2023 BDGA Open Presented by Mesa Litigation Powered by Innova

PDGA logoSat-Sun, October 14-15, 2023 at Silent Lake DGC at Quiet Waters Park in Deerfield Beach, Florida
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Added cash $750


Tournament DirectorKristen Knauer
Assistant TDMichele Murphy
Assistant TDTom Walsh

About this tournament

We will play Tradewinds and Quiet Waters.

2 rounds will be played on Saturday (one at each course) and 1 round of tee times will be played on Sunday at Quiet Waters. Everyone will play the BLUE baskets at Tradewinds.

MPO: Gold
FPO: Blue
MP40: Blue
FP40: White
MP50: Blue
MP60: Blue
MA1: Blue
FA1: White
MA40: Blue
MA50: White
MA60: Red
MA70: Red
FA40: White
FA50: Red
MA2 White
FA2: White
MA3: Red
FA3: Red
Juniors: Red

No trophies will be given to divisions with less then 3 people.

Refund policy

Broward Disc Golf Association Corp. is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

Players who officially request to withdraw from an event within 14 days of the start of the event and prior to the event’s published closure of registration and waitlist replacements (within one week is recommended) will receive a 100% monetary refund minus up to a $10 handling fee ONLY if their spot in the tournament is filled by a player who is on the waitlist at the time of the withdrawal request. If the player’s spot is NOT filled, the TD has the choice to provide EITHER a 25% monetary refund OR just the player’s pack they would have received if they had attended (minus the cost of shipping). In the case of a player in a Pro division for an event without a Pro player pack worth at least 25% of the Entry Fee, the TD will provide the 25% monetary refund.


Tradewinds Park
Ft. Lauderdale, FL   Get Directions


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/73124
1Jared Stoll564852156$634
2Grayson Whipp565053159$340
3Cole Wehrheim555156162$230
4Matt Gunter595157167$160
5Coby Guice595060169$128
5Sean Klutch Harrison545362169$128
7Leif Clark575661174$90
8Matthew Delay615560176
9Alex Spangler585765180
9Joshua Kiefer565866180
11Eddy Salinas685758183
12Marc Juliano625767186
13Brandon Zack646063187
14Max Caico646470198
15Channing Sidell726670208
16Sam Toops6960-129
1Adam Schackmann594954162$440
2Hugh Faundeen555357165$250
3Ken DeMarco595356168$170
4AJ Muniz555758170$102
5Jason Burt616057178
5Joe Hanna576358178
7Andrew Garrett576359179
8Randy Beers635861182
9John Weissleder665969194
1Rebecca Minnick625663181
1Logan Miller585462174
1Mason Deal595659174
3Austin Dillon585859175
4Kenneth Degner595959177
4Seth Jolly615858177
6Cole Huden615860179
8Blake Rogers595962180
8Ryan Jouppi575964180
10Alex Warters625862182
10Scott Puskas606359182
12Justin Thomas665859183
13Bryce Von Stetina646060184
13James Polo606163184
15Robbie Squire635765185
16Andrew Eckhoff626166189
17Ross Scianimanico665866190
18Colton Keener665867191
19Jaron Morris676462193
20Joshua Kravit6462-126
1Ryan Cacolici665763186
2Chaz Matthews636262187
3Sal Dillon676566198
1Kory Olko555049154
2Jack Herr525455161
3Carlos D Gonzalez556152168
4Paul Sheppard605555170
5John Caico605358171
5Joseph Cast585459171
5Matthew H Donner575955171
5Niles Blaize635553171
9Chuck Jaqueth615360174
10John Grand595959177
11Steve Morin625661179
12William Evans636463190
13Eddie Gillette6060-120
1Robert Knauer525856166
2Jeffrey Smith575855170
1Jesse Tilley585557170
2Jack Braden635961183
1Eric English515357161
2Avian Angulo515556162
2OB Ramirez515457162
4David Espinosa535951163
5Graham Cochrane526054166
6David Gualtieri555955169
6Henry Pfister516355169
8Dylan Hall535661170
8Mark Lagerquist546056170
8Tyler Cotton536057170
8Zack Mendez545660170
12Christian Lopez595755171
13Derek Tudela-wilcox546257173
14Stephan Bronson545961174
15JC Canaves536558176
15Neil Weidman526559176
17Julian Muniz566556177
18Alan Guerrero615760178
18David Brenner536362178
18Nick Montes566458178
21Alexander Javier Castelo546363180
21Austin Lewis546660180
21Matt Lowy586359180
24Nathan Novick626059181
25Harvey Chambers546366183
26Alexander Rivera526370185
27Christopher Prater596364186
27Robert Scranton566664186
29Mark Campbell606564189
30Tristan T Rex Godell627059191
31Matthew Terwilliger586767192
32Jere Heikkila587266196
33Louie Moore596680205
34Geoffrey De Sousa5861-119
35Brendan Milligan53888-941
36Aquiles W Oraa55888-943
1Bobby Doolittle465152149
2Matt Williams495550154
3Patrick Couture495353155
4Chris Carrow495157157
4Walter Weyman495454157
6Austin Kuntze485753158
7Alex Chiriboga486051159
7Eddie Gaillard535353159
7Sebastian Barbosa495456159
7Tim Mosier495159159
11Alex Spiker50 Lee505755162
12Ryan A Daoust525557164
12Taylor Hoffman525656164
14Matthew Yackanicz515658165
14MeSean Anderson515856165
14Paul Boerema535656165
17James Jones516055166
17Jeff Burns505660166
19Peter Bernal525659167
20Nathan Bennett545958171
20Shaun Matthews536355171
22Cary Rentner536257172
23Mike Henderson556058173
24Nicholas Tedesco525864174
25Jaevon Kelly575761175
26Don Maher526559176
27Javier Ruiz695257178
28Howard Shipley586759184
1Freddy Rivera545854166
2Douglas Jepson546267183
3Keaton Williams547260186
4Eugenio Horta576467188
5Zenn Perdomo586170189
1Mabel Aleman727680228
1Cheryl Zimmerman526458174
1Zamantha Rivera526161174
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