Amateur and Age Based Pros - Music City Open Presented by Lone Star Disc

PDGA logoFri-Sun, April 21-23, 2023 at Cedar Hill Park in Nashville, Tennessee
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Amateur and Age Based Pros - Music City Open Presented by Lone Star Disc graphic
Added cash $3,000


Tournament DirectorZachary Hoy
Assistant Tournament DirectorJay Skinner
Financial DirectorMitch Baker

About this tournament

Nashville's biggest tournament has returned, and it promises to be bigger and better than ever before! Music City Open 2023 is a PDGA sanctioned A-Tier. It features tee times, tee off music, a hefty competitor pack, and over $3,000 added cash. This tournament is a proud production of Music City Disc Golf.

Entry Fees:
All Professional Divisions - $150
All Amateur Divisions - $100

1st place trophy guaranteed only for divisions with at least three competitors registered by February 14, 2023, at 11:59pm Central Time.

Check in will be at Nashville Armored Combat at Music Valley Event Center (MVEC) on Thursday, April 20th from 8am-4:30pm

Music Valley Event Center Nashville Armored Combat
2416 Music Valley Dr
Suite 144
Nashville, Tennessee 37214

Caddie Book can be found at:

Amateur divisions are "True Amateur" ( Amateur Divisions will be "trophy only" and will not have any payout. All amateurs will receive a competitor pack worth more than the value of entry fee. Trophies will be awarded immediately after completion of final round.

Pro divisions are paid out cash prizes via PayPal after completion of event.

Tee Times for each round from 8:00am to 2:00pm.

First round tee times posted by 8:00pm Central Time 4-19-2023.

Round 1 - Friday, April 21st, 2023
Round 2 - Saturday, April 22nd, 2023
Round 3 - Sunday, April 23rd, 2023


Mixed Amateur 1 (MA1)
Mixed Pro 40+ (MP40)

Mixed Amateur 50+ (MA50)
Mixed Amateur 40+ (MA40)
Mixed Pro 60+ (MP60)
Mixed Pro 50+ (MP50)

Mixed Amateur 60+ (MA60)
Women's Amateur 1 (FA1)
Mixed Amateur 2 (MA2)

Women's Amateur 2 (FA2)
Women's Amateur 40+ (FA40)
Mixed Amateur 3 (MA3)

Mixed Junior 10 (MJ10)
Mixed Junior 12 (MJ12)
Women's Amateur 4 (FA4)
Women's Amateur 3 (FA3)
Mixed Junior 15 (MJ15)
Mixed Junior 18 (MJ18)
Mixed Amateur 4 (MA4)


A pool:
Round 1: Cane Ridge Advanced (CRA)
Round 2: Seven Oaks (7O)
Round 3: Cedar Hill (CH)

B pool:
Round 1: Seven Oaks (7O)
Round 2: Cedar Hill (CH)
Round 3: Naval Hill (NH)

C pool:
Round 1: Cedar Hill (CH)
Round 2: Two Rivers (2R)
Round 3: Seven Oaks (7O)

D pool:
Round 1: Naval Hill (NH)
Round 2: Cane Ridge Short (CRS)
Round 3: Two Rivers (2R)

*E pool:
Round 1: Two Rivers (2R)
Round 2: Cane Ridge Short (CRS)
Round 3: Cane Ridge Short (CRS)

RV, Cabin, & Camping Options in Music Valley:

Although there is not a discount available, we thought the lodging information below may be helpful. (If you choose to book at any of the following locations, we'd love for you to mention that you're coming in for the 2023 Music City Open disc golf tournament for the opportunity that we may be able to get our players a discounted rate in the future.)

KOA Nashville; RV’s, Lodging and Tent Sites; Located 2626 Music Valley Drive, Nashville, TN 37214

Nashville RV Resort & Cabins; RV’s, Cabins and Tent Sites; Located at 2572 Music Valley Drive, Nashville, TN 37214

Two Rivers Campground RV Park; Located at 2616 Music Valley Drive, Nashville, TN 37214

Refund policy

TD is responsible for all refunds/cancellations/withdrawals.

We follow PDGA withdrawal guidelines:

Close of registration is at 12:01am Central Time 4-17-2023.

Official withdrawals from either the registered list or the waitlist, must be initiated by use of the “Request a Refund” link found in the registrant’s original registration confirmation email from Disc Golf Scene.

Entries cannot be exchanged/transferred to anyone else.

Competitor Packs will be given only to those registered players who are personally present at check-in.

If competitor pack is not picked up in person by 4-23-2023, it will be forfeit.

Waitlist competitors who do not get into the event will receive a 100% monetary refund minus DGScene fees.

Competitors who officially request to withdraw from the registered list by 12:01am Central Time on 3-22-2023 will receive a 100% monetary refund of their entry fee minus $10 handling fee.

Competitors who officially request to withdraw from the registered list by 12:01am Central Time on 4-6-2023 will receive a 100% monetary refund of their entry fee minus $10 handling fee ONLY if their spot in the tournament is filled by a competitor who is on the waitlist at the time of the withdrawal request. If the spot is not filled, the competitor will receive a 50% monetary refund of their entry fee.

Competitors who officially request to withdraw from the registered list by 12:01am Central Time on 4-17-2023 will receive a 100% monetary refund of their entry fee minus $10 handling fee ONLY if their spot in the tournament is filled by a competitor who is on the waitlist at the time of the withdrawal request. If the spot is not filled, the competitor will receive a 25% monetary refund of their entry fee.

All waitlist registrants who are still on the waitlist at end of day on 4-21-2023 will receive a 100% monetary refund of their entry fee minus DGScene fees.

Withdrawals after 12:01am Central Time on 4-17-2023 will not receive a refund.

Any competitor who fails to officially withdraw receives no refund and no competitor pack. This does not apply to waitlist registrants.


Seven Oaks
Nashville, TN   Get Directions


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Mat Crider545050$1,500
2Tyler Horne534655$1,000
3Dutch Napier535053$800
4Josh Hauke555254$592
4Matt House584756$592
4Jason Light544859$592
7Ray Hill555156$430
7Brandon Whitaker545355$430
9Alex Aguilar564859$343
9Albert Kuban525160$343
11Bradley “The DG Nomad” Kelso574959$300
12DG Green554962$263
12Brian Shintaku565159$263
14Adam Halford565259$235
14Geoff Lorenz525263$235
16Joshua Lemieux604959$203
16Ralph Matrau585060$203
16Ken Parks594960$203
19Jeff Casalina605257$180
20Chuck Bennett555561$56
20Michael W Davis565461$56
20Kirk Trevena584964$56
23Shawn Aaron595262
23David Ott605360
25Jason Hall605064
26Alan Farmer645162
26Justin Mount635361
26Marcus Rodgers585663
26Ryan Valdez645459
26Joshua Wedel615363
31Wayne Barnes615562
31Ray Pettigrew595366
33Gary Martin625067
35James Alston645561
35Jay Burr585864
35Chris Wilson635562
38Macky Owen635761
39Mark Godwin655463
40Leif Force615270
41. Kiser625765
42Matthew Bryan675465
43Matthew Setzer645967
44Steven Harless675669
45Scott Burton645574
46Dan Sisk765772
47Scott Young6850888
48Kevin Williamson7261999
1Matt Peckham515941$1,300
2Andy Ritter475649$845
3Tim Weimer495846$620
4David Braud466147$475
5Mike Mathis486047$363
5Gary Suarez485948$363
7Daymon Pugh515751$270
8Todd Mckee525852$260
8John Taymon546048
10David Harless516250$169
10Shane Meeks516250$169
12George Alvarez506252$160
13Jody Franklin516054
14Steve Boylan525955
14Chris Senador556051
16Aaron Bernard Sr536253
16Greg Clement526155
18Billy Fowler546352
19Tommy Flake526454
20Scott Hall536652
21John Cloutier576453
22Chris Paoli556556
23Charlie Carr596850
24Brock Beeney577054
25John Zimmerer577457
26Chad Villegas537561
27Billy Ray Osborn5558999
1James Elkins525748$600
2Mitch McClellan536253$325
2Darryl Vilano526650$325
4Danny Lane546453
5Darell Motley566552
6Tim Bayer576453
7Steven Phelps576954
1William Holt535054
2Jake McIntosh554757
3Bradley Dixon594854
4Addison Coleman584758
4Chase Cooper614755
6Christian Hortert614855
6Kevin McGregor II554960
6Carson Pennington575255
9Bruce Atkins Jr.614856
10Steven Gaittens604858
10Derrick Johnson555160
12Jacob Couchenour595157
12Jacob Hendrick615056
12Mark R Sove614858
12Tristan W535460
16Matthew Curtis565062
16Taylor Green575259
16Josue Salas574962
20Tanner Carter585259
20Jeremy Little605158
20Jacob Samulski595357
20Cameron Weber595357
24Jon Arnette625256
25Derek Ballou625059
25David Dennis575460
25Josiah Mustaleski615357
25Caleb Shaw604764
29Chheany Mok575362
29Dylan Swanson575461
29Mason Ward565066
32Casey Ledbetter625259
32Daniel Ray605459
32Alexander Walrod614765
35Phillip Bay605460
35Monte Bruington615360
35Blake Feltman565464
35Seth Graves595362
35Nathan Matheis635160
35Andrew Rutledge654762
35Coy Springer605262
42Pasquale Coppola635260
42Robin Hood615559
44Connor Foster644666
44Jesse McCoy595166
46Lee Goodson635460
46Stephen Tait Morgan615165
48Alex Fetner655459
48Gerald Haynes605167
48Steven Norstrom595762
48Ralf Rogov615364
48Sam Spees595663
48Micah Stanley605662
54Joe Armstrong605861
54Kyle Batten655559
54Garrett Creamer625661
54Blake Lawrence645065
58Josh Crenshaw635661
58AJ Luna625167
60Landon Caldwell695359
60Caleb Rogers655561
60Joshua Swaney565966
60Joseph Waterbury575470
64Ronnie Montero645563
64Thomas West625961
66Peyton Aric695361
66Riho Rogov615567
68Jeremy Brown655663
68Ryan Musille675562
70Connor Mayne685563
70Josh McAfee655863
72Samuel Keeven645766
73Jacob Cain665864
74Austin Alford665469
74Benaiah Byrum695763
74Alex Williamson676161
77Vincent Chiaramonte645670
78Daniel Edwards645770
79Joshua Massie655671
80John Mosby655672
80Chase Reefschneider715468
82Dan Bankemper715667
83TJ Braley696068
84Daniel Crawford685975
84Derek Stacey726169
86Joshua B Ellis705975
87Jason Lopez6460888
87Austin White6556888
87James Wilson6554888
90Jason Pauli59999-
1Nathan Cox516352
2Jason Church556251
3Anthony DeVoto516355
4DJ Postlewait585953
4Madis Reimann586349
6Erik Baeder546354
6Gregorie Handley556452
6Patrick Quicci546255
6Reed Richardson536553
10Douglas Helton546652
11Jackson Baer536456
11Rémi Didry516854
11Daniel Owen546653
14Ryan Freeman517252
14Ronald Sanders576652
14Cory Stafford576058
17Kert Ambus556853
17Nick Anderson546755
17Donald McCormick556853
17David Winter596651
21Steven Amerson536460
21Patrick Duncan546855
23Matt Farmer596554
23Josh Johnson536956
25Jim "LUCKY" Brown606554
25Steven Taylor576755
25Jeremy Wilkinson576854
28Shane Glass596655
29Harley Davidson586855
29Anthony J Piantino576559
31Scott Hicks586956
32Beau Bourgeois596857
32William Bowen547654
34Chas Liebl586960
34Les Norwood567358
36Cody A Terry597257
37Christopher Speas558154
38Joe Bryson617357
38John Burlingame577361
38Indrek Oja587756
41Marcus Reed587361
42Jonathan Lovette627165
42Chris Mendell637362
44Robert Cassell6170888
44Eric Lambert5569888
44Donald Lovely5773888
47Shaun Parsons5971999
1Jerry Dobbins516152
2David Duncan516254
3Michael Van Schuyver526455
4Jeff Jordan566155
5Andrew Cassioppi556454
5Sam Kessler546554
5Paul Williamson536753
8John Molenda546457
9Chris Altice536756
9Anthony Caldwell576554
11David Shackelford566557
12Jason Kimbell576459
12Andy Litwinski546957
12Edward Walsh566757
15Thomas Laird607052
16Terry Wood567058
17Rooster Cooper587453
18Derek Bonner597553
18John Matsek577357
20Randy Singleton606959
21Scott Gregory Stevens537662
22Robert Grinnell627160
23Billy Turnbull677159
24Thomas Allen657862
24Shawn Watson687661
26Randy Russell697860
27Brian Falcon698663
28Ben Lewis7510065
1Warren Foy625351
2Mike Michalak625550
3Mark Hauser665353
4Bethel Barrett585660
4Vaiko Hussar665256
6Mike Anderson655456
7Scott Lewis665555
8Chuck Carter655657
9Curtis Shriver705557
10Bruce MacDonald706161
11Denny Fasnut706162
12Jeffrey Grünau716761
13John Hood836671
14Ken Harrison796874
15Wes Steer6655999
1Jack Dugar555151
2Josh Armstrong575149
3Nick Murphy555354
4Chris Perkins605251
5Tim Ferrier624953
5Bradlee Money605351
5Marcus Rickard635150
8Spencer Brown575454
9Gregg Hammer615253
9Tyler Jani585652
9Austin Meador585355
9Thaddaeus Rhoades585454
13Kevan Greunke625451
13Egin Tollkuci615452
15Matthew McFadden625353
16Darren Bart635254
16Scott Cloud655351
16Caleb Hobgood625552
16Michael Hoover665053
16Justin Mitchell595456
16Eric Norris645352
16Brad Sowders605554
23Brendan Anderson605456
23Brendan Cooney595358
23Alex Wessinger655352
23Jon Williams655253
27Juan Franco645255
27Jason Shane Hopkins625455
27Cameron Merrill635454
27Zack Vestal645453
31Josh Landholt585757
31Ryan Usher665452
33Dylan Armstrong695153
33Michael Bryja635456
33Andy Flett665354
33Philip Hood655454
33Garrett Rigsby645752
33Alan R Smith645455
39Matthew Bassett695451
39Kevin Copeland675255
39Michael Dillon625161
39Curt Ingram645357
43Justin Barr635557
43Scott Burdette665257
43Spencer Clowery635458
43Bryan Hartzell685255
43Muhamed Hasanovic655456
43Joshua Landis655159
43Josh Probus655258
43Skyler Scott645853
51David Britt655358
51Mike Cleveland675653
51William Hellmuth665357
51Austin Horn655655
51Ellis Johnson655457
51Mickey Shannon645656
51Luke Wallace695750
58Devon Bergstrom695157
58Ryan Birchard675555
58Jeremy Byrum665655
58Benjamin Comfort655656
58Justin Dorris625362
58Dalton Killingsworth655656
58John OBrien695355
58Jonathan Olshock695157
66Joel Byrum705355
66Christopher Humes665755
66Alex Martin635857
66Nicholas Murray725254
66Jimmy Nelson655558
66Blake Sides655657
72Ryan Bogle685655
72Jason Connatser665756
72Matt Cowan695555
72Andrew Tuke675755
72Wil Waites695555
77Dalton Hubbard705456
77Kevin Legrand655659
79Shane Hoover665857
80Andrew Bridges685658
80Jacob Eaves675560
80Timothy Huffman695855
80Dylan Kaut665759
80James Ly645266
80Taavi Reimann666056
80William Sellers685361
80Kevin Sulia725456
80Keith Williams695360
89AJ Salyer705855
90Cameron Burdette666058
90Nate Landreth665761
90Polo Navarro655663
90Jonathan Perrone685759
94Justin Ady715856
94Josh Tinsley705263
96Jason Redford685662
97Jeremy Betzler675466
97Jonah Cavalier725857
97Tim "Big Country" Dunahee725758
100Daniel Stanley656261
100J Weems725759
102Thomas Anderson676062
102Andrew Andrasik686061
102Robert Kiesle666162
102Ezra Kirk735759
106James Lipscomb705565
107David Bible705665
108Nicholas Hicks725961
109Kyle M Copeland695767
110Chris Gonzales776057
111Wyatt Thaemert746062
111Quinn Treasure716263
113Alexander Sowma726264
114Jeff Stuteville766360
115Devon Rider756265
116Jose Colon776562
117Matthew Creech816263
118Benjamin Quick6657888
1Kevin Dougherty504949
2Kendrew Mueller485253
3Jaanus Ilves554953
3Jeremy Moody515155
5Charley Smotherman594950
6Jacob Allison565350
6Michael Brown535155
6Ryan Samulski565053
9Joshua Herod565451
9Jay Rondo595052
9Jesse Todd555452
12Gabriel Aranda545257
13Bruce Atkins555257
13Mat Lumm565751
13Rodney Travis555356
16Laith Hejazi545457
17Evan Allison575554
17Kevin Groenewold565357
17Bryan Stringfield545458
17Jack Tucker565159
21John Cone555458
21Van Malone575753
23Logan Ryerson595059
23Steven Stockholm565260
25Derek Cruit575656
25Brandon Graybeal575260
25Samuel Hastings585457
25Ryan Persaud605455
25Kevin Turner595258
25Cornell Wilkinson565558
31Caryn Ballou605654
31Shawn McPherson Jr555659
31Kevin Shelton555659
34Matthew Caldwell585459
34Bobby Doolittle565659
36Iancarlos Suarez Gonzalez545959
36Kenton Merlino615457
38Eddie Gaillard575759
38Garrick Hutchinson575462
38Jade White575363
41Tyler Garrett565761
42Chase Davis595660
43Matthew Caldwell596255
43William Fraser595364
43Robert Halterman595958
43Otto Ramirez625658
43Chase Rutledge625757
43Collin Shorey595364
49Sam Wolf625461
50Charles Farber605865
51Elijah Hoover606262
52Keith Albert626064
52Shane Irons626064
54Doug Jepson685767
55Danny Hayes5761999
1Sten-Egert Neem535450
2Mario Lillard565647
3Ben Bowen555451
4Zachary Christy575451
5Charlie Campbell565554
6Ryan Dugar595652
6Ronulem Eubank566051
6Skyler Slaton575456
9Kyle Greenwood595455
9Jeffery Moody605454
11Alan Brown585754
11Mike Whitley565756
11Baron M Worsham595852
14Miller Duren605654
14John Gaca605852
16Michael Knight615654
16Brian Wilson576054
18Caleb Bouma605656
18Japheth Hampton585262
20Chris Burling585857
20William Raughton565958
22Brooks Dawson565959
22Ulises Holguin556455
22Brandon Oakes605559
25Derek Brown645358
25Paul Los595957
25Jordan Marsh615856
25Paul Sexton615955
29Hunter Horton605661
29Jamie Miller605859
29Kevin Riemenschneider665655
32Jeffrey Rutledge626155
33Daniel Goode586161
34Robert Westbrook606259
35Thadd Little645860
35Casey Saul666056
37Will Barton635961
38James Campbell656063
39Matt Byrd696259
40Kyle Sharp646663
41William Struhar716559
42Eric Woodard695976
43Douglas Simpson775969
44Josh Raymond726868
45Johnny Murr727376
46Ryan Gordon6062888
1Rebecca Minnick705558
2Alex Peterson705858
3Ashley Pickett735361
3Jennifer Smiley715858
5Leslie King735859
6Katherine O'Connor735762
1Janae Chaney625255
2Donna Messer566064
3Chantèe Cox655563
4Donya Turner626162
5Amy Church655764
6Jennifer Castro645967
6Tara Cravens665668
8Sara Hoyal686665
1Kayla Vaughan645659
2Hannah Brown605864
3Mari-Liis Joa626761
4Taylor Sink696171
1Jacquelyn Rieser676263
2Jessica Davidson726162
3Nicole Jones717065
1Erica Bergstrom726461
2Christie Kirk726264
3Karen Rutledge676966
4Amy Perkins786664
1Paul Davidson504848
2Ben Pettigrew524650
3Anderson Moore495153
4Landon Anderson525450
5Cal Brock585350
6Izaac Bridgman555156
7Klayton Bellar626060
8Dayton Holland676664
1Hyrum Hart474651
2Trenton Butler544752
2Blake Pettigrew534951
4Thomas Rouse475156
5Whitaker Dennis585251
6Braylen Portilla616159
7Canyon Phillips.616063
1Jackson Green574857
2Paxton LeGrand555060
3Graham Smith635262
4Jack Hodges646364
5Dylan Russell938581
1Elijah Upton625962
2Mason Pierce685762
3Camden Crawford676364
4Lucas Cocan837071
5Kolton Butler846477
6Emory Little957776
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