INNOVA presents 2022 Summer Sizzler, a USDGC Doubles Qualifier

PDGA logoSaturday, June 25, 2022 at Hindman Park in Little Rock, Arkansas
XC-tier · PDGA-sanctioned doubles tournament

About this tournament

Hello and welcome again to Summer Sizzler 2022!
This event will be a best shot doubles, with the top Male and Female AMATEUR scores getting an invite to the USDGC Doubles Main event, in Rock Hill, SC at historic Winthrop Gold USDGC layout and Canaan River courses. This year, there will be 2 rounds played at Winthrop Golds USDGC layout!! We will fill in details later as we get closer.

This is a sanctioned PDGC X-tier event, so PDGA membership is required or a $10 fee applies.
Pros will payout for cash, PayPal by next day, AMS payout will be merchandise, plus medals for top finishers for the USDGC Doubles. AMs can play Pro divisions, trophy only, no payout. ONLY AM divisions qualify for USDGC Doubles.
AM player packs will be a special print Innova disc for each AM player.
Lunch will be served at 11:30 am
Drinks are available at lunch but water is scarce on the course, so bring your own water.

USDGC DOUBLES Qualifier Rules (Following rules apply to AMs ONLY !!)

Format must be BYOP (bring your own partner). Best Shot, both rounds

The number of teams that can qualify for the USDGC Doubles Main Event is based on the number of teams that participate in your qualifier. The thresholds are as follows.

1-14 Teams = 1 Team qualifies
15-24 Teams = 2 Teams qualify
25+ Teams = 3 Teams qualify

1-4 Teams = 1 Team qualifies
5-9 Teams = 2 Teams qualify
* 10+ Teams – 3 Teams qualify

All skill levels are encouraged to participate and may receive a disc, but only the top amateur divisions (usually Men’s and Women’s “Advanced”) will be competing to qualify for the main event.


To start your round with digital scoring you will need to go to the following link: The passcode is SIZZLER.

1. You will be prompted to enter the Access Code and press the Submit button.
2. Search for your name. You can search by typing in part of your name or PDGA Number. Once your name appears, you select it and confirm. This person is now the “scorekeeper”.
3. You will be prompted to select the round for which you are currently playing.
4. The scoring screen will load with your name. The default starting hole is hole 1, so be sure to choose the correct starting hole if for some reason hole 1 is not where the group is starting (e.g. shotgun start).
5. Scores for each player will be automatically defaulted to whatever the par is for the hole that is being scored. The player can use the plus or minus buttons to add or remove strokes. When all players have the correct scores, clicking Save & Continue will upload the scores and the page will automatically reload on the hole that follows.
6. The teeing order is indicated by a number presented to the left of each player's name.

If players are having issues with live scoring, they are welcome to use UDisc. It is encouraged as a backup anyway. Players need to make sure they verify all scores with the entire group before showing the TD onsite!

Please make sure you are setting a good example for everyone. This is a sanctioned event, and we want everyone to have fun. All PDGA rules and guidelines apply and will be enforced.

Refund policy

Dirty Cards is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.
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