2021 Van Man Discs SoIL Tour Kickoff presented by Dynamic Discs - Buena Onda Blastoff

PDGA logoSaturday, March 20, 2021 at Foundation Park in Centralia, Illinois
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

2021 Van Man Discs SoIL Tour Kickoff presented by Dynamic Discs - Buena Onda Blastoff graphic
Added cash $750


Tournament DirectorMikey Beal
Assistant Tournament DirectorJustin Done
Assistant Tournament DirectorNikolas O'neill

About this tournament

Currently, the Division Structure is to play out as follows:

Divisions have been separated into Pools A and B. Pool A will begin both rounds on Champ Side from the Concrete Tees. Pool B will begin both rounds on Rec Side, Concrete Tees.

There will be lots of activities going on at the venue to celebrate this kickoff event! Thank you all for your support!

At this time, Lunch is not being served on-site. Pending approval from Park curators, and setting locations.

Parking is allowed on the edges of the roads and in parking lots around the park, please be mindful of traffic flowing through the park.

Spectators are allowed, but must stay within designated spectator locations or at Tournament HQ. Only caddies are permitted to travel the course with Players.

Player's Guides are in development!

Refund policy

Van Man Discs is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/48842
1Danny Beauchamp6259$495
2Logan Marshall5666$290
2Stephen Mattingly6161$290
4Michael Waradzyn6162$195
5Samuel St. John6064$160
6Jared Ippolito6362$135
7Rich Klein III6660$110
8Tad Carlson6265$95
9Cory Folkins6662$85
10Richard French6763$75
10Nathaniel Romans6466$75
12Josh Eaton6665$60
13Niko Voules6765
14Alex Seamon6865
15Josh Lowe6866
16Ryan Jeziorski6768
16Scott Paul6669
16John Ruvalcaba6966
19Dick England7066
20Ty Evanson6968
20Patrick Haaker7166
20Ryan Rickard7562
23Terence Unger7266
24Thomas Von Brecht7070
25Adam Marbes6477
26Miles Meyer7371
27Jared Misuraco7474
28Kyle Cook7873
29Chase Hayes7478
1Roger Reyes6469$235
2Will Rosa6869
3Scott Houska7167
4Joshua Winer7368$75
5Anthony Devoto7274
5Jim Mcgowan6779
7William Sublett7477
8Travis Stieg7980
1Gary Suarez6567$70
1Rebekah Kersey7471$60
1Nick Fritz6964$90
2Joseph Garland6667$50
2Ike Homburg6667$50
2Josh Schenkenfelder6766$50
5Chris Mathes6866$70
6Ethan Simmons6966$40
7Cole Mintert6670$35
7Steven Rohwedder6868$35
9Mark Jones7265$25
10Alex Adelman7464$20
10Hadley Majors6969$20
10Sean McLean6870$20
13George Andrae6773$35
13Aaron Mullins7565$20
13Brice Sligar6773$20
16Tony DiPaola7071
16Chad Melchiors7269
16Nick Theban6774
19Ronald Arnold7471
19Andy Burgholzer7174
21Jimmy Fahey7175
21Henry Sundermann7274
23Kyle Hanner7077
23Dillon Kinsey7077
23Allen Schneider7275
26Jonathan Hill7771
26Eric Walker7573
28Brice Wesley8071
29Ben Alexander7973
30Justin Ady7677
31Adam Belcher7778
33David McBeth8475
1Jason Williams5353
2Matt Farmer5355
3Johnnie Harrison5655
4Marty Ellison5956
5Shane Harris6056
6George Anderson6060
7Scott Simon6465
1Jayde Chandler5758
1Kyle Klein II4947
2Tyler Klingelhoefer5051
3Eric Bush5254
4Rick Loche5355
5Chris Knapp5554
6Tyler Doyle5358
6Robert Eich5358
8Patrick Green5557
9Grant Feldt5756
9Logan O'Neal5954
11Josh Lewis5759
12Ben Ruholl5661
13Brian Mittrucker6158
14Devin Russell6462
15Nick Schildroth7164
16Austin Adams6769
1Nikolas O'Neill5155$55
2Ben Keller5754$50
2Greg Williams5556$50
4Bob Feldhake5755$45
5Cody Early5955$30
5Tyler Hurry5757$30
5Caveman Kizlin5856$30
5Will Ortega5757$30
9Glenn Bietsch6057$20
9Kyle Early5859$20
11Justin Payne6157
12Shawn Ohlms6158
13Noah Lohman5862
14Louis Beckley6457
15Ted Clark6062
16Gary Schmidt6360
17Brandon A Peterson6460
17David Titus6361
19Schon Gibson5768
20Drake Jahraus6660
21William Ernst6364
22Terry Keebler6563
1Todd Holsapple5958$35
2Dylan Brice Marrs5860$32
3Sheldon Grimes6060$30
3Jordan Hunter6060$30
5Randy Romann6163$25
5Zoran Strbac6361$25
7Jamie Miller6461$15
8Lance Fraley6166$10
8Nathan Schloz6760$10
11Josh Fraley6959
12Sean Stewart6465
12James Trinkle6564
14Greg Schadegg7063
14Joel Slack6964
16Joshua Oary6965
17Greg Allen6571
18Jacob Houser7463
19Brandon Bauer7567
20Jon Fish7370
21Elias Allen7773
1Virginia Polkinghorne6559
2Deborah Polkinghorne6964
3Jennifer Mattmiller7474
1Karen Schneider6973$29
2Nikkolette Beckley7570
1Deanna Wohldmann7678
2Courtney Hart7979
1Lucas Clark5755
2Vincent Goodman5761
3Brinton Thompson6159
4Jesse Fraley6359
5Nathan Stamps6365
6Joshua Roseman6367
1Brady Schmidt6059
2Andrew Bozsa7369
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