2023 Trilogy Challenge hosted by Tri-Fly Disc Golf

Sunday, May 28, 2023 at PGA National Park in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Disc golf singles tournament

2023 Trilogy Challenge hosted by Tri-Fly Disc Golf graphic


Assistant Tournament DirectorMelissa Schneider
Assistant Tournament DirectorEarl Young
Tournament DirectorJosh Kravit

About this tournament

Tiki Course @ PGA
1 Round
You can only use the discs provided in the players pack, so leave your discs at home. Come out and have some Trilogy fun!

A-Pool is for Pro/Advanced
B-Pool is for Intermediate/ Recreational
L-Pool is for Ladies
PPO- Player's Pack Only (not playing, just picking up a player's pack)

Players Pack:
Dynamic Disc Fuzion Ice Orbit Vandal | Speed: 9 Glide: 5 Turn: -1.5 Fade: 2
Westside Discs Tournament Ice Orbit Warship | Speed: 5 Glide: 6 Turn: 0 Fade: 1
Latitude 64 Retro Orbit Pure| Speed: 3 Glide: 3 Turn: -1 Fade: 1
Microfiber Towel
Flexible Mini

Ace Fund: If an ace is not hit during tournament play, the pot will be split between 3 people using CTP Throw Off at end of round 45% closest to pin, 30% 2nd closest to pin, and 25% 3rd closest to pin. Must use a disc from Trilogy Challenge Player's Pack.

Refund policy

Players MUST withdraw using Disc Golf Scene withdraw option OR email (or phone) their withdrawal to the Tournament Director at the contact information posted for the tournament. Discussions with persons other than the Tournament Director, including other tournament staff, shall not be considered official.

TRI-FLY Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.
• Players who officially request to withdraw from this event at least 15 days before the start of the event will receive a 100% monetary refund.
• Players who officially request to withdraw from this event within 14 days of the start of the event and prior to the event’s published closure of registration and waitlist replacements will receive a 100% monetary refund minus a $10 handling fee ONLY if their spot in the tournament is filled through waitlist. If the player’s spot is NOT filled, they will receive just the player’s pack they would have received if they had attended.
• Players who do NOT officially request to withdraw from a registered spot playing in the event PRIOR TO PUBLISHED CLOSURE of registration and don’t play (aka a no-show), forfeit their entry fee and do NOT receive a refund or player’s pack. This does NOT apply to a waitlist player.
• Waitlist players that do not make it into active registration will receive a 100% monetary refund day of tournament.
• For withdraws requesting player’s packs be shipped, there will be an up to $15 shipping charge, depending on size of player’s pack.
• Hole Sponsorships are non-refundable.


PGA National Park
Palm Beach Gardens, FL   Get Directions

Final Results

Round 1: PGA National Park - Tiki TC, 20 holes, par 60
1Matthew Delay4747
1Stephen Mericle4747
3Dallas Shaw5050
3Elijah Arterburn5050
5Dave Eickwort5353
5Thomas Bley5353
7Justin Thomas5454
8Derek Watt5555
8Stevie Buchman5555
10Seth Jolly5656
10Wilfred Rivera5656
12Brandon Kinzer5757
12Dan Brooks5757
14Ron Adams Jr.5858
15Michael Newman5959
16Brandon Buckley7070
17Dale Rager888888
17Dave Webster888888
Round 1: PGA National Park - Tiki TC, 20 holes, par 60
1John Love5050
2Matt Lowy5252
3Jason Bocash5353
3John Boyle5353
5Cody Grigsby5454
6Arthur Scott5555
6Christopher Lowry Parreño5555
8Bill Arterburn5656
8Carlos Rodriguez5656
8Joe Pitts5656
8Matt Johnson5656
8Tim Mosier5656
8Travis Tollner5656
14Jarret H5757
14Marc Allocco5757
14Zack Mendez5757
17Cesar Rivera5858
17David A Netburn5858
17Ramon Barreiro-soto5858
17Ross Scianimanico5858
17Tim Snyder5858
22Ben Barr5959
22Christopher Garcia5959
22David Vescio5959
22Jonathan Bardey5959
22Matthew B Terwilliger5959
22Max G Podell5959
22Patrick Hackshaw5959
29Alexander Castelo6060
29Freddy Rivera6060
29Mark Holmes6060
29Vinny Venegas6060
33Alexander Rivera6161
33Matt Markowski6161
33Zach Gile6161
36Mickey Vancheri6363
36Miguel Rivas6363
36Nicholes Butler6363
36Sam Horwitz6363
36Thomas Mendez6363
41Derek Butts6464
42Mike Quint6565
43Steve Himick6666
44Cory Thomas6868
45David Baker6969
45Eugenio Horta6969
47Louie Gonsalves7070
47Matt Tollison7070
49David Ramos7171
50Ari Zimmerman888888
50Jacob Grozier888888
50Jamie Trusheim888888
50Scott Jones888888
Round 1: PGA National Park - Tiki TC, 20 holes, par 60
1Amanda Dussault5858
2Nikki Netburn6767
3Renee Schleif7070
1Elizabeth Rushing888888
1Gabriel B. Diaz888888
1Michael Brennan888888
1Ramon Barreiro-soto888888
1Richard Arcos888888
1Wyatt Rubin888888
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