2022 Fairgrounds vs Aragon Members Day

Sunday, November 13, 2022 at Aragon Park in Saint Augustine, Florida
Disc golf event

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About this tournament

Fairgrounds vs. Aragon
St. Johns County Players Cup
1. Limited to 54 players.
2. All players will be placed on one of two teams- Team Aragon or Team Fairgrounds
3. All players must be St. Augustine League established (3 rounds)
4. Teams will be determined by draft of team captains. 2 captains will be chosen.
5. During registration process, players will state a preference for what course they
would like to represent-Sorry, No team promises other than for team captains.


1. 1st round @ Argon is based on 1vs1 (Cards of 6 players) matchups against other
team members with matchup winners winning 1 point for their team, ties result in a
½ point for their team, while a loss results in 0 points. Matchups will be based on
where player was drafted, broken up (hopefully) by draft segments of 3. Example:
Drafted players in picks 1-3 will play against other team’s drafted players in 1-3
picked slots; 4-6 picks vs other team’s picks 4-6, and so forth.

2. 2nd round @ Fairgrounds- (3 Headed Monster Format):
3. Cards will be 6 players, representing teams, with each team represented by 3
4. 3 player team representatives will be “balanced” by draft pick with lower draft picks,
playing with higher draft picks, developing matchups toward the median. Example:
1st team (if it has 27 players) matchups will be draft picks #1, #27, & #13. The
second matchup for 1st team will be draft picks #2, #26, & #14, and so forth.
5. If we play 26 holes-One player on the team will take 8 tee shots from a hole on the
course. Two players will take 9 tee shots. (26 holes)
6. After the chosen player has taken their tee shot, the team, the other two players,
play from the drive hole in a best-shot format.
7. Once a player's drive has been picked on 8 or 9 of the holes, they do not take any
more drives from the tee box.
8. Scoring is again based on a matchup basis with a matchup win resulting in 1 point
for the team, ties a ½ point, and a loss resulting in 0 points.
9. (If a tie after two rounds)-Playoff TBD involving a putting contest which will involve
as many players as TD can.

Refund policy

St. Augustine Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


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