The 2023 Dynamic Discs Tournament Capital Open

PDGA logoFri-Sun, May 5-7, 2023 at Rose Hill in Kamloops, British Columbia
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

The 2023 Dynamic Discs Tournament Capital Open graphic
Added cash C$10,000


Tournament DirectorChad Smoliak
Tournament DirectorCarrie Neal

About this tournament

Welcome to the 2023 Tournament Capital Open!
Below is information you are responsible for knowing. Please read it all carefully prior to registering. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.

As this event is an A Tier, a current PDGA membership is required.
PRE-REG FOR HOLE SPONSORS January 30 8pm PST ($30 to sponsor)


Note: The 2023 Dynamic Discs Tournament Capital Open is a trophy-only A-Tier for amateur divisions . We will add a Bonus Payout of merch to a select group of top finishers in each division. Payouts will be published after registration closes.

1. Your registration cannot be exchanged/transferred to anyone else.
2. ID will be required at check-in to receive your player’s pack.
3. Players cannot pick up player packs for anyone else unless pre-arranged with the TD
4. The tournament directors reserve the right to collapse divisions with less than three players.
5. Pass Through Fees include in registration for each player are as follows:
$10 weekend green fee to the Kamloops Disc Golf Club
$4 player fee to the PDGA

Players MUST email or phone their withdrawals to the Tournament Director only at the contact information posted for the tournament. Discussions with persons other than the Tournament Director, including other tournament staff, shall not be considered official.

Discussions with persons other than the TD's, including tournament staff, shall not be considered an official withdraw from the tournament!
You will be considered a NO SHOW!

Withdraw prior to April 5th
Pro players will receive a full cash refund minus a $10 processing fee.
Amateur players will receive a full cash refund minus a $10 processing fee.

Withdraws April 6th – April 20th
Pros will receive a full cash refund minus a $10 processing fee ONLY if their spot is filled from the waitlist. If the spot is not filled, they will receive a 50% cash refund minus a $10 processing fee.

Amateur players will receive a full cash refund minus a $10 processing fee ONLY if their spot is filled from the waitlist. If the spot is not filled, they will receive a 50% cash refund minus a $10 processing fee..

Withdraws April 21st – May5th
Any Player that withdraws in this time period will receive a full cash refund minus a $10 processing fee ONLY if their spot is filled from the waitlist. If the spot is not filled, you will receive a 25% cash refund minus a $10 processing fee.

Waitlist players who do not make it into the tournament WILL NOT have their fee of $10 fee refunded.

Any player who fails to officially withdraw receives NO refund or Player’s Pack.
Any player who does not show up the day of the event will be considered a NO SHOW and receives NO refund or Player’s Pack

We will be using PDGA digital scorecards for this event

If you would like to review and research this method, please follow this link:

The access code will be given during check-in at the event.

To start your round with digital scoring you will need to go to the following link:
1. You will be prompted to enter the Access Code and press the Submit button.
2. Search for your name. You can search by typing in part of your name or PDGA Number. Once your name appears, you select it and confirm. This person is now the “scorekeeper”.
3. You will be prompted to select the round for which you are currently playing.
4. The scoring screen will load with your name. The default starting hole is hole 1
5. Scores for each player will be automatically defaulted to whatever the par is for the hole that is being scored. The player can use the plus or minus buttons to add or remove strokes. When all players have the correct scores, clicking Save & Continue will upload the scores and the page will automatically reload on the hole that follows.
6. The teeing order is indicated by a number presented to the left of each player's name. All players will have access to a paper scorecard as well to use as a backup option.

See you on the course!

Refund policy

Kamloops Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Rose Hill
Kamloops, BC   Get Directions
Copper Ridge
Logan Lake, BC   Get Directions


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Thomas Gilbert534947$1,481
2Max Regitnig505348$1,145
3Casey Hanemayer545149$868
4Adam Alexander575253$643
4Jade Smith555552$643
4Justin Zimmer605448$643
7Bryan Freese565553$476
7Noah Higgins605351$476
9Olivier Cote645448$399
9Jeremy Gauthier555457$399
11Ben Atkinson575357$347
11Luke Levesque565655
13Miguel Alvarado585457$281
13Justin Da Silva575755$281
13Hector Diakow625453$281
13Tyler Hochhalter636145$281
13Matt Paccagnan615355$281
18Zac Laycock655847
18Tauno Tagel605753$247
20Austin Boge635652
20Erik Hjorth-Olsen585855$222
20Brendan Kudrowich615753$222
23Emmanuel Brassard655651$203
23Sam McColman595954$203
25Brett Henderson675552$66
25Marshall Kutyn595560$66
25Gryphon Vester595560$66
28Riley Douglas655654
28Andrew Henderson655654
28Sean Morrison586057
28Sylvain Verrier635755
32Erik Fast636251
33Logan Amy616155
33Joel Bellavance635559
33Eric Hochhalter615759
33Connor Mikaelsen645954
37Danny Gled685754
37Charly Hiebert666152
37Julian Zimmer585962
41Mitch Gorman586360
42Jonathan Munke655760
43Kieran Atkinson685659
43Jesse Tomalty705954
45Josh Smith685462
46Luke Mason735854
46Bryan Teeuwen626261
48Taran Kennedy695959
48Troy Sargeant666061
50Brody Bumstead686063
51Joshua Kiist636565
52Sjoen Olson716264
53Tierney F736166
54Brendon Dejong7259999
54Tony Iammarino6458999
1Thomas Kuhn615553$842
2Stewart McIsack645948$584
3Ryan Watson645652$395
4Jason The675652$307
5Terry Rigby655655
6Andrew Klassen655954$240
7Jason Popejoy725851$174
8Elijah J Isaac676156
8Geoffrey McNamara665761
10Chance Stad685859
11Steele Malott736060
12Neville Collett786060
13Derek Jennett777362
1Dave Ross615555$842
2Chris Hartmann626450$584
3Glen Oliviero656152$395
4Chris Teeple626156$307
5Mark Dron686056$240
6Graham Garlick705857$89
6Dan Laitsch706154$89
8Bryan Krawchyshyn695959
9Robert Laurie735958
10David Slater706260
11Craig Sheather686363
12Vance Alexander726664
13Howi Meeker746669
1Ted Moens525649$222
1Julie Moens585555$1,108
2Gabrielle Lee585656$768
3Sofia Donnecke585856$517
4Laura Mason615659$403
5Jo Henderson586061$318
6Jordan Bernelot Moens616158$233
7Briana Ainsley626163
8Josie Lockey656660
9Dayna Fitzgerald676362
10Teri Hong646564
10Laura Oig626863
12Rachel Estabrooks646765
13Nicoletta Godbout685772
14Renee Woods686664
15Zoe Lorenz-Boser687171
1Carver Whitford484658
2Casey Klettke515152
3Jacob Visser505058
4Ben Richardson524960
5Damon Huttunen534961
6Captain Clark515261
6Kevin Kelly535160
6Calvin Mabley545357
9Clinton Cooper535557
10Nick Donahue525460
11Sean Boysen555261
11Brett Hanna545262
11Matt Ohnona595158
11Calvin Taylor525660
11Jacob Watrich515661
16Christopher Raeside515365
17David Rattigan565361
19Aaron Elsser565264
19Darren Epp545761
19Ryhal May525664
19Matt Morrison506062
23Justin Cacka595758
23Connor Smidt585165
25Derek Holzscherer565762
25Owen Wilson575464
27Matthew Brown585762
28Zach Bernier545669
28Rhys Branscombe615464
28Gabriel Gold566162
28Aaron Neumann565568
28Andrew Semeniuk595961
33Dana Wiltsie565569
34Justin Krahn615870
35Josh Kenny626765
36Curtis D60999-
1Randall Parsons535157
2Carl Bruggeman595750
3Cal Williams575656
4Dave Koenig575954
4Luke MacLean585557
6Jeromy Strobiki585657
7Kevin Talgoy545959
8Darren Hamar595955
9Ryan Hammerquist575761
9Logan Nazareno606352
9Iain Warren566158
12Markko Floyd595958
12Bruce Hegyi585860
12Darin Mickelson616253
15Robert Clayton615759
16Nick Black635857
16Cody Hilton595960
18Travis Sandberg625562
18Chuck Sudhoff616058
20Lorne Bailey546165
20Jason Dubray656055
22Chris Backus596161
23Colin Campbell615962
24Ian McCausland666059
25Rocky "the STAR" Gould586761
26Ron Lim605968
27Jay Melnuk626264
28William Letcher595971
29Sean Galbraith576371
30Chad Richardson686368
31Dustin Zimmerman646868
32Jory Allen696369
33Aidan Pallesen646973
34Curtis Derlago5658999
34Justin DeVries6764999
34Jason Kovacs7577999
37Frank Badinski69999-
37Shane Davies69999-
37Roger Smith61999-
1Andrew McKimmon545950
2Shawn Black545854
3Russ Clark545857
4Braden Walters566055
5Robin Lambert585757
6Rick Collins615956
7Keith Turpin595662
8Derek Whipps615962
9Karl Nykwist616161
10Don Annett646160
11Dan Coombs646460
12Andrew Best636165
12Paul Cuthbert636066
12Scott McKinnon675963
15Brent Ross626663
16Jim Illingworth656662
17Craig Neal646763
18William D.W. Hamilton617163
19Chris Ogden676663
20Pawlo Marcynuik666570
21Jon Eis686671
21Rob Gamblin707065
21Clive Lovett667366
21Laurie "Smitty" Smith666475
25Wade Racher656875
26MARK WILK818878
1Jerry Paluck596357
2Gary Nixon616260
3Ralph Bohmert656261
4Alan Stanley696558
5George Harvey646763
5Peter Junge587264
7Chris Carlton627063
8David Ohnona686662
9Robert Jones706563
10Paul Mend737065
11Graham Schmidt757462
12William Teeuwen8185999
1Ed Klassen636358
2Craig Burkitt696258
3Richard Cook696765
1Justin Plett495055
2Nathanael Baker514956
2Christopher Dehler524658
4Jordan Mazereeuw485159
6Aaron Dunham515058
7Adam Bruno555255
7Ben Vegt565155
9Daniel Guillon535258
9Charles Picken505261
9Garry Race545455
9Dylan Stinson535357
13Jeff Kingelin525557
13Zachary Thiessen545159
15David Leonhardt525459
15Matthew Parks515757
17Kyle Stewart565159
18Quin Erzinger535163
18Donald Siddall535559
20Nick Rideout515463
20Tyson Silverton555459
20Danny Vermette595356
20Dylan Warrington535659
24Keith Kotyk575161
24Sebastian Mercado545857
24Adam Roemer585160
24Chase Snoek615355
24Jonathan Snyder595555
24Devin Wadsworth545560
30Michael Mcbride575063
31Emmett Fast535959
32Justin Ferrari575560
32James Ware594964
34Monte Campbell525863
34Cameron Eloschuk565760
34Isaac Fast555761
34Chad Major575759
34Aaron Potsy Pottinger535862
34Joseph Wilson555761
40Garrett Kircher595758
40Owen Powers555762
42Tanner Christianson565663
42Connor MacMillan545962
42Jamie Zoethout545863
45Steven Reekie555962
46Luis Siemens605861
47Tyrell Mohrmann625860
48Patrick Nydr605665
49Ian Paluck605864
49Kelly Zoethout595469
51Jimmy Archer605964
51Tyler Young625665
53Luke Wilson626260
54Darren Oliverius645863
55Stuart Brown616263
56Cole Pedrick626165
57CJ Sutton676261
58Braden Smidt646966
59Byron Williams5255999
1Kyle Menges515058
2Jordan Oudenaarden535156
3Kristopher Kerr525459
4Steven Latchford515461
5Donovan Wilk545658
6Alex Logsdon525563
7Ian Parkinson575262
8Justin Beringer585658
8Travis Burke555760
10Kelsey Enns575759
10Ravi Patel525665
12Robert Dixon555960
12Stephen Porcaro545664
14Chad Schindelka555664
15Thomas Griffin565965
15Tyler McAuley595566
15Ryan Rebenchuk606060
18Brett Miller566065
18Justin Yan536365
20Justin Feenstra605963
20Dorian Herman615962
22Marcus Stinson586263
23Ryan Gojevic615766
24Wayne Cartwright585968
25Rhys Onofrychuk566070
26Javan Green586663
26Paul Karding606067
28Taylor Bray575675
28Ron Freeman606167
28Chris Hochheimer576071
28Trevor Isaac576665
28Curtis Smith596168
33Graeme Douglas635868
34Connor Kilpatrick626464
34Tim Ryper645967
34Cody Stinn645967
37Nick Dunn596369
37Dalton Mack586766
39James Sanders636567
40John Andrada666466
40Brandon Belanger606868
42Ryan MacLellan606572
43Andrew Kinnear636471
43Jeremy Power636669
45Thomas Dishlevoy636474
45Marlon Strang696270
47Alan Blais686872
48Matthew Young727269
49Max Chaperon617680
50Jordan Letawky757483
51Kyle Kirchmaier8682100
52Thomas J Settle65999-
1Elaine Vickers586458
2Alexis Szul646156
3Ginny Murray666357
4Liilia Namsing656362
5Tara Dzenis656660
6Katie Hikida726563
7Kaela Zimmer736763
8Sarah C Breau717064
9Candace Marcynuik687170
10Bri "ThÄ— Bee" Levia776668
11Meghan Asaph757871
12Kerstin Bolseng7378999
1Gaby Salazar626359
2Elizabeth DeVries646462
3Roberta Ronald727071
4Dinah Talgoy778074
5Tanya Nodder797979
1Paula Despins717562
2Nancy Hamilton667271
3Connie Wilk767768
1Daisey James626162
2Zion White655964
3Brooke Middleton726163
4Katheryn Isfeld716965
5Gabrielle Petersen717164
6Sue Parks757064
7Bobby Jo Moore717269
8Sherri Verstoep757464
9Louisa Kutyn748060
10Mckenzie Eckart747667
11Jessica O'Connor797667
12Brittany Cavers797373
13Randi Church8290999
1Lianne MacLeod697266
2Verity White687671
3Christine Schmidt847773
4Gaby Vivar838077
5Renate Junge928277
6Karli Semple958787
7Marie Bullock1029092
1Gavin MacLean546251
2Fischer Hilton666451
3Cole Cochran686354
4Sawyer DeVries726763
1Olli Floyd556553
2Quinn Cochran605959
3Judah Hawkes606760
4Solomon Davis676472
5Benjamin Davis717463
1Jordyn Little706571
2Isla Currie109117101
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