2022 Seven Oaks Summer Solstice presented by Dynamic Discs

PDGA logoSat-Sun, June 25-26, 2022 at Seven Oaks in Nashville, Tennessee
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

2022 Seven Oaks Summer Solstice presented by Dynamic Discs graphic
Added cash $750


Tournament DirectorRuth A. Miller
Assistant Tournament DirectorKyle Copeland

About this tournament

Happy 32nd 7 Oaks Summer Solstice!
One of our favorite tournaments of the year at Nashville's most popular course! This is a two day sanctioned PDGA B-Tier tournament featuring one round of 21 holes each day and $750 added cash. This tournament is a proud production of Music City Disc Golf.

Round 1 - Saturday, June 25, 2022
Round 2 - Sunday, June 26, 2022

1st place trophies guaranteed only for divisions with at least three competitors registered by May 15, 2022 at 11:59pm Central Time.

All registered amateur players will receive a Player's Pack. Pros will receive payout via PayPal and Ams will receive payout voucher to be redeemed only on-site on Sunday, June 26, 2022. edit: Payout vouchers are to be redeemed only on SUN 6/26/22 with Dynamic Discs Music City.

Ace Pot and CTP is only available during registration. If Ace Pot is not hit, then it will go towards new Seven Oaks tee signage.
Once registration closes, both Ace Pot and CTP will not be available.

Side Game:
Limbo Putting Game $5 (cash, Venmo, PayPal)


B pool: Seven Oaks Short Layout - 21 holes
Junior Girls 15 (FJ15)
Junior 15 (MJ15)
Novice Women (FA4)
Recreational Women (FA3)
Intermediate Women (FA2)
Amateur Master Women 40+ (FA40)
Advanced Women (FA1)
Pro Master Women 50+ (FP50)
Pro Master Women 40+ (FP40)
Pro Open Women (FPO)
Novice (MA4)
Recreational (MA3)
Intermediate (MA2)
Amateur Master 60+ (MA60)
Amateur Master 50+ (MA50)
Amateur Master 40+ (MA40)

A pool: Seven Oaks Long Layout - 21 holes
Advanced (MA1)
Pro Master 60+ (MP60)
Pro Master 50+ (MP50)
Pro Master 40+ (MP40)
Pro Master Women 40+ (FP40)
Pro Open Women (FPO)
Pro Open (MPO)
Tee times will be set & announced after close of registration. Tee off at hole 1.

We look forward to seeing you at Seven Oaks this June! See ya’ll there!

Refund policy

Music City Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations/withdrawals.

Close of registration is at 11:59pm Central Time WED 6/22/22. Waitlist replacements will be processed immediately after close of registration.

Official withdrawals must be submitted through Disc Golf Scene.

Entries cannot be exchanged/transferred to anyone else.

Player’s packs will not be received if you are not physically able to check-in. Identification required.

Player cannot pick up player’s packs for anyone else.

Player’s packs will not be given to anyone who withdraws.

Waitlist player who do not get into the event will receive a 100% cash refund minus $10 processing fee.

Any withdrawal before 11:59pm Central Time on SUN 5/29/22 will receive full cash refund minus a $10 processing fee.

Withdrawal from 12:00am Central Time on MON 5/30/22 to 11:59pm Central Time on SUN 6/12/22 will receive a full cash refund minus a $10 processing fee ONLY if your spot is filled from the waitlist at time of withdrawal request. If the spot is not filled, player will receive 50% cash refund.

Withdrawal from 12:00am Central Time MON 6/13/22 to 11:59pm Central Time WED 6/22/22 will receive a full cash refund minus a $10 processing fee ONLY if your spot is filled from the waitlist at time of withdrawal request. If the spot is not filled, player will receive 25% cash refund.

Withdrawal after 12:00am Central Time THURS 6/23/22 will receive NO refund.

Any player who fails to officially withdraw receives NO refund and NO player's pack.

PayPal fees and Disc Golf Scene fees are non-refundable.


Seven Oaks
Nashville, TN   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/55440
1Jackson Hester53-
1Justin Mccain53-
3Ryan Telly Bretell54-
4Michael Holland55-
5Bo McLaughlin56-
6Jordan Henshaw57-
7Justin Bunnell58-
7Michael McDaniel58-
9Ryan Chastain60-
9Mack Ferrell60-
11Mikey Harrod61-
11Dylan Lomax61-
13Alan Farmer62-
14Stone Smith64-
15Chris Sutherland65-
16Zachary Hoy67-
Pro 40+
1Andy Ritter53-
2David Braud55-
2Michael W Davis55-
2Rodney Goad55-
5David Harless56-
5Albert Kuban56-
5Geoff Lorenz56-
8Jeff Casalina57-
9Neil Finicum58-
10Chris Wilson61-
11David Ott62-
12Mark Godwin63-
13Chuck Bennett65-
14Erik Baeder66-
15Steven Harless71-
Open Women
1Nina Guerrero6766$120
1Derrick Johnson53-
2Patrick Belding59-
2Zach Keene59-
2Tom Manuel59-
2Toby Manus59-
2Alex Williamson59-
7Peyton Aric61-
7Chase Cooper61-
7Rick Garner61-
10Kyle Batten62-
10Jack Perkins62-
10Jacob Samulski62-
13Wil Waites63-
14Daniel J Blaich64-
14Stephen Falter64-
14Casey Ledbetter64-
17Philip M Dixon65-
17Tyler Gainer65-
17Lee Goodson65-
17Josue Salas65-
21Matt Barnes67-
21Phillip Bay67-
21Jonathan Carter67-
24Austin Meador69-
24Houston Tucker69-
26Joel Delarosa70-
27Austin White999-
27Wesley White999-
Amateur 40+
1Ricky Manus60-
2Andy Cassioppi61-
2Tim Hanson61-
4Mitch Baker63-
5Shane Glass64-
5Jonathan Hammel64-
5Patrick Quicci64-
8Robert J. Zavala65-
9Michael Martin66-
9Tony Miller66-
11Anthony J Piantino67-
12David Bible73-
12James E. Miller73-
14Randall P Lahann82-
Amateur 50+
1Jeff Jordan63-
1Chris Paoli63-
3Jon Noles64-
4Terry Wood65-
5David Conley67-
6Danny Walker82-
Amateur 60+
1Mike Michalak80-
1Connor Mayne59-
1Brad Stutz59-
3J Weems60-
4Stephen Price61-
4Charley Smotherman61-
6Jarrett Beasley62-
6Jack Dugar62-
6Brandon Greiner62-
6Nate Landreth62-
6Jon Williams62-
11Michael Bryja64-
11Jonah Cavalier64-
11Nick McCloskey64-
11Sam Wolf64-
15Joe Armstrong65-
15Justin Barr65-
15Sean Brodie65-
15Stephen Goodall65-
15Luke Wallace65-
20Darren Bart66-
20Joseph Moussakhani66-
20Sam Thompson66-
23Gregg Hammer67-
23Trevor Lord67-
23Justin Morris67-
23Wesley Tuesca67-
23Thomas West67-
28Robert Burge70-
28Jay Rondo70-
28Brian Stewart70-
1Ryan Bogle5857
2Wilber Romero6160
3Bradley Trotter6361
4Jeremy Brown6263
5Jeremy Betzler6365
6Ryan Del Casino6663
6John Hill6366
8Brandon Graybeal6268
8Andrew Kaiser6961
10James Lipscomb6566
11Steven Stockholm6567
12David Britt6866
12Robert Kiesle6767
14Dalton Killingsworth6570
15Caleb Mayeur6374
16Ryan Samulski7268
17Quinn Treasure7368
18Kyle Bumgarner7074
19Andrew Martin7672
20Caleb Mccracken7673
21Chris Huffman7776
22John Huffman64999
1Michael Swaenepoel7461$44
2Lucian Baker7066$34
2Michael Neverdusky7165$34
2Kevin Riemenschneider6967$34
2Darren Seibert6868$34
6Ryan Dugar6968$25
7Chris Burling6771$17
7Michael Knight6870$17
7Casey Saul7068$17
7Paul Sexton7167$17
11John Gaca6972
12James Schneider7171
13Isaac Smith7172
14Nick Gaca7371
15Bert James7373
15Robert Westbrook7274
17Jeffrey Rutledge7374
17Andrew Trubiani7473
19Eric Woodard9491
20Matt Creech74999
20Noah Hughes68999
Advanced Women
1Alx Stewart6763$24
2Leslie King7177$15
3Carolan Carter7576
Amateur Women 40+
1Sara Hoyal7184$26
2Jennifer Castro8081
Recreational Women
1Abby Bacon8076$13
Novice Women
1Deanne Miller8073$29
2Karen Rutledge8289$21
3Maggie Kasinger8790$15
4Cherri Zaske8797
5Vanessa Seibert106121
Junior 15
1Graham Smith8081$13
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