Sat-Sun, March 9-17, 2024 at Dentonia Park in Toronto, Ontario
Disc golf singles tournament

2024 TORONTO OPEN graphic


Tournament DirectorCara Hovius
Tournament DirectorJeff MacKeigan
Tournament DirectorJosh Saxe

About this tournament

Welcome to 2024’s TORONTO OPEN!

The vision of TORONTO OPEN has always been to bring people together from across the disc golf community. From brand new players, to players with 4 digit PDGA numbers, this event is for everyone. This year's event will continue in its modified flex format, with many fun partner events, an attempt at a World Record and a new 9 day flex ACE RUN Challenge at Beaches and Marilyn Bell Park Disc Golf Courses.

This is the perfect tournament for anyone looking to explore tournament play, or for more seasoned tournament players to get back into the zone for the upcoming season. The flex format allows for a more casual experience where you can choose your cardmates, or gives you the opportunity to be matched with new friends from the disc golf community.

Similar to last year, we will be front-loading the event with player’s pack items. We’re really excited for everyone to see what they are getting. Player’s packs can be picked up from Surf The Greats, or Spokes and Sports during their regular business hours. Alternatively, player’s packs can be picked up at one of the events running during the week of TORONTO OPEN (Toronto Sunday Club, East End Putting League, or the Beaches and Marilyn Bell Park Glow Leagues or any time via the pick-up box at the rear of 17 Highfield Rd.)

If you’re coming in from out of town, we recommend checking out all the great courses and events in Toronto, as well as many locations carrying disc golf discs and equipment. They are all listed via UDisc.

Here are the details about 2024’s TORONTO OPEN:

• Dentonia Park Disc Golf Course - 781 Victoria Park Ave, Scarborough, ON
• Scarlett Woods Disc Golf Course - 1000 Jane St, York, ON M6N 4E2 (entrance on Eglinton)
• Beaches Disc Golf Course - 10 Ashbridges Bay Park Rd, Toronto, ON M4L 3W6 (parking located at Hole 1)
• Marilyn Bell Park Disc Golf Course - 1095 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M6K 2R5 (parking south of the Marilyn Bell Park tennis courts, and west of the disc golf course)


Each disc golf course has their own social media accounts which are a great way to stay connected or ask additional questions of the community. We highly recommend you follow the courses on Instagram and or join the Facebook groups. Everyone is welcome and it’s a great spot to make new disc golf friends.


Similar to last year’s event, the tournament will be an unsanctioned, modified flex format event that consists of 1 round at Scarlett Woods Disc Golf Course and 2 consecutive rounds at Dentonia Park Disc Golf Course anytime between March 9th – March 17th. The event will be played using PDGA rules (https://www.pdga.com/rules/official-rules-disc-golf).

The 6 divisions used will ensure everyone competes with players of similar caliber. Check your PDGA profile to find your rating. If you’re not sure which division you should be in, we recommend you reach out to Jeff MacKeigan or Cara Hovius before registration goes live.

• RPA Gold rating 970+
• RAH Blue rating <970
• RAD White rating <935
• RAE Red rating <900
• RAF Green rating <850
• RAG Purple rating <800

All divisions will play a 2 x 9 round at Dentonia Park
Gold and Blue divisions will play the Gold tees at Scarlett Woods.
White, Red, Green and Purple divisions will play the new Blue layout at Scarlett Woods that includes a number of shorter tees.

You’ll need to play with a minimum of 3 players who are registered in the tournament. What if you can’t find another person to play with, or you need 2 more people to make up your card? Don’t stress, the disc golf community in the 6 has your 6. Please reach out to Jeff or Cara any time and they can help set up your match. Our Toronto disc golf community is full of people who can also help connect you. We have a list of ‘Match Makers’ (see below) who are available to help you set up a card. These Match Makers are also able to provide more information about the other great courses in Toronto, as well as some of the additional disc golf stores in the city. Asking questions in each of the dedicated course Facebook groups is also a great way to get quick answers or connect with a card.

Scoring will be completed via UDisc. Each course will have a TORONTO OPEN event listed on the Events tab in the app. Following the completion of the event, we will tabulate scores across both courses within each division and award trophies and confirm qualifier events to the first place finisher in each division.


TORONTO OPEN is honoured to be a qualifier for 5 fantastic events!

1 x ChainLink Conservation Series (Albion Hills) PDGA C-Tier, June 15/16
2 x ChainLink Conservation Series (Kelso) PDGA C-Tier, Sept 21/22
1 x Project15Open PDGA B-Tier, April 20/21
1 x Trail Hub Open PDGA C-Tier, June 8
1 x TIML / TIO PDGA A-Tier, Dates TBD

The Gold 970+ division winner will qualify for Project15Open
The Blue <970 division winner will qualify for CCS ChainLink Conservation Series at Abion Hills
The White <935 division winner will qualify for TIML Toronto Island Maple Leaf
The Red <900 division winner will qualify for THO Trail Hub Open
The Green <850 division winner will qualify for CCS ChainLink Conservation Series at Kelso
The Purple <800 division winner will qualify for CCS ChainLink Conservation Series at Kelso


Working collaboratively with our friends at WolfKat Discs, ZI3D and World Record expert, Rob “Frisbee Rob” McLeod, we’re working to establish the World Record for the largest putting ‘ring of fire’! A ring of fire is when everyone stands around the basket in a circle and putts at the same time. It’s our hope that we can gather over 240 people to attempt this challenge at Dentonia Park on Sunday, March 17th during Toronto Sunday Club. There is no fee to participate in this event, and you do not need to be registered in the TORONTO OPEN to participate. It’s our hope this can be an opportunity for everyone to come out, bring their friends and family and get your name into the record books!


Once you have registered for the TORONTO OPEN you’re automatically entered into the GRIPeq ACE RUN FLEX CHALLENGE! ChainLink Disc Golf is offering up 2 GRIPeq AX5 bags for grabs! Here's how you can win them:

• Get your player’s pack which will have your TORONTO OPEN double stamped disc.
• Use your TORONTO OPEN disc to ace a hole at any of the four courses (Scarlett Woods, Dentonia Park, Beaches or Marilyn Bell Park) any time during the event. Pro tip: Beaches Hole 9 or Bell Hole 5 are the signature holes.
• All aces will enter you into a draw for a GRIPeq bag. There is no maximum number of entries. Ace as many times as you can.
• The ace must be recorded and posted online with @GRIPEQ, @CHAINLINKDISCGOLF, and @TORONTOOPEN tags, please feel free to tag the course as well.
• The draw for the 2 GRIPeq AX5 bags will happen after the event and the winners will have their bags available locally or shipped (as applicable).
• Over the past 5 years we have had many TORONTO OPEN discs shared out into the world. You may use any TORONTO OPEN stamped disc for this challenge. This should allow you to throw multiples to get that perfect ace shot on camera. Additionally, we opened our vault and added more TORONTO OPEN discs to the shop section of the www.chainlinkdiscgolf.com website. Pro tip, use your ChainLink Disc Golf player's pack coupon code to purchase a disc or put out an ISO post on social media to stock up.
• This challenge is only open to players who are registered for the 2024 TORONTO OPEN.


TORONTO OPEN is proud to partner with The Paul McBeth Foundation (PMF)! We will be donating $5 for every person who registers for the event, plus an additional $1 for every person that makes a raffle ticket purchase. If the ace pot remains unhit, these funds will also be donated to PMF. If you’re interested in donating as well, there will be an opportunity to do so as part of the registration.

If you’re looking to be part of the PMF TD Partnership Program for your event, please let us know!

From the Paul McBeth Foundation:
This event has partnered with the Paul McBeth Foundation to assist them in funding their course development initiatives. PMF focuses on developing and introducing sustainable disc golf experiences in underserved locations with limited or no access to the sport. We thank you for your consideration to contribute during registration. To read more about PMF, check out their website: www.paulmcbethfoundation.org.


This event will be trophy only, with no payouts or merch out. We have been working hard to put together a very special player’s pack that well exceeds the value of the entry fee. Some of the items you can expect to find in your player’s pack include:

• TORONTO OPEN 'Snowstopper' (double stamped Fairway Driver)
• GOAT Towel / map
• Handsfree umbrella
• GRIPeq PVC patch
• ChainLink Disc Golf website coupon
• Stickers, magnets, keychains
• Snacks including: Lavazza Coffee, Jack Link’s, Good Behaviour coupon and Kettleman's Bagel coupon!

Player’s packs will be available for pick-up from March 9th onwards at all locations (see details below).

The top player in each division will receive a steel matte black skyline trophy which features the skyline of the City of Toronto. Thank you to our friend, Josh Mace, for the inspiration behind the trophy design and who does so much for disc golf! Make sure you check out his Summer Solstice in Midland too!

The winner of each division will also get a personalized Form Shadow, courtesy of WolfKat Discs. Learn more at https://wolfkatdiscs.com/pages/form-shadow.

In keeping with tradition, the last place finisher in every division will receive a 4L jar of Bick’s Pickles. To quote Clay Place Jones, “There will be pickles!”.


We’ve got some coveted items up for grabs in the raffle!
• GRIPeq AX5 series disc golf bag – Grey (Value: $299)
• GRIPeq AX5 series disc golf bag – Pink (Value: $299)
• GRIPeq AX5 series disc golf bag – Black (Value: $299)
• GRIPeq AX5 series disc golf bag – Turquoise (Value: $299)
• 2 Hockey Hall of Fame Passes (Value: $50 per pair)
• 2 Hockey Hall of Fame Passes (Value: $50 per pair)
• Hastings Barber Shop Gift Pack (Value: ~$100)
• Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine (Value: $150)
• GROSCHE TORONTO OPEN Water Bottle (Value: $50 each)
• GROSCHE TORONTO OPEN Water Bottle (Value: $50 each)
• 2 x Disc Golf Lessons with Henrik (Value: $140)
• 3 x She Dyzer Discs (aka the prettiest starter set in the universe) (Value: ~$150)
• Nikko’s Drive family package (Value: $100)
• ChainLink Disc Golf Beaches Disc Golf Package (disc, hat & glow in the dark shirt) (Value: $115)
• ChainLink Disc Golf Marilyn Bell Park Disc Golf Package (disc, hat & glow in the dark shirt) (Value: $115)
• ChainLink Disc Golf Dentonia Park Disc golf Package (disc, hat & hoodie) (Value: $130)
• ChainLink Disc Golf Scarlett Woods Disc Golf Package (disc, hat & hoodie) (Value: $130)
• Paul McBeth signed PMF Luna disc (Value: Priceless!)
• Paul McBeth signed Discraft Ledgestone Nuke disc (Value: Priceless!)
• Paul McBeth signed Discraft Ledgestone Nuke disc (Value: Priceless!)
• Paul McBeth signed PMF Madrid stamp Westside Harp disc (Value: Priceless!)
• 2 day passes to Project15 with Project15 stamped Innova Halo Road Runner (Value: $80)
• East Toronto Pickle Ball Association hat (Value: 2 x $20)
• TOUCH Disc Golf L Wall Rack (Value: $40)
• TOUCH Disc Golf M Wall Rack (Value: $35)
• TOUCH Disc Golf S Wall Rack (Value: $30)
• TOUCH Disc Golf Travel Rack 12" (Value: $75)
• TOUCH Disc Golf Travel Rack 16" (Value: $85)
• TOUCH Disc Golf 16” Wall Rack (Value: $75)
• TOUCH Disc Golf 32” Wall Rack (Value: $105)
• TOUCH Disc Golf Floor Rack 2 Level 32" width (Value: $165)
• TOUCH Disc Golf Floor Rack 3 Level 16" width (Value: $165)
• TOUCH Disc Golf Floor Rack 4 Level 12" width (Value: $175)
• Vintage NHL Alumni Chris Pronger autographed St. Louis Blues jersey (Value: Priceless!)
• Cineplex pass for 1 general admission, 1 regular soft drink, 1 regular popcorn (Value: $30)
• Bushnell Disc Golf Rangefinder (Value: $200)
• Jennifer Allen signed disc (donated by Josh Saxe) (Value: Priceless!)

Total Value = $4,000 ++++

Raffle prizing will be awarded by random draw using a random number generator. The first draw will be awarded to the first item on the list with subsequent draws in the order of the remaining items.


You can pick up your player’s pack at any of the below locations from March 9th onwards during the event or regular business hours. Check the hours before you go!

Raffle items are available for pick-up during the event, from Jeff and Cara at 17 Highfield Road, from Toronto Sunday Club (both days) or East End Putting League. For winners not able to pick-up their prizes during this timeframe, separate arrangements will be made.

Surf the Greats Address:
101-250 Carlaw Avenue
Toronto, ON
M4M 3L1
Website: surfthegreats.org

Surf the Greats Pick-up Hours:
Tuesday–Friday: 12 – 6PM
Saturday: 11AM – 4PM
Sunday–Monday: Closed

Spokes and Sports Address:
1889 Avenue Rd.
Toronto, ON
M5M 3Z9
Website: spokesandsports.com

Spokes and Sports Pick-up Hours:
Monday–Friday: 11AM – 6PM
Saturday: 10AM - 5PM
Sunday: 11AM – 5PM

Please take some time and support these brick-and-mortar stores by buying some discs when you visit them!


The disc golf scene is thriving in Toronto and we invite you to check out all the other events happening throughout the week of TORONTO OPEN! Please join the ChainLink Disc Golf Facebook / Instagram pages for more information!

• Saturday, March 9 – Tee3 event (TBD)
• Sunday, March 10 at 9:30 AM – Toronto Sunday Club at Scarlett Woods Disc Golf Course with Kyle Labine, Ezra Houser, and Josh Saxe
• Monday, March 11 at 6:00 PM – East End Putting League at the Toronto Legion Hall with Jack Coney
• Wednesday, March 13 at 7:30 PM – Glow league at Marilyn Bell Park with Andrew Kavanagh and Dan Rice
• Thursday, March 14 at 7:30 PM – Glow league at Beaches with David Lyall, Sean Lamb and the gang
• Sunday, March 17 at 9:30 AM – Toronto Sunday Club at Dentonia Park Disc Golf Course with Phil Metz, Jane Logan, and Josh Saxe
Includes a World Record Attempt for ‘Most people attempting a disc golf putt at once’ at Dentonia Park Disc Golf Course


You’ll probably already know our Match Maker team! Send them a message if you’re looking for help finding a card. Remember you need to enter your rounds via the TORONTO OPEN UDisc event with a minimum of 3 players. They can also help you learn more about other courses, disc golf stores, putting leagues, and other events around Toronto.

• Josh Saxe
• Nick Smith
• Ezra Houser
• Kyle Labine


• Discmania
• GRIPeq
• Paul McBeth Foundation (PMF)
• TOUCH Disc Golf
• Josh Saxe
• ChainLink Disc Golf
• Kettlemans Bagel
• Surf the Greats
• Spokes and Sports
• Toronto Island Maple Leaf (TIML) tournament team
• Gabe Robinson and Project15
• The GOAT Towel
• Red Bull
• Dialogue Creative
• You Enjoy My Designs
• Zero Infinity 3D
• Henrik Londen Disc Golf Lessons
• Nikko's Drive
• She Dyzer Discs
• Hastings Barber Shop
• WolfKat Discs
• Lavazza Coffee
• Jack Link's
• Good Behaviour (subs and ice cream)
• East Toronto Pickleball Association

Please support our generous sponsors. They play a huge role in making this event a success.

Thank you for considering signing up for TORONTO OPEN. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out any time via social media or email.

The Tournament Team
[email redacted]

Cara Hovius - [email redacted]
Jeff MacKeigan - [email redacted]
Josh Saxe – [email redacted]

Refund policy

ChainLink Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. For refunds or cancellations, please reach out to the Tournament Directors in writing at [email redacted].

We will be following the PDGA Withdrawals and Refunds Policy for this event. This policy also outlines our waitlist protocols.



Final Results

Round 1: Dentonia Park - Regular tees 2x, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Scarlett Woods DGC - Regular Tees, 18 holes, par 59
1Calvin Roorda4755102
2Kalan Schat4359102
3Brady McCann4864112
Round 1: Dentonia Park - Regular tees 2x, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Scarlett Woods DGC - Regular Tees, 18 holes, par 59
1Brent Jackson4561106
2Darrel K Nantais4561106
3Jeremy Roedde4761108
4Connor Deuchars4864112
5Will Mercer5267119
6Colin McDonald5565120
7Dylan Upper5864122
8Julien Abraham5868126
9Garret Morgan5670126
10Darren Anderson5578133
11Phil Pettypiece5480134
12Craig Ireland53-53
13Pat E Smooth-6464
Round 1: Dentonia Park - Regular tees 2x, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Scarlett Woods DGC - Short tees (PT), 18 holes, par 59
1Todd Billo4861109
2Adam Shepperdley5159110
3Jeff MacKeigan4565110
4John Coney4963112
5Brian Nugent5063113
6Nathaniel Brown4964113
7Trevor Doward4964113
8Evan Khamphoumy5361114
9Paul Cybulski4866114
10Paul Saftich5658114
11Aydan Schat4966115
12Jon Harris5263115
13Jason Chan5267119
14Robert Saftich5565120
15Michael D Lane5273125
16Kyle Labine5868126
17Phil Metz53-53
18Jay De Jager--0
18Wesley Watt--0
Round 1: Dentonia Park - Regular tees 2x, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Scarlett Woods DGC - Short tees (PT), 18 holes, par 59
1Daniel Mok5060110
3Chris Martino5559114
4Aaron Ward5065115
5Kat Johnson5164115
6Dean Cowan5165116
7Luke Richards5264116
8Andrew Polischuk5562117
9Andrew Stoch5463117
10Don Smith4869117
11Tomas Bujnak5562117
12Victor Muirhead5364117
13Benjamin Bonsma5464118
14Nathaniel Martin5662118
15Neelesh Kaul4969118
16Steven Kavanagh5464118
17Ian McCausland5762119
18Jerome MacGregor5267119
19Ryan Edwards-Crewe5663119
20Troy Caron5465119
21Brandon Crabb5664120
22Michael Lilley5367120
23Tim Austin5466120
24Eric De Boer5566121
25Justin Marchand5467121
26Saro Shishmanian5665121
27Aziz Güzel5567122
28Mike Contasti-Isaac5963122
29Patrick Robertson5765122
30David Ruh5569124
31Josh Saxe5569124
32Robert McMechan5669125
33Andrew Fell5670126
34Andrew Kavanagh5769126
35John Inthavixay5571126
36Marlon Canales5967126
37Ezra Houser6266128
38Colin Fitchett6267129
39William Knight6168129
40Andrew Chronopoulos6465129
Round 1: Dentonia Park - Regular tees 2x, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Scarlett Woods DGC - Short tees (PT), 18 holes, par 59
1Matthew Henning5260112
2Michael Wilson5362115
3Sean Deuchars5067117
4Corey Caplan5465119
5Mike Raymond5268120
6Steve Loeffen5367120
7Keegan Cahill5369122
8Peter Heenan5964123
9Daniel Cohen5668124
10Joe Commisso5668124
11Nick Vescio5371124
12Jane Logan5473127
13Mark McQuillan5374127
14Nick Smith6167128
15Tom Toth5970129
16Andrew Vance6268130
17Dan Rice5674130
18Liam Jewell5773130
19Daniel Kishimoto5774131
20Iain Bateman5972131
21Jonathan Kay6071131
22Jim McCann5874132
23Trevor Harris6567132
24Edwin Gailits6173134
25Paul Le Page6173134
26Solomon Gill5876134
27Jeff Motts6174135
28Joshua Colwell6075135
29Alasdair Robertson6175136
30Daniel Prince6176137
31Bon Bon6374137
32Thomas Woyzbun--0
Round 1: Dentonia Park - Regular tees 2x, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Scarlett Woods DGC - Short tees (PT), 18 holes, par 59
1Kurtis D'Esterre4963112
2Brian Dunn5164115
3Landon Roedding5664120
4Cole Thompson5666122
5Matthew Hart5765122
6David Reyes5767124
7Chris Robertson5968127
8Greg Hildebrand5672128
9Lawrence Wong5375128
10Geoffrey Noseworthy6069129
11Jordan Smith6069129
12Tim Agar5673129
13Ben Elford5773130
14Miles Hackett5971130
15Patrick Russell6269131
16Derrick Dodgson6270132
17James P Newton6072132
18Oscar Korir5677133
19Josh Wise5975134
20Josh Garfinkel6174135
21Anthony Sestito5977136
22Chris Nicholson5680136
23Jonathan Kopp6473137
24Paul Vet6078138
25Andrew Alagaratnam6475139
26Ryan Abbott6278140
27Jordan Noseworthy6378141
28Trison Boyes6873141
29Roberto Ionescu6578143
30Geoff Gilliver7173144
31Matt Kostiuk6480144
32Jascha Ashiq6581146
33Isaac Billo6681147
34Rick Knight6879147
35Shannah Kleinsteuber6879147
36Alexander Rainville6584149
37Eddie Richard6783150
38Grady Johnson7477151
39Ryan Vanderhoek84100184
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