2021 Wickender Trick or Treat Dubz

Sunday, October 24, 2021 at Wickham Park in Manchester, Connecticut
Disc golf doubles tournament

2021 Wickender Trick or Treat Dubz graphic


Tournament DirectorJeff Laterreur
Tournament DirectorShawn Mullen

About this tournament

9:30 Gates Open
9:30-10:20 Registration
10:20 Players Meeting
10:45 Start

Halloween Costumes are mandatory for all teams! Seriously if you aren't wearing a costume or you are a "golfer" you aren't playing.

Each player will get a wickender pint glass.

Format: Best disc doubles.

1 round of 24 holes.

Refunds will not be given after 10/20/21.

Hole 1 Trick- One Disc – Each player can only use one disc for the entire hole. If a disc is lost then you can no longer contribute to the hole. If both discs are lost take a 7 for the hole.

Hole Alt 2 Treat – Rapid Fire – Playing to the left basket. Once the first disc is out of your hand you will have 5 sec to throw as many shots as you want. Have another member of the group count out loud (1 one thousands) or use a watch or phone.

Hole Alt 3 Trick – Double Mando – Two flags will mark the mandos (must throw through the middle gap). If the mando is missed you must throw back and go through the mandos or re-tee with a penalty stroke.

Hole Alt 4 Treat- Hit the Uprights for a Bonus – There will be flags in front of the two big trees at the top of the hill. If you throw through the trees on any shot you can take 1 extra shot as an individual not as a team unless you both throw through the gap.

Hole 5 Trick – Island Green – Play from the short tee. There will be a circle painted around the basket marking an Island green. If both member’s of the team throw OB on the drive move to the drop zone to the right of the pin. (If you throw OB again take it from where it was last in bounds.

Hole A Treat – New Pin Location

Hole B Trick – Hammer/Thumber Only – Playing to the short pin. Every shot must be a hammer or a thumber until the hole is completed.

Hole C Treat – Hit Metal Try Again – If you the basket or above on any shot and it doesn’t go in, take an extra shot with no penalty. This can only be used once per player.

Hole D Trick – Take a Knee – For every shot you must have one knee on the ground.

Hole 6 Treat – Short Tee – There will be a new tee on the left side of the fairway marked with flags.

Hole 7 Trick – Mando – Playing to the short pin – Mando to the right side of the big tree to the right of the basket. (You can throw through the tree)

Hole 8 Treat- Non-Dominant Extra Putt - If you are in the painted circle each member of the team must take their first putt with their non-dominant hand. If both members miss the putt then try again using your dominant hand. You must alternate shots. If no putt is made do it again from the new lie.

Hole 8 ½ Trick- New Hole

Hole 9 Treat – Warp Zone – Playing to the long basket. There will be a painted circle around the short pin. If you land in this circle on any shot take your next shot from the drop zone in front of the logs with no added strokes. (EX: If your drive lands in the circle you will be putting for 2 from the logs)

Hole 10 Trick – Extra OB – There is an added OB line about 2 ft behind the basket. This line will extend from the rock wall to the end of the bocce court and to the road. Any thing past this line is OB.

Hole 11 Treat- Short Tee with Mando – All divisions will play from the rec tee. There will be a mando to the left side of the big tree in the fairway. Woman in the mix group will receive a shorter tee.

Hole 12 Trick – Drivers – You can only use drivers for the entire hole.

Hole 13 Treat – Advance with a Mini- After your drive pick the best lie, each player will then throw a mini, you can then advance to the best mini shot with no added strokes (you are now throwing your 2nd shot) (mini midranges and drivers are not acceptable)

Hole 14 Trick – Tall Basket – You must putt out to the basket on top of the regular basket.

Hole 15 Treat – Pick your Basket – One player will play the long basket and the other player will play the short basket.(you must announce your basket before driving) Add the score together at the end. Each player can move their drive 5 ft. in any direction. (walk off toe to heel)

Hole 16 Trick – Putting from the Back Door – There will be a painted line 1ft behind the basket that is parallel to the road. You can only putt out if your lie is past that line. If you both miss the putt and land past the line you will have to throw an upshot beyond the line again before you can putt out. You can putt with one foot on the front side of the line as long as your plant foot is past the line.

Hole 17 Treat – Two Tricky Drives – Each player gets two drives. One must be a roller and the other must be with your non-dominant hand.

Hole 18 Trick – Worst way to Finish – You must take the worst shot the entire hole. If one person makes the putt and the other doesn’t you have to take the one that missed. If one person throws OB you have to take that shot.

Hole 19 - Mini’s Only

Refund policy

Wickham Park is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


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