2023 Base Camp Disc Golf Extravaganza - Hosted by Team Utah - Supported By Innova

Sat-Sun, March 11-12, 2023 at Base Camp in Moab, Utah
Disc golf singles tournament

2023 Base Camp Disc Golf Extravaganza - Hosted by Team Utah - Supported By Innova graphic


Tournament DirectorDoug Smith
Assistant TDChris Norman

About this tournament

Registration Closed on Tuesday March 7th at 8PM The last Day to get a refund is Wednesday March 8th, 2022 at 8:00pm MST. After that if you drop out consider yourself a sponsor to your Division.- Not such a bad thing :)

Have 5 Open Spots If you make it to Base Camp by Friday or even early Saturday 8am you are Good. :)

Team Utah Base Camp Update 1/8/23 - Added 10 spots to the event from the Waitlist (All AM's) so now 120 Max players. But that means playing 26 holes on Sunday Now. We will use 8 holes from the new course (1-5 then 16-18) added to the OG 18. Makes for a little longer day Sunday, so Sorry in advance to all needing to drive home Sunday. Think we should be ok with the Time change, Lets Hope

First this will be a bring your Whole Bag Event Again. Playing Two Round Saturday 3/11, One on each Course, Original & New 18 for a total of 36 holes. Pro/Adv = Blue Tees, and Intermediate = Red Tees. On Sunday 3/12 We will All play a Modified Original Course Adding Holes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 16, 17, and 18 from New Course playing a Total of 26 Holes, allowing a 120 Players. Some Red, Blue, and Temp Tees, One OB Circle Hole on Org-2. Alternate Pin & Tee positions on a few more holes. It should be a Fun & Challenging Course. Start time is around 9 AM Sunday - Remember Sunday starts Daylight Savings so we loos and hour Sunday Morning, but that gives you and hour more daylight to drive home. We should be finished up around 4:30 PM if Everything runs Smoothly

For people New to Base Camp and Hurrah Pass. It's about 18 miles from Moab out Kane Springs Canyon road and over Hurrah Pass and back down to the Colorado River. The road is OK for almost anything for the first 12 miles. Crossing Kane Creek is the first possible big issue but Hunter Canyon at the 7-8 mile mark can sometime be a problem Too. The last 4-5 miles a 4X4 is highly recommended but lots of 2WD cars and trucks make it without issues depending on the driver. Getting back out sometimes is the bigger problem when the weather changes. I love the road but it's not for everyone, mostly it's if you don't like Rough desert roads on top of Tall Cliffs. Try to Carpool down with friend and/or other players.

I'm going to Use PayPal to do almost all of the PRO/Cash Payout. Makes things easier and I don't need to carry around thousands of dollars. Will do Payout on Tuesday march 14th after I get home. Will have some cash if needed for only a few people. All AM payout with be TU Disc Dollars. I will have more disc available for AM's, Hopefully a Custom Stamp.

The waitlist has been turned on so if your division is full still signup for the division you intend to play. That is the Only way to get Into the Event. I will move around open spots in a few weeks, want to give every division a chance to get in. After that as people drop out I will fill from the Waitlist into the division you signed up.

Player Max = 120 - Ace Pot has no carry over from the No Drivers event. Joseph Piche Hit Hole 14 OG in a 30mph wind, Wow!

Player Check-In and Pay DG and Camping Fees on Friday Afternoon and Saturday Morning - Pre Reg Only - If Camping It's $5/Person Per Day and for DG it's $5 Per Round so $15 for the 3 rounds. If you play other practice rounds all are $5. If staying in one of Tom's House/Rooms you are already Covered for DG Fees

There is a $5 Late Fee to sign up at Base Camp, Please do it online as the event will likely be Full anyway.

If you are just showing up Saturday morning please let me know Friday if Possible. Texting works once I'm at Base Camp.

Sign up for the division you intend to Play. Normally 10 to 20+ people end up dropping out in an event this size by the time we get to the event.

NO signing up for Lady’s divisions Guys if the event fills! If you do, I will refund your money and you can try again the correct way.

Refund policy

Team Utah Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


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