2023 Big Glade Disc Golf Extravaganza June 24-25

Sat-Sun, June 24-25, 2023 at Big Glade in Heber, Utah
Disc golf singles tournament

2023 Big Glade Disc Golf Extravaganza June 24-25 graphic

About this tournament

Team Utah News June 12th - Thanks to Chris Norman & Shae we now know the road to Big Glade is Open, Bumpy and a little Wet but Open. So things are a Go for the event on June 24-25. The event is a little over 1/2 full so get signed up on DG Scene. Not getting any new discs but maybe a shirt, will see it may already be too late. Hopefully the Weather get a little dryer ????

Registration opens on April 8th at 8PM. Limited to 100 (Hard Cap). Two round of 24, One each day on the BG course. Snow may be a issue this year, we will see, Being on the last weekend of June will help. I will check out the road the weekend before to see how it looks. The road is the issue Big Glade will be 90% clear of Snow very likely. May have a few more Snow Holes. I will keep everyone updated. Lots of Primitive Camping around the course. However Try to bring something to take Human Waste back with you. Or bring a Shovel and go 10-12" deep and cover it back up, Burn your TP. Don't want to have it all over the place/course.

Online Registration closes Tuesday June 20th at 8PM. Last chance for a Refund is Wednesday June 21 at 8PM.

From Heber take US-40 East to Daniels Summit/Lodge (20-25Min). About ¼ mile passed the Lodge look for the Main Canyon Rd Sign on the Right (SW) take the right on to the dirt road. This road is FR046 on most maps and it's 5.6 miles from here to Big Glade. A little more than a Mile in you will come to a split, Right goes to Big Glade (Go Right), Left for Buck Springs (Don’t go this Way). Its another 4+ miles to Big Glade, the road can be a little rough in places. There are a few other smaller roads taking off, just stay on FR046 and your Good. You can’t miss Big Glade, plus there is a Sign just in case you missed it. Fore Good Camping Areas around the course, Two Big one and two other smaller areas

Refund policy

Team Utah Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


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