2021 Jonesboro Open Am Side Presented by Prodigy Disc

PDGA logoFri-Sun, April 16-18, 2021 at Disc Side of Heaven in Jonesboro, Arkansas
Amateur A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

2021 Jonesboro Open Am Side Presented by Prodigy Disc graphic


EVENT CONTACT EMAILProdigy Registration
Tournament DirectorDonny Ferguson
Assistant TDWill Schusterick
Assistant TDDaniel Koukol

About this tournament

Hello Disc Golfers!

Thanks so much for choosing to play the Jonesboro Open this weekend. It means a lot to us. It's been a crazy year and things aren't optimal but we have worked hard to get everything ready and we hope you all have a great time. Please read this email in its entirety. We will be updating everyone via email if we need to add anything or if something crazy happens. If this tournament is canceled player packages will be sent to each participant!

- Your color choice of BP2-V3
- Prodigy polo dri-fit shirt
- 3x premium plastic Prodigy discs
- More additional items to be added make a $200 value package!

On to the details:
Pools and Course Schedule:
A Pool (MA1, and MA40)
B Pool (MA2, and MA50)
C Pool (All other divisions)

Thursday, April 15th: Player pack pick up starting at noon at Disc Side of Heaven

Friday, April 16th:

- Player pack pick up all day at Discside Of Heaven.
- Shotgun start for ALL POOLS at 2:00 PM.

A POOL : Craighead Forrest Yellow Course
B POOL: Craighead Forrest Red Course DGC
C POOL: Disc Side Of Heaven Rec Course

Saturday Night: FlyMart at Play It Again Sports (TBD)

Saturday, April 17th:
A POOL: Craighead Forrest Red Course DGC
B POOL: Disc Side Of Heaven Rec Course
C POOL: Craighead Forrest Yellow Course DGC

Sunday, April 18th:
A POOL: Disc Side Of Heaven Rec Course
B POOL: Craighead Forrest Yellow Course
C POOL: Craighead Forrest Red Course DGC

There will no be "board" for this event. All scores, hole assignments, start times, ect will be on the PDGA event page. Your starting hole/tee time will be posted each night before 8:30 p.m.

Score Keeping:
Each card will have 2 players keeping score. One person will be keeping score on the PDGA digital scoring page. A second player will keep score on a paper card. This is just a checks and balances type thing. The paper card does not need to be turned in! It's just to double-check the player keeping the score on the PDGA scoring page. EVERY CARD MUST KEEP A DIGITAL SCORECARD!!! CHARGE YOUR PHONE! DON'T FORGET TO FINALIZE YOUR SCORE ONCE THE ROUND IS OVER! To keep score on the PDGA scoring page, go to: pdga.com/score

The passcode will be:

$50 went toward providing a player pack
$5 went towards your PDGA player fee
$45 will go towards payout.
(Junior divisions will be less because their entry fee was lower)

OB Sheets:
OB sheets will be available in 3 different places. OB will be listed on the digital scoring page or in the official email sent to all registered competitors. Please read the OB before you throw a hole. If you have any questions about how to play a hole, play your provisional and bring it back to us after the round.

Hotel Accommodations
Host hotel is Intersect 311 located in downtown Jonesboro. This unique space offers 1 bedroom studio apartment-type rooms and 2 & 3 bedroom condos. Intersect 311 is located just two blocks from several locally owned restaurants and gathering spots. All disc golfers, Pros, AMs, Volunteers, Media and DGPT Staff are welcome!

NEW for 2021, the Friday night Player's Party will be held onsite as well! These rooms will book up quickly. To receive a discount on the rooms use the promo code: discgolf2021 at www.intersect311.com

Contact Information:
The easiest way to get a hold of me if you need me is via email. This way I have a record of everything and won't forget.

My email is:
[email redacted]

If you have an emergency, my phone number is:
Will; 865-360-4218
Donny: 262-388-7238
Dan: 937-344-5336
Prodigy Office: 706-671-1210

Refund policy

Prodigy Disc is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. All refunds and cancelations will follow PDGA rules and guidelines.


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/48622
1Calvin Pettigrew515051152$530
2Bruce Buzard505647153$430
3Eli Webb515451156$370
3Grant Waldron505452156$370
5Chad Salyers505354157$305
5Coleton Clifft495256157$305
7Aaron Spangler525452158$240
7Eli Smith525353158$240
7James Collier476051158$240
10Chris Couch495258159$210
11Brandon Newsom515554160$190
11Justin Taraba495457160$190
13Clint Watson535949161$160
13Matthew Loyd495755161$160
13Micah Thompson515555161$160
16Mike Frassetto495756162$135
16Paige Smith495459162$135
18Andrew Ruth525754163$115
18Mitch Trotter515755163$115
18Robby Harris525754163$115
18Ryan Hess535555163$115
22Joshua LeVert485760165$90
22Mark Sandefur495957165$90
22Ty Ogden515658165$90
25David Irico565258166
25Dylan Swanson535954166
25John Strange516055166
25Jonathan Gerber505957166
25Louis V506056166
25Rob Hicks515659166
31Bill Hasik516254167
31Ethan Dorrough525659167
31Jesse White535955167
31Joseph Waterbury545657167
31Stephen Campbell506156167
36Chris Wyman565458168
36Kenny Hope505662168
38Mason Buerer515861170
38Phinehas Adams516059170
38Zack Liston575657170
41James O'Neil515764172
41Jeremiah Collier516061172
41Zac Petty536158172
44Kevin Doherty546356173
45Christian Biggs556158174
45Samuel Lomax575760174
45Zach Poteet525864174
45Zach Scott536457174
49Shawn Holub546063177
50Joe Escobedo536463180
50Nickolas Mitchell556560180
52Brian Kuhl556561181
53Jeremiah VanHousen8888888882664
1Jamin Swift475554156$369
2Jason Williams475955161$269
3Brian Strokotter525655163$212
4Al Kennon505658164$169
5Cory Day555852165$120
5Jeffrey Spencer545853165$120
7John Peterson535459166$85
8Wes Klasky526156169
9Christopher Alcott545660170
10Thomas Billings546062176
11Michael Bush546460178
12Todd Cavender576763187
13Ben Bowen626764193
14James Tropp637468205
1M Gary Haws575750164$355
2Allen Ingersoll555951165$250
3Mike Chesnut555953167$195
4Yancey Pettigrew605455169$150
5Tom Trinidad Jr586151170$115
6Robert Grinnell635657176$85
7David Groves636154178
8Donnie Case656055180
8Hal Ervin635661180
10Alfred Hardy656557187
11Roger Richeson686160189
12Eugene Bartee686359190
1Bethel Barrett585756171$300
2Denny Fasnut626160183$207
3Alan Clifton666058184$156
4Bob Ellis627053185$67
4Mark Brewer616559185$67
4Walt Runyan636557185$67
7Tom Stanton676659192
8Spencer Tuggle686362193
9Jim Geurin666863197
1Colten Burnett555450159$328
2Greg Jones565450160$300
3Josh Luby575750164$288
3Zach Hawkins575651164$288
5Levi Pierson565653165$276
6Eliott Dorrough536252167$253
7Cody Smith655251168$253
7Hunter Lambert575754168$253
9Alec Reese626048170$219
9Christopher Steudle625949170$219
9Kevin White615653170$219
9Zhen A. Hughes595655170$219
13Andy Bridgeman576054171$184
13Joey Mayo576054171$184
15Justin Mallett625852172$173
15Kevin Runke645652172$173
17Josh Mallett605558173$150
17Will Perez625952173$150
19Brian Adams595758174$123
19Eric Segars596154174$123
19Josh Armstrong595857174$123
22Kyle Baker636349175$55
22Sean McCoy576256175$55
24Fred Hargett616155177
24Josh Schriner636648177
24Paul Martin615858177
27Carlos Osorio596158178
28Dean Karash636155179
28Jacob Grisso665954179
30Lee Taylor646254180
31Alex Stout675856181
32Andrew Ferguson616556182
33Eric Morris626855185
33James Shoemaker626459185
35Eric Felch686454186
36Jordan Jennings686158187
37Chad Brewer716258191
38Evan Jones636762192
38Nicholas Gutbrod715962192
40Christopher Morgado706262194
42Scott A Downey726460196
43Carson Cannon726660198
44Dustin Utley666766199
45Grant Pumphrey696571205
46Jeremika John748770231
47Zac Evins6267-129
48Nicholas Sheppard7070-140
1Tyler Hurry585256166$312
2Cameron Hawkins545657167$294
3Levi Teager595257168$276
4Blake Sides545562171$259
5Jared G Brown585262172$242
5Jason Holland585262172$242
5Jesse Moore595657172$242
8Ducky Tysdal575561173$225
9Herman Cochran625658176$199
9Thomas West595661176$199
11Johnathon Justice635460177$173
12George Price595663178$165
12Miles Bradley625363178$165
14Jeffery Hawkins586160179$138
15William Decker586062180$121
16Tony Wimsett605963182$104
17Heath Dawson595965183$50
17Joey Cherry596163183$50
19Parker Kimberland665959184
19Robert Petit666058184
21Cody Lorge635666185
22Kyler Hodson635766186
23Seth Parker626165188
24Samuel Pope695565189
25Aaron Hines605674190
26Brett Prejean656363191
26Colin Robinson695864191
26Ryan Prejean636266191
29Jordan Novak646069193
30Joshua Hubbard666267195
31Alden Christian675974200
32Andrew Clark736070203
32Coleson Cowart706073203
34Benjamin Nehring716173205
35Colby Smith6359-122
36Aaron Young6763-130
1Bill Funkhouser635564182$313
2Chris Kandibovich705560185$250
2Ryne Cassidy616064185$250
4Dylan Reese655964188$187
5Austin Netting636364190$124
5Joey Bowen645868190$124
7Lee Campbell675867192
8Daniel McCollum745564193
9Eric Lewis655871194
10Jewett Wright636370196
11Zac Breckenridge686471203
12Patrick Rivera686775210
13Larry Walker1127163246
1Ali Smith585456168$315
2Jill Norwick565658170$200
3Cadence Burge615558174$145
4Kay C Powell575862177$105
5Chyenne Garner605861179
6Shelby Petty616064185
7Tina Beach636665194
8Tamara John756772214
1Pat Stanton656568198$140
2Carolyn Bartee787468220$50
1Kim Bowen676876211$150
2Kristin Buse757279226$100
3Jaclyn Meeks837077230$40
1Tanner Lewis665260178$83
2Eric Martin615168180$55
3Marco Tropp697064203$20
1Sanjaya Chickaway675563185$70
2Kenzariah Chickaway686368199$20
1Oliver Adams727077219$46
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