2022 Minuteman Classic Doubles Tourney (March 19th - April 10th UDisc Flex)

Sat-Mon, March 19-28, 2022 at Borderland State Park in Easton, Massachusetts
Disc golf doubles tournament

2022 Minuteman Classic Doubles Tourney (March 19th - April 10th UDisc Flex) graphic


Tournament DirectorRaivis Markons-Craig
Assistant TDMathew Bishop

About this tournament

Best Disc Doubles ( Bring Your Own Partner) playing 1 Round Blues and 1 Round White To Blue - Regular Pins

On UDISC Blues (Round 1) will be listed on the "League" tab from March 19th-April 3rd, meanwhile White To Blue will be listed as separate event from March 19th-April 10th. Both rounds can be played right away or over the span of 3 weeks!


Notes for the players meeting:

1. PDGA rules are in effect,
2. No 2 Meter Rule!!!!
3. All out of bounds should be marked on the sign and have a yellow rope/tape to mark the OB line
4. Hole 17 will not be used. OB Road, played between Hole 4 and Hole 5 will be used instead. All league event scorecards will have the Hole 17 removed and OBR added between 4 and 5.
5. As always, if you have any question on a ruling that the group cannot agree on, take a provisional shot and come and speak with the TD (or Matt Bishop) before turning in the score card.
6. Team must play with at least 1 other team playing in the event for the round to count.
7. All Teams MUST report their scores to Bishop Discs after their round(s). They are located at 71 Pond Street, Sharon MA, 02067 --> 5 min from Borderland. They will be helping update the scores from each round onto a spreadsheet which will be visible to everyone throughout the tourney.

TD: Raivis Markons-Craig, Matthew Bishop, Matt DeAngelis

Divisions: $65 Pro/Pro, $65 MP40 $65Mixed (1 Male/1 Female), $40 Am/Am

AMs get two Discmania Stocked Discs: 1 Instinct, 1 Premium Maestro (2 discs per team, 1 per player). All Ams are expected to pick up their player pack discs from Bishop Discs at some point throughout the tourney.


Top 45% AM Winning teams will receive funny money/store credit to Bishop Discs.com.

Top 40% Pro and Mixed Team will be paid electronically via paypal within 48 hrs of tourney completing.

Can I rebuy In?
No, there are no rebuys for this event. 2 Rounds Best Score Together Wins.

Can I play a round with players in different divisions than me?
Yes! At least 2 other event participants from the tourney needs to be on the card. They don’t have to log an official round and can act as witnesses.

How do I log my round?
All rounds will be entered through the Udisc League. There will be two flex leagues with the same date range. Be sure to select the correct event based on the layout you are playing. Players must check into UDISC Event for each event/round. After each round please make sure to stop by Bishop Discs to report your team score.

When will I know if we won?
Borderland club and Bishops Discs will announce winner and tally all scores together April 3rd evening. Keep an eye out on Instagram and Facebook group for announcements (https://www.facebook.com/groups/229734540745643)

Why can’t we play Hole 17?
We can’t predict the weather for March or know when kids will be packed on the sledding hill. We opted for consistency across all players regardless of when they play, and will be playing the same course.

On Discgolfscene it says March 19-March 28th does this run till April 10th?
Yes Disgolfscene won't let us put tourneys longer than 10 days therefore can't update it.

I had a bad start to my round, can I delete the round and start over?
No! Once your round starts, it is official. No first tee mulligans, restarts, re-buy, etc.

Do I have to stop by Bishop Discs?
Each team needs to report their scores to Bishop Discs. If you are an AM team and looking to pick up player pack discs then you will also need to stop by Bishop Discs. Plus you will be supporting a brand new store!

Refund policy

Borderland Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.
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