23rd Annual Big Island Open Presented By Innova

PDGA logoSat-Sun, January 15-16, 2022 at Lavalinks in Mountain View, Hawaii
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

About this tournament

Price includes $15 green fees.

All AM divisions receive a players package including a disc and T-shirt in their entry fee.

Pro Divisions can purchase a T-shirt and/or discs for additional fees.

Please note: this is a PDGA sanctioned event Tier C and PDGA guidelines apply.

*Final determination of Divisions will be made prior to the start of the tournament. If there are fewer than 4 players in any division, that division may be collapsed into a related division (i.e. Grandmaster division could be collapsed into the Master division).

Refund policy

Rob Nasworthy is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. Unfortunately, we will not be able to give refunds after January 7, 2022 but will gladly send you a players package with a value of approximately $35 which includes shipping.


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Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/55127
1Gregg Barsby454572162$300
2Matthew Sommer524679177$200
3Johnny Ringo495079178$150
4Jacee Lucero485378179$115
5James Beckner515278181$90
6Greg Stanbro594975183$75
7Jason Kozlik545380187$60
8Arjang Mirzadegan525384189$54
9Rowan McDonnell585577190
10Jacob Pendleton525782191
10Jeremy Watson545384191
12Nathaniel Singer545583192
13Bernal Bruns605086196
14Mason Thompson545788199
15Alan Koons605585200
16Jackson Proctor585787202
17Robert Breton546592211
18Diego Alvarado576195213
Pro 40+
1Ryan Seng535580188$150
2Geno Caggiano525582189$80
3Kevin Darr546094208
4Thomas Ramirez635888209
Pro 60+
1David gelber525483189$180
2Dean Auren585885201
3Craig satison596788214
4Rob Nasworthy596096215
5Tim Glomski8276-158
Open Women
1Haley Reese596694219$115
2Alexsandra Chavez6679115260
1Michael Burden565778191
2Cody Silsley525783192
3Po'okela Quiroz565782195
4Dread Head605284196
5Benjamin Caravalho605983202
6Tyler Sommer605786203
7Rad Shadd605688204
8David Miller595889206
9Quinn Yeamans625788207
10Keoni Lindsey606595220
Amateur 40+
1Brad Parker555783195
2Luck Dunbar585983200
3Jordan Young606089209
4Adam Zopel626488214
5John Pennell626192215
6Brent Johnson646291217
7Sean (Shaggy) Thompson636694223
8Kris Haddad676793227
9Wes Williams7165105241
10Jesse White6770106243
Amateur 50+
1James E. Foster625993214
2Tony Sargis6472101237
Amateur 60+
1Ron McHenry596086205
2Richard Puente626091213
3John Melchior626396221
4David Reisner686294224
5Howard Reinert666898232
6Pat McFarland7676122274
7Bill Gibson6364-127
1Preston Faini605487201
2Justice Dela Cruz616694221
3Jose Sandoval666096222
4Kelly Sakai696495228
5Kenny Ladd727497243
6Boyd D. Bond6876101245
6Joe Love747299245
8Adam Larson6061-121
Advanced Women
1Hannah Hartmann646096220
2Laura Gilda696696231
3Riley Sanae Allen6966101236
4Kahealani Wana6962108239
5Christine Spencer9191132314
6Dana Farquhar7272-144
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