2022 PDGA United States Women's Disc Golf Championships Presented by Innova

PDGA logoThu-Sun, June 30-July 3, 2022 at Elver Park in Madison, Wisconsin
Major · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

2022 PDGA United States Women's Disc Golf Championships Presented by Innova graphic


Tournament DirectorMike Batka
PDGA Event CoordinatorPatrick Graziani
Assistant Tournament DirectorMolly Orman

About this tournament

The beautiful city of Madison Wisconsin is excited to welcome all of you to the 23rd running of the United States Women's Disc Golf Championships.

FPO Registration Fees: $275 ($230 entry fee, $30 facility fee, $5 Ace Pool, $10 non-refundable registration fee)
Age Protected Pro Registration Fees: $245 ($200 entry fee, $30 facility fee, $5 Ace Pool, $10 non-refundable registration fee)
Amateur Registration Fees:$145 ($100 entry fee, $30 facility fee, $5 Ace Pool, $10 non-refundable registration fee)
Junior Registration Fees:$120 ($75 entry fee, $30 facility fee, $5 Ace Pool, $10 non-refundable registration fee)

In order to register for USWDGC you must be a 2022 current PDGA member and a PDGA Certified Official with an expiration date after July 3, 2022.

All amateur divisions at PDGA Majors are run as “True Amateur” with player packs for all players and trophies for top finishers.

Pool Assignments
A pool - FPO, FP40
B pool - FP50, FP55, FP60, FP65, FP70, FA1, FA40, FA50, FA55
C pool - FA60, FA65, FA70, FA2, FA3, FA4, FJ18, FJ15, FJ12, FJ10, FJ08

Course Assignments
A pool - Elver Park, Token Creek (Vallarta-Ast)
B pool - Elver Park, Hiestand Park
C pool - Hiestand Park, Capital Springs
subject to change

Current Course Schedule

Check-In, Players' Pack Pickup, & Mandatory Players' Meeting Info
Competitors can check in at the Mitby Theater on the Madison Area Technical College Campus located at 1701 Wright St, Madison, WI 53704 from 4 pm - 7 pm on Wednesday, June 29th. Players' Packs can be picked up at that time. Check-in will take place in the theater atrium with the opening ceremony and player's meeting to follow in the theater at 7 pm. There will also be a special exhibit highlighting some of the women who have contributed to bringing the sport to the place it's at today so plan enough time to enjoy that while checking in. Registered event volunteers are welcome to attend the opening ceremony.

Spectator Information
Catch all of the action from the historic 2022 USWDGC in person!
Spectator tickets are now available https://bit.ly/3z7QpQ0

Host Hotel and Lodging Options

Our host hotel is Hotel Indigo, conveniently located in downtown Madison!
Please note that there is a daily parking charge for vehicles at the hotel.
Amenities include a 24-hour fitness center, on-site bar and grill, free wifi, and pets are allowed for an additional fee.
Call 608-256-0061 and reference the 2022 PDGA United States Women's Disc Golf Block to book.

Camping Information:
Dane County Parks has five campgrounds with campsites that can be reserved for tents, campers, and RVs. All campsite reservations include a complimentary daily dog permit good for the duration of your stay.
Individual and group campsites are available with reservations.
The following are the Dane County Parks campsites and their closest disc golf course:
Token Creek County Park - in the same complex as Vallarta-Ast (Token Creek)
William G. Lunney Lake Farm County Park - in the same complex as Capital Springs
Babcock County Park - 12-minute drive to Capital Springs and Heistand Park
Mendota County Park - 15-minute drive to Elver Park
Brigham County Park - 25-minute drive to Elver Park

Don't forget to check Airbnb and Vrbo for options. There are several places to stay in the downtown and surrounding areas.

Refund policy

Professional Disc Golf Association is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/56288
1Hailey King52515055$7,000
2Valerie Mandujano54535250$5,000
3Ohn Scoggins52525254$3,300
4Catrina Allen54525354$2,601
4Maria Oliva52485756$2,601
6Eveliina Salonen51505460$2,150
7Sai Ananda56505456$1,733
7Henna Blomroos54545256$1,733
7Aria Castruita53585451$1,733
10Missy Gannon53575552$1,500
10Sarah Hokom56535454$1,500
10Natalie Ryan59525452$1,500
13Emily Beach53565555$1,400
14Kaidi Allsalu56555158$1,250
14Alexis Mandujano54545557$1,250
14Kat Mertsch57535456$1,250
14Keiti Tatte58525555$1,250
14Madison Walker56565355$1,250
19Deann Carey55515857$1,075
19Cynthia Ricciotti55535855$1,075
21Ella Hansen60555552$1,000
21Juliana Korver58545852$1,000
21Paige Pierce56535855$1,000
24Stacie Hass61565452$925
24Stacie Rawnsley60565156$925
24Jessica Weese58535656$925
27Rebecca Cox57565754$870
27Macie Velediaz58545656$870
29Vanessa Van Dyken57585853$850
30Stephanie Vincent56585657$840
31Lisa Fajkus61535757$817
31Sarah Gilpin56555859$817
31Chloe Alice Murray58575855$817
34Casey Pennington58565659$790
35Kelsey Brakel56586156
35Lydia Lyons56556060$516
35Callie McMorran63565755$516
35Ellen Widboom61585755$516
39Alex Benson59605657
39Raven Klein59565859
39Kona Panis59585956
42Hanna Huynh59566058
43Shelbi Dutton58585860
43Danielle Kleidon60585759
45Tiger Borth61595758
45Holly Finley60576058
45Jordan Lynds57556261
48Morgan Lynds61585958
48Erika Stinchcomb59556161
50Hannah McBeth67595756
50Des Reading60606059
52Melody Castruita61575963
52Leah Tsinajinnie65585958
54Chantel Budinsky62585863
54Violet Main66625756
54Alyssa Pierson65575663
54Sandra Richardson61606357
58Katie Belty63576161
58Ellie Bryant59615864
58Lindsay Fish61605863
61Katka Bodova62596161
62Jen Moore61546465
63Rebekah Kersey61616361
63Becky LeDonne65625762
65Katie Gratzl58626562
65Ashlyn Tahlier66616060
67Lauren Butler64626261
67Chelsea Howells65626260
67Kristine King58646265
67Lori Merriman61666359
71Jessy Prado-Smith59636464
72Caris Fischer66596463
72Chantal Gipson66586365
74Kayla Singer65656261
74Jayne Snider62596963
76Kelley Foster62597163
77Caryn Ballou60686465
77Sheng Chang69586763
77Serena Gilles65636564
80Kim Kisil62606967
81Julie Ferdella68626568
82Taija Lehtinen69646368
82Erica Shepich69656169
84Lillian Reddmann69646468
85Jessica Meindl68726664
86Sami Osterberg70666472
87Kiara Kallaway68717171
87Ashley Tusler68727071
89Kolbrun Palsdottir72747068
1Jennifer Allen56545658$3,150
2Melodie Bailey58586058$2,100
3Natalie Hollokoi60606159$1,600
4Sammie Jo Guerrero59626358$1,250
5Kimberly Giannola63576361$975
6Sarah DeMar63636159$750
7Kristina Gold66626158$600
8Jennifer Janssen63606263$550
9Melinda Ring61636362$250
9Jenny Umstead61636362$250
11Serenity Madison61616563
12Autumn Grace65656362
13Tracy Knippel65656465
14Jessica Shields65646962
15Erin Oakley69636366
16Christine Hellstern65636768
17Michelle Montgomery70676669
18Fresa Jacobs71677265
19Polly Sackett69687071
20Carrie Meyer73666874
21Corie Anderson73727371
1Barrett White63595349$1,800
2Kelly Jenkins61685356$1,000
2Nova Politte65615359$1,000
4Cyndi Hurzeler66655361$600
5Beth Foister71685658
6Tracey Lopez73706160
7Katherine Betcher73716457
8Tara Cravens79695962
1Peggy Berry71715957$1,000
2Donna Brown78766763
1Pam(ouflage) Reineke65625956$1,500
2Kathy Hudson70685861$1,000
3Suzette Simons72736561$750
4Terri Reinl-Carver79736062
5Lisa Warner81756165
6Tita Ugalde74999999999
1Sandy Gast61625255$1,000
2Kathy “Katnip” Hardyman65645555$600
3Laurie Cloyes-Chupa73705860
1Janny Darling10710193102$1,000
2Nancy Wright90103103111
1Emily Yale61615154
2Virginia Polkinghorne60605654
3Alexis Kerman61635255
4Ceci Vollbrecht65615357
5Rebecca Minnick72605550
6Jessica Klutts63655456
7Samantha Bonacci64645657
8Debbie Yoo66655457
9Megan Morris73605654
9Alecia Trauscht65665557
11Michelle Hecht67635856
12Maricely Lopez69625856
12Riley Murray67626155
14Erin Kuehl69655854
14Lindsay Miller67705752
16Chelsea Belden64685758
16Melissa Davey63665860
16Ashley Pickett61705957
19Lizabeth Held70655756
20Camille Schlegel69655758
21Rachel Shanks68666056
22Masey Brannon72646055
22Elizabeth Emmenegger72655658
22Ashton Webberley68685758
25Christy Acton69636061
25Caley Allen65686060
25Katie McErlean68686354
28Catherine Leach71665859
29Amber Ringgenberg69695859
29Kylie Rotolo71666157
31Laura Zink70706057
32Amanda Winstanley74696156
33Harpa Maria Reynisdottir72695962
34Kaylee Nelsen76715960
35Hanna Jensen72726162
36Haley Castruita71746460
37Katiegrace Dudley73745964
37Crystal Wallace75765861
39Anna Hare84726363
1Kim Keen68695856
2Jennifer Copp71695362
3Janae Chaney72666058
3Christine Hedlund70715857
5Christie Hundley72666059
6Linda Ray69676359
6Brenda Wiltgen72696057
8Margaret Patterson74666658
9Sarah Hibbs70745963
10Michelle Fournier70746262
11Tracee Spencer77755863
12Melanie SanFilippo76776259
13Amy Meyer79745864
13Donna Schueller77716859
15Kim Mueller71796463
16Jennifer Fechheimer75746766
17Cristina Carlstrom76777262
18Lindsay Sullivan81787067
19Becca Van Lieshout83796768
20Brandy Salivar83846970
21LeighAnne Pagenkopf84857072
22Shawn Ramsey86897271
1Erin Fitzpatrick72766256
2Deborah Polkinghorne77735664
3Marcia Focht76756361
4Toni Morgan75836868
5Lisa Privitere87857470
6Alice Matthiesen91857769
1Barbara Blow65715859
2Cheryl Zimmerman77696261
3Jeanne Johnson75726268
3Kris Winter76776262
6Mindy Potts75756862
7Yvette Sotelo79766664
8Sandy Lee77816665
9Becci L. Aschenbach84867968
10Susan Sexton93947674
11Barbara Stark1031037987
1Janice Jones62645860
2Janet Cranshaw64656158
3SueB Lande63666363
4Diana Brakel70636163
5Maureen Miller66686262
6Meg Bevan69626872
7Shannon Skaife76727375
8Deborah Rice80767574
1Patricia Neprud-Mehls64576959
2Patti Joseph69666164
3Benita Warns101939392
1Patti Adams63705762
2Nellie Vallarta-Ast70666469
1Kati Chachere57585553
2Emma Rafuse55565855
3Jennifer Smiley59575854
4Machen Bihrle58585856
4Felicia Calhoun61595555
6Christel Tatro57575958
7Raven Gilkerson61595656
7Nicki Moore61585756
9Jennifer Kane60625853
10Emily Wiegert60566059
11Morgan Beery64575461
11Sierra Buford59645756
13Sydney Kollmann61586058
13Jen Trombley59576061
15Shayla Finley59606059
16Theresa Garcia63606155
17Wendy Cooper64595958
18Paula Landry67575859
19Kelsey Halverson65605662
19Jen Wiedenfeld61635861
21Tina Montpetit60605965
21Kelsie Sweeten67625857
23Kristen Calvallo62616260
23Amy Shaw65616158
25Kassidy Dalton69625857
25Sara Johnson66595863
25Kayla Lowrey65626356
28Emily Berndt63616261
28Bobbi Kilian Hovey61636459
30Amelia Erickson66596164
31Rebecca Vander Zanden64626364
32Ashley Moua65596862
33Linda Khang68646066
34Angela Her65646268
34Alexandra Urban67656166
36Nicolette Heuer68656465
37Stormie Morris72626466
38Shelby Sprouse69686663
39Sarah Cahill72696662
40Jun Yang75676664
1Jillian Geiger62625957
2Katara Vasher65576360
3Samantha Landers62626360
4Hattie Frisch63636163
5Clarisa Bingham59656563
5Shelley Carden64656459
7Emily Seeling69685759
7Tanya Spychalla69616459
9Jaclyn Meeks71626463
10Karen May65666565
11Gerleen Dineros72686359
12Karina Calvillo66636866
12Stephanie Cole71666462
14Veronica Witt72716461
15Ruth A. Miller71676468
16Candy Roque70696963
17Gabi Sigafoo74766866
18Robin Licitra72677572
19Ayn Lee74776969
20Phaedra Allen70747175
21Annelise Faye84747367
22Alyssa Livingston72857174
23Cindy Taylor79777276
1Kaitlin Borgwardt71656462
2Crystal Serna67716363
3Kerby Walden66676667
4Melissa Wymer74666365
5Alicia Mednansky73676664
6Tabitha Vermilion73736565
7Jacquelyn Rieser73637269
8Denise Izatt76726565
9Amanda Bolden68717169
9Katelyn Zimmer71706969
11Elaine McCarthy69717172
12Tammy Haugh76727168
12Maricela Rodriguez76697369
14Dawn Weygandt77746871
15Lora Murtha74727669
16Delaine Henry78767575
17Helen Handschuh80777574
18Sarah McCarthy79797979
19Brittney Byrnes82798176
20Danielle Gondik-Anderson92918382
1Therese Cuevas59555259
2Ava Meyer63575458
3Kayla Hess59595760
4Caitlyn Pair66615654
5Montana Adams69595956
6Katelyn Besteman68706669
7Kyra Orman69776766
8Paige Orman95908786
1Athena Cuevas74757370
2Hannah Zylstra73736783
3Genevieve Davis91988089
4Hayden Wiebusch96969097
5Evan Sullivan1161049897
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