the long pads.

Round 2 rules

Superman's Putt
If both players miss a putt one of the players can elect to throw his shoe. If it goes in it counts and if it misses he has to drive on the next hole with one shoe.

I'm a pencil pounder!
We all know a few of you just can't help it. Now you can without all of us eye rolling. No need to "forget" your score hole after hole.

On one hole after its complete you can scrub the hole score and take a 3. You and your partner MUST post a video on our main thread declaring "I pencil whipped this hole" in order to utilize.

Hole 1 Pond is OB. Sidewalk and beyond is OB
Hole 2 Pond is OB. Sidewalk and beyond is OB.
Hole 3 Creek and beyond OB
Hole 4 Creek and beyond OB
Hole 5 Over fence is OB. Sidewalk, creek and beyond OB. If you have a disc cross the fence DO NOT try to retrieve it as it's private property.
Hole A Creek is OB
Hole 6 Pond is OB
Hole 7
Hole 8 Path and beyond is OB.
Hole 9 Sidewalk and beyond OB. Pond is OB
Hole B Sidewalk and beyond OB. parking lot OB
Hole 10 Road, Parking lot, Sidewalk are OB. Creek and beyond OB
Hole 11 Creek and beyond OB
Hole 12
Hole 13 Creek and beyond OB walking path and beyond is OB
Hole 14 Walking path and beyond is OB
Hole 15 Walking path and Beyond is OB
Hole 16 Walking path and beyond is OB
Hole 17 Walking path and Beyond is OB
Hole 18 Walking path and beyond is OB
Hole 19 Building including roof is OB Walking path and beyond is OB

Do not cross into anyone's yard to retrieve a disc for any reason. You will be disqualified on the spot. We want the neighborhood to have the respect they deserve. Some neighbors are very nice about giving you your disc back if you knock on the door and ask politely. Wait until the end of the tournament to go ask.

Also, several neighbors are in love with the sport. They view all of us as professionals. All of us. Please know you may have a group of neighbors following you and watching you play. They LOVE watching us play. Please remember to represent our sport accordingly.

Refund policy

Its charity. It's an ice bowl. No wimps.