LoCo Ice Bowl Series: 2023 Virginia Hunger Games

Sunday, February 12, 2023 at Limestone Ledges Disc Golf Complex in Mauertown, Virginia
Disc golf teams tournament

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Tournament DirectorRob Stark
Tournament DirectorAustin Jackson
Master of CeremoniesNate Hughes

About this tournament

It's Finally Time! The Virginia Hunger Games is Back!

As this is the second time we are hosting this style of play, we are seeking feedback in what creates interest and/or anything that can be done better. We've already incorporated some feedback, so please do reach out, we want to hear from you! More importantly, we'd love to see you out there throwing with us. It is our sincere hope we can expand on this concept next year if it seems like we have broad interest. Your opinion matters, so please do hit us up.

This year, the Virginia Hunger Games is a Single Day event dedicated to charitably contributing to our local food pantries in support of those in need. These games are intended to share our strength with our local communities, contribute to the Ice Bowl series and have some fun (for all) at the same time.

As Apple Valley had the broadest support last year, we would like to bring the event to Limestone Ledges as a show of respect. And to kick some butt on their home turf :-)

This year's VHG is a hybrid match play event with a twist...teams may be eliminated as we go along. I'm sure there will be shenanigan's with smack talk, frankly, it's expected. After all, it is a Hunger Games style event! Based on event support and team performance, all monies shall be donated to associated club food pantries.

Cliff Notes:
Teams may have up to 5 players on the roster, where 5 players are actively competing. The ceiling for a given team's combined rating will be 4500. Each team needs to have at least 1 master's player. Round 1 will be an 18 hole stroke play match, and remaining rounds will be match play. Each round of play will see team's eliminated. And if I know some of the field well - it will be ruthless!

Event details are spelled out at:

Course Layout:
We will play both courses as a continuous loop. We will play from the White Tees to the B Pins. The final 9 will be a subset of the Monster layout: 6A, 7A, 8, 9A, 1A, 10A, 16b, 17, 18

Lunch is Provided!!
Thanks to Cory Abrahams, we will have a full spread for lunch: Brisket, Mac & Cheese, Cowboy beans, Mac Salad and a desert. A simple way for us to say thank you to all for participating.

Additionally, Please Note:
Each round of play will see 1/2 the field eliminated. For the stroke play portion, individuals will be awarded points based on their performance relative to their pool. ie if there are 4 players, and you come in first, you're awarded 4pts...second awarded 3 etc. The individual points are totaled up for each team to establish a team's first round score. The remaining rounds will follow traditional match play scoring.

After it's all said and done, this really is about having a good time and doing this for our local food charity.

Finally, please note that there is a $5 discount option (per person on a team) if you donate canned/dry goods to be donated to the food bank. Not required, but an option.

Like last year, we'll have a day of surprise or two :-)

Additional clubs may opt-in to support the event(s), LoCo is organizing the Series and will be responsible for tracking team performances and financial distribution.

May your throws be ever in the fairway! And GOOD LUCK!
(you'll need it to survive and thrive)

Refund policy

LoCo Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Sunday, February 12, 2023
- 7:45am
Team (Captain) Check-in
- 7:55am
Brief Player Meeting
- 11:15am
Begin Round 1 - Stroke play (18 Holes)
- 12:15pm
Lunch Break
- 1:45pm
Round 2 - Match Play
- 3:00pm
Semi Finals - Match Play
- 4:30pm
Finals - Match Play

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

$100.00 / teamSPONSponsor Only
$125.00 / teamGENGeneral
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