2023 St. Augustine Trilogy Challenge

Saturday, June 3, 2023 at St. Johns County Fairgrounds in Elkton, Florida
Disc golf singles tournament

2023 St. Augustine Trilogy Challenge graphic

About this tournament

2023 Trilogy Challenge presented by St. Augustine Disc Golf Club - SOLD OUT

Late Risers Food Truck will be on hand at lunch time, if you want to buy a gourmet sandwich after your round. Chef Elizabeth Simms makes some of the best food I have tasted in the area. https://laterisersfoodtruck.com/

This is a 1 Round Shotgun Start event of 25 holes (non-sanctioned), Check in starts at 8:30 AM and tee off is at 9:30 AM. Awards will follow the last card in. Each card must have a minimum of 3 players and a maximum of 5 players.

You can only use the discs provided in the player's pack, so leave your discs at home, and have fun with these great discs!

We will play to white baskets. Top 2 divisions (blue & white) will play long pads, all others from short pads.

Blue [rating <970] (advanced)
White [rating <935] (advanced)
Red [rating <900] (rec)
Green [rating <850] (rec)
Purple [rating <800] (novice)
New Players

Players Pack includes:
Latitude 64 Kristin Tattar Retro Orbit Pure
Westside Discs Matty'O Tournament Ice Orbit Warship (6 speed)
Dynamic Discs Ricky Wysocki Fusion Ice Orbit Vandal
Microfiber Towel
Flexible Mini

Winners will receive a special disc or a Dynamic Discs gift card.

Refund policy

St. Augustine Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Current Standings

1Tom Marrier77
2Benjamin Phelps78
3Justin Poole81
4Daniel Harding83
5Gabriel Leib85
5Skip Chmidling85
5Tim Rhodes85
8Shannon Markle92
9Daniel Harding Sr.93
10Gina Connor95
10Nicholas Ortiz95
12Patrick Keenan100
13Krystal DeWind105
14Benk Dagevos113
15Cindy Dagevos144
16Emerson Miller-
16Pat Burns-
1Dojo Designs-
1Garrett Mock-
1Isaac Unkefer-
1Josh Gilmore-
1Thomas Byrnes-
1Tim Robb-
1Tim Robb-
1Tom Walsh-
1Joe Checorski74
2Wayne Blas78
3Jonathan Hurd79
4Chris Schmidt81
4Harrison Spikes81
6Dave Goldberg-
1Joe Cone75
2Edward George80
3Sean Sacco82
4Chuck Wharton86
1John Kook70
2Dino Gosto70
3Brian Digital Davidson71
3Devin Lopez71
3Mason Reigger71
6Sean Hunting74
7Thomas Byrnes75
8Austin Collins76
8David Burtt76
8Marcus Eden76
8Matthew Brain76
8Michael Spikes76
8Reed Guckiean76
14Jared Kingston77
16Robert Amodei78
17Cory Garmon80
17Ozie Osazuwa80
19Bob Eno82
20Ezra Ellis83
20Marc Eden83
22Rama Noodle Payne87
23Garrett Spikes-
23Larry Kirk-
23Zachary Pelkey-
1Travis Combs72
2Mike Hosier72
3Jeremy Combs73
4Will Potts74
5Christopher Lewis75
5Trevor Young75
8Carl Mansel77
8Craig DeWind77
8Seth Riggleman77
11Bradley Markle78
11Johnathan Willis78
13Mark Lippke79
15Thomas Prinzo81
16Richard Mills82
17Yanka Deshkovski83
18Sean Jacquillard84
19Mitch Mason90
20Derek Overman-
20Kyle Forson-
20Todd Trahan-
1Mike Standfield74
2Adam Hamilton75
3Buddy Ellmer78
4Chasen DeWind79
4John Villaluz79
4Richard Marrier79
7Eugene S Smith80
8Thomas Reitz82
9Robert Sabljak82
10Andrew Parsons83
10Bobby Hunt83
12Roger Spidle84
12Russell Savard84
14George Shipley85
15Bill Bowen86
15Kerry Rouser86
15Rob Rhadigan86
18Chancelor DeWind87
19Nick DeWind88
19Richard Sosvielle88
21Ian Wolcott95
22Jack Wolcott98
23Rob Autrey102
24Mary Wolcott117
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