2023 Rocklin Pro-Am hosted by Final 9 Sports

PDGA logoSat-Sun, August 12-13, 2023 at Rocklin Disc Golf Course in Rocklin, California
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

2023 Rocklin Pro-Am hosted by Final 9 Sports graphic


Asst Tournament DirectorBruce Knisley
Tournament DirectorJennifer Knisley

About this tournament

Let The 2023 Rocklin Pro-Am begin!

Online Scoring Access Code: rocklin23 pdga.com/score

All rules set forth in the Official Rules of Disc Golf Rule 808 Scoring are in full effect and must be followed without exception

The link to the 2023 Rocklin pro-am caddy book will be up later at

POOL A - All Pro divisions and the MA50, MA60
Format: Saturday - Rocklin West, Rocklin East : Sunday - Rocklin West

POOL B - All Amateur division except MA50, MA60
Format: Saturday - Rocklin East, Rocklin West : Sunday - Rocklin East

>>>>>>>>>>>>>Pool Assignments are subject to change>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

We are planning to be using two courses again this year. Format will be 2 rounds on Saturday, 1 Round on Sunday..

Each 18 hole course will include 9 holes from the regular course and 9 temp hole, making a Rocklin East, and a Rocklin West course. There will be two pools, pools will either play the East course twice and the West course once or vice versa.

If the weather looks like it will be mild 10 days out, player cap cold increase to 180. Which would be 5-somes. Anyone who doesnt make it in off the waitlist will be refunded on Saturday of the tourney.

We are excited to host the 8th Annual 2023 Rocklin-Pro Am Norcal Series Event hosted by Final 9 Sports, and the Rocklin Disc Golf Club.
We would like to thank City of Rocklin Park and Recreation. Also Placer Valley Tourism for giving our players great rates and places to stay!

Starting Hole Assignments will be up at 8:00pm on the day prior to each round. As every TD and player knows things can happen so check online in the morning to be sure Tee times haven't changed.

Saturday - 7:30 Check in Mandatory 8:15 Players meeting (Time to ask questions!)
Sunday - 8:30 Start Scores will be on http://www.pdga.com

Take these steps to prevent heatstroke during hot weather:
Wear loose-fitting, lightweight clothing. ...
Protect against sunburn. ...
Drink plenty of fluids. ...
Take extra precautions with certain medications. ...

It is Final 9 Sports' pleasure to be here serving your Disc Golf Needs for 26 Years!
Bruce and Jenny Knisley

Refund policy

Final 9 Sports is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/67286
1Kelly Jew444346$595
2Josh Anthon434546$390
3Damien Trunkey484543$300
4Logan Ritter464645$235
5Alex Lyon464745$190
6Travis Thompson454846$142
6Eric Tibbetts474745$142
8Andrew McGill504545$106
8Leif Swenson504248$106
10Nate Toutolmin444750$90
11Joseph Parker484648$38
11Thomas Tomaselli464848$38
13Jeffrey McCormick504747
13Sam Minges504846
15Tanner Mihelic464654
16Bailey Brown535045
17Tristan Cook495150
18Bryce Baughman515149
18Peter Kean514951
20Vance Byer515348
21Armando Lopez Jr515646
21Mason Packheiser505548
23Matt Flick534953
24Kyle Blandford505650
24Justin Bougher485454
26Ethan Enos505255
27Kristofer Kobzeff525848
1David Madruga504245$495
2Rudy Pulido474648$330
3Joshua Sappenfield494647$255
4Rob Frias534747$179
4Brandon Sy554547$179
6Robert Reynolds514651$125
7J Jones515149$96
7Kris Moffitt494755$96
9Brandon Clingan525248
9CJ Nakayama514952
9Steven Roberts525248
12Joe Avansino525249
13Anthony Krolik505351
14Ryan Jones525053
15Roger Vartabedian495255
16Brent McCoy565051
17Nate Jackson545055
18Sam Pates535653
19Richard Poplin605554
20Julian Valdez5455999
1Robert R. Bainbridge464751$380
2Michael Sandner494650$255
3Scott Monopoli485052
4Will Wasserstrom535352$130
5Chris Calleton555353$100
6Kevin Callahan545355
6Edward Poynor555552
8Robert Jerez515161
8Tommy Jojola525358
8Robert Mooney544762
11Jason Toutolmin545458
12Richard Koski5056888
1J.J. Johnson525455$220
2David Coon545752$130
3Joe Hart545656
4Gary Oulrey565754
1Serenity Madison635960$100
1Nancy Shillinger615861$175
2Sue Perales635866
1Timothy Carver474747
2Michael Bueno454948
3Jason Ward455348
4Andrei Anderson465349
4Jedd Berger474952
6Andrew Fredericksen475152
7Conner Bouttote515150
7Chris Brobisky534752
7Owen Sandy485351
10Tyler Coker495648
10Curtis Sparks505647
12Justin Bodily485651
12Brandon White505253
14Austin Green485553
15Adam Fischlin515553
15Richard Grube495456
15John Marler525552
15Mark Reynolds495654
15Eric Roth535452
20Taylor Rozier555352
20Ernesto Vasquez565252
20Matthew Young505951
23Matthew Young515654
24Brandon Goad525852
25Robert Rodriguez555355
26Carlos Rios5159888
27Andrew Sitzmann5063999
28Mitchell Conner888888888
1David Hurley514745
2Billy Pierce505447
3Evan Schwartz525446
4Michael Kelly525348
4Colin Mchenry455355
6Keith Nezaam525153
7Doug Barnes495553
7Tim Wiegert525550
9Bryan Cull535354
9Arturo Del Rivero525652
11Kevin Evers545552
12Nick Sears535851
12Dan Slavec515655
14David Banish545752
14Kief Zangaro555652
16James De La Rosa525953
16Michael Zapata545555
18Mark Fuchs585555
19Ramon Fonseca535860
19Jeremy Seadorf585855
21Jacob Kelly585955
21Samuel Madison605656
21Phillip Shepherd586153
24JD Leinan5365888
25MIke Worrell888888888
1Michael Bailey515454
2Todd Williams555654
3Chris Blandford555953
3Tony Crabb585455
5Anthony Owen Leventon555657
6Joe Rutter565756
7John Price566157
8Phil Brann605956
9Erik Coffman605859
10Ray Clark605861
1Carlos Perales535658
2Ken Contryman565955
3Kelly Williams596057
4Mario Roblez646159
1Tyler Gray494950
2Austin Hoffman495648
3Jason Riviello495551
4Kevin Rinerson485652
4Adam C Vasquez515451
6Omar Camarena554854
7John Misslbeck515455
8James Riley565352
9Paul Mueller555355
9Liam Wall555553
11Wade Boggs565652
12Ty Aukerman605748
12Dylan Valentine526053
14Rene Borre575456
14Gideon Miller555656
16William Kukis526254
16Kellen Reid555360
16Arthur Soma556251
16Stephen Warner545955
20Daniel Dare545758
20Jeremy Lansing555955
22Dennis Moss546155
23Earl Erdman Jr595755
23Chris Meyer586053
25Chris Valentine585955
26Kody Madore556455
27Brandon Clarke576256
28Austin Gomes586456
29Tim Peterson595965
1Tanja Peeters605962
2Lexi Valenti636261
3Merryjane Burrell727071
1Tyler Ly-Dolloff576358
2Everett Rawlins656355
3Jaxon Reynolds656968
4Gavin Dryfka6570888
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