2021 Trilogy Challenge

Sunday, August 15, 2021 at Firefighters Park in Troy, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament

2021 Trilogy Challenge graphic

About this tournament

This is a PREPAY EVENT. No extra packs will be available day of.
Feel free to purchase a pack even if you're not able to play. I will get them to you with meet up or shipping.

This event feature 3 brand new discs to be used by you to score as best as you can! Only those three discs are to be used.
Driver 170 carat GL Sapphire
Mid- Chameleon Warship
Putter- Eco Emac Judge

There will be divisional prizes and prizes for top placers. And lots of good times to be had.

Refund policy

Team64 Michigan is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

1Michael Schlimgen4949
2Jeff Zajac5151
3Noah Carroll-0
1Max Cambron4949
2Kristopher Taylor5151
3Don Perella5252
4Alex Tweed5454
5Eric Platte5757
5Kevin Malburg5757
7Connor Brzezinski6060
7Neil Turchick6060
1Zach Jablonski4848
2Kyle Curtis4949
3Darian Ott5151
3Nicholas Kowalewski5151
3Tyler Bloodworth5151
6Chad Prater5353
6Dalton Sollars5353
6Gerry Andrews5353
6Isaac Dittrich5353
10Chris Owen5454
10Eric Fox5454
12Andrew Diem5555
12Colin Hinde5555
12Derek Warner5555
15Henry Huvaere5656
15Raj Sahae5656
17Deno Brockert5757
17Jeremy Pate5757
17Lief Parr5757
20Glenn Cole5858
20Martin Wigley5858
20Matthew Stewart5858
20Mitchel Davis5858
20Trevor Owen5858
25Robert Armstrong5959
26Andrew Loscher6060
26Benjamin Pierce6060
26Jordan Parker6060
29Chris Fabian6161
29Ravi Kothari6161
29Ryan Warner6161
32Jacob C Kachadurian6262
32John Achatz6262
32Ryan Michalec6262
32Sean Michalec6262
36Jake Gmelin6464
36Jeffrey Lao6464
36Joseph W Moceri6464
39Pete Garland6565
39Vincent Recchia6565
41Erik Scott6767
42Donald Bragg Jr6868
42John Lao6868
44Cody Williams6969
44Donald Bragg6969
46Paul N Nuznov7676
47Reece Ditto7878
48Alexander Doyle-0
48Brent Hertz-0
48Brian Gentz-0
48Christopher Graham-0
48Dave Heileman-0
48Derek Sova-0
48Juan Ruelas-0
48Kyle Sapikowski-0
48Tyler Elliot-0
Recreational Women
1Haley Hysell6363
2Sarah Nixon6464
3Heidi Matheson6666
4Brenda Dittrich6868
5Gina Fillo7171
6Rebecca Noe7373
7Kylie Stidham7474
8Karen Elliot7575
9Jen Pierce-0
Junior 15
1Caleb Perella6161
2Sol Hoerig6767
3Boston Davis6969
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