2024 VDGT Odin Series #3: Wrath of Wartooth

PDGA logoSaturday, July 13, 2024 at Bryan Park in Richmond, Virginia
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

2024 VDGT Odin Series #3: Wrath of Wartooth graphic


VDGT DirectorJon Milton
Series MathematicianBob Blunkosky
Tournament DirectorGraham Jennings

About this tournament

Welcome to the 2024 VDGT Odin Series!

This is an annual 5-tournament series where round ratings above player ratings add to your overall placement in the series. As an example: If your player rating is 890 and you have a round rating of 900, you will have +10 points added to your overall series score. If your round rating was 880, the round doesn't count against you.

Player ratings are recorded at the start of each tournament. Round ratings are recorded at the conclusion of each tournament. Player placements in the series is updated at the conclusion of each event.

To keep a level playing field, divisions will be catalogued together for the series. Not all tournaments have all divisions.

Chieftan category: MPO, FPO, MA1, and FA1.
Captain category: MA2, FA2, MA3, and FA3.
Warrior category: MA4 and Age Protected Divisions.

Whatever category you enter into for the series will be your category for the remainder of the year, even if you play a different division later on.

Rd 1: Main Layout (Paver teepads to Main Baskets)
Rd 2: Main Layout

Playoffs will be Sudden Death Match Play on Holes 1,10, 9 on loop until there is a Winner.

Admission Cost Breakdown:

Pro: $25 ($5 PDGA/Insurance fees, $5 greens fees to River City DGC, $15 to Payouts)

AM: $15 ($5 PDGA/Insurance fees, $5 greens fees to River City DGC, $5 to Trophies)

*River City DGC did not request these greens fees, but I feel it's right to support the club that supports the course.

1st place trophies will be given to each Pro division. 1st-3rd place AM trophies will be given after each tournament. 1st-3rd place Series trophies will be awarded at the Series conclusion.

Play in as many or as few tournaments as you like, but the more rounds you play, the greater your chance of winning the series! Hope to see you out there! For Valhalla!

Refund policy

Valhalla Disc Golf Tournaments is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Bryan Park
Richmond, VA   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/76640
1Adam P Berry5153
1Cameron Byer5450
3Kyle Lewis5457
3Dustin Phipps5754
5Ian Krajna52888
1Nick Murphy4953
2Lyon Tyler5351
3Seth Dunn5255
3Bryan Jenkins5156
5Andrew Coxe5357
6Mitchell Quimby6251
7Jonathan Mervine6156
1Kevin Rothermel5452
1Rick Wilcox5551
3John Macdonald5552
4Quinn Finnegan5653
4Nicholas Gonzalez5554
6Evan Bollinger5555
7Jonathan Mann5259
8Bryce Latina5854
8Tyler Roberts5854
8Caleb Roberts5557
11Jamaal Smith5855
12Sam Brewer5757
12Fin Harrison5658
12Samuel Inden5658
12Colin Trinity5460
16Waylon Noe6055
17Brady Finnegan6255
18Noah Ranck5860
19Ethan Troyer6361
20Jack JT Norton6464
21Rowan Jones6663
22Jack Sebrell6962
1Zack Mayo5558
2Daniel Kost6055
2Jonathan Saylor6055
4Brian R Viele5957
5David Brown6058
6Benjamin Brockbank6059
6Morgan Clark6158
8Trevor Campbell6260
8Brad Tillinghast6458
10Brandon Meade6261
11Nicholas Calvert6164
11Shane Haberberger5966
13Paul Campolieto6363
14John Healy6661
15Kerry J Finnegan6564
15Doug Jones6465
17Mike Sandlin6863
18Bennett Hightower6765
1Nick Versaw5964
2David Davis6163
3Kirk Jennings6562
4Mike Noe6267
5Josef Koza6469
6Justin Davis7065
7Peter Ripperger7476
8Callum Koza7774
1Mary Maurer6263
2Taylor Sink6766
1Laina Landseadel7170
2Randi Metcalfe92999
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