2024 PDGA Junior Disc Golf World Championships Presented by Innova

PDGA logoTue-Sat, July 16-20, 2024 at Chandler Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Juniors Major · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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**Important Note: For the actual divisional capping, be sure to check the chart on the Course Schedule as the ... more
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Patrick Graziani    Sticky July 15 at 9:40pm

Junior Worlds participants,
The Opening Ceremony at 7 PM tonight will take place at the Performing Arts Center at Union High School in Tulsa. The Google maps coordinates are below. To get to the Performing Arts Center enter the high school campus at the far south end. After passing behind the arena and stadium you will see the center. The entrance to the center faces south. There are PDGA feather flags at the entrance.

https://maps.app.goo.gl/NQ3xtxmCoJvS5ceKA (https://maps.app.goo.gl/NQ3xtxmCoJvS5ceKA)

See you tonight.


Patrick Graziani    Sticky July 11 at 2:05pm


Caddie Guides for all the courses can be found here:

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Keegan Haupt   July 12 at 7:27pm

Is it just me, or do I not see a caddie guide for Post Oak? I only see two final 9 caddie guides, but no full course caddie guide.

Skyler huskey   July 12 at 7:34pm

It's under Hunter park caddie guide

Keegan Haupt   July 13 at 3:08am

Ok thanks!

Steve Boylan    Sticky April 11 at 7:26pm

Due to the extra interest in Divisional Doubles at the 2024 PDGA Junior Disc Golf World Championships, we are changing the Divisional Doubles event to be a one-round event with tee times starting at 8:30 a.m., still on Sunday, July 14.

The MJ18 and MJ15 divisions will play Divisional Doubles on the Blackhawk course, and all other divisions will play Divisional Doubles on the Redhawk course.

This format will allow 144 players on each of the two courses, doubling the number of players who ... more

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Erick Zamarripa   April 19 at 10:05pm

thanks Caleb!

Rich Fletcher   June 4 at 7:20pm

The junior divisional doubles format document that was recently posted by the PDGA refers to two rounds. Did you manage to get both divisions two rounds, or is this an error? (Reference: https://www.pdga.com/2024juniorworlds/doublesformat)

ERic J   June 28 at 4:09pm

Any update on the format for one-round doubles? The posted doc on the official site still shows two rounds.

Andrew Sweeton    Sticky March 21 at 5:02pm

**REMINDER:** You must be a 2024 Current PDGA Member and a Certified Rules Official with an expiration date after July 20, 2024 to be able to register for Junior Worlds.


Frank Broughton    3 days ago

Thank you to all who made this time special! James and I really enjoyed the week! It was awesome, Lord willing see you all back next year in Kansas.

Norm W   2 days ago

????So special…y’all this was crazy fun!!!

Grant Hinkle    3 days ago

Are there events tonight at oneOK field?

Patrick Graziani   3 days ago

There is a Tulsa FC game with fireworks. If you scan the back of your player badge there is a link to discounted tickets.

Mason McLean    4 days ago

Is there trophies for field events? If so, do we pick them up at Post Oak tomorrow?

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Patrick Graziani   4 days ago

The Tulsa Disc Sports Association (TDSA) will have a booth setup at the FlyMart at Post Oak tomorrow. Players can pick up any remaining field events and doubles trophies/payouts there.

Mason McLean   4 days ago

Thanks guys

Patrick Graziani   3 days ago

There are only trophies for first place for doubles and field events. Payouts can be found here: https://www.pdga.com/2024juniorworlds/payouts

ERic J    5 days ago

My son lost an F2 Blizzard TeeDevil on Redhawk #13 in the water or tall grass just off the tee. We fished for a bit but couldn't find it. It's his first Ace disc (from Sunday Doubles) and he would love to get it back if someone finds it.

ERic J   3 days ago

This disc has been recovered. Thanks to anyone who helped look for it.

Roderic Maianu    6 days ago

I lost a disc yesterday at haikey creek. Where is the lost and found for haikey? I need it for tomorrow please.

Frank Broughton   5 days ago

There was a table near hole 1 when we played a practice round earlier in the week.

Kieran schmult    6 days ago

What are the discounts around tulsa I see on the schedule ?

Rebecca Crandell   6 days ago

Scan the QR code on the spectator / competitor badges to see all the discounts

Bib Bob Lee    7 days ago

Will all the photos taken on the course by photographers be posted? Or is there a place to find all the photos


Tim Bragan    7 days ago

Lost a yellow star Destroyer on hole 16 Twin Bridges left of road. Shanked OB and forgot to pick it up. Anyone find it?


Matthew Fife    7 days ago

Lost a range finder at southwood park this morning if anyone happened to find it. Thanks


Aaron Wasielewski    7 days ago

It seems like the QR code on the back of the junior badge is not working. When I click on the link it says unsecure. Do you have a link you can provide?


Caleb Kramer    July 16 at 2:24pm

Lost an off white Star Destroyer on Hole 9 Post Oak off to the right. No name on it but has a Flower City Open stamp on the bottom, would appreciate getting it back


Aubree Decorte    July 16 at 2:43am

Where can we find payouts for field events I couldn’t find it


Fernanda B    July 16 at 2:19am

We lost an Athena at Hole 11 Haikey It’s under Christopher Brawn if anyone finds it.


Nicolai Hagen    July 16 at 1:44am

Lost my Cloud Breaker 2 in the water at hole 1 Haikey Creek. Would really apreciate if anyone finds it!

Andrew Sweeton   July 16 at 2:14am

There is an earlier note in the comments about a disc found with your name on it.

Andrew Sweeton   July 16 at 2:16am

The poster was a David Hart

David Hart   7 days ago

I gave the Eagle I found in the pond at Blackhawk to the boy from Norway who was carrying the flag at the opening ceremonies. He said he would be able to get it back to you.

Fernanda B    July 16 at 1:07am

What will the code be to access the scorecard tomorrow?

Brian Schoffstall   July 16 at 1:34am

They usually will inform when you check in.

Patrick Graziani   July 16 at 1:37am

You will get that from your starter at the course.

David Belanger    July 15 at 11:30pm

Will there be paper score cards available at each course for players who do not have an electronic scorekeeping device?

Patrick Graziani   July 16 at 1:38am

There will be paper scorecards that can be picked up from the starter before the round.